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Name That Muse – “Underdog” to the Rescue!

I recently enrolled in a wonderful writerly-type class, and within the first two lessons, I knew I wanted to share my discovery with RU’s readers. 2009 was a challenging year for me personally, ultimately impacting my professional creativity. With her unique muse therapy, D.D. Scott came to my rescue!

Welcome to a mini blog bit of Muse Therapy – D. D. Scott style – where it’s all about injecting life into tired and/or stressed out muses.

First, a huge thank you to Kelsey and Romance University for inviting me to do a mini Muse Therapy Session!

I take it many of you may need a writer’s go-to-gal for your muse “disorders”.  Bravo!  Me too…and I’m the “therapist”!  LOL!

Being Queen or King of your creative domain often requires “therapy” – Muse Therapy that is! As a Muse “Therapist”, I give writer’s fun and fabulous tools to analyze their muses’ funks, rein in their creative divas and up their page counts.

Together, we discover what makes your muses tick.  What ticks ‘em off.  And what makes them dance like nobody’s watching. But how do you know if you’ve been dethroned?  And how do you take back your creative sovereignty?  Here are a few clues.  You know you need Muse Therapy When…

1. Your muses aren’t ticking.  They’re ticked off.

2. Your muses are in a funk saying “up yours” instead of upping your page counts.

3. Even great sex or a new pair of shoes can’t rein in your creative divas.

4. The following sessions sound appealing: 

  • Unleashing Your Inner Sybil
  • Writing Bi-Polar:  I Suck vs. I’m a Genius
  • What Do You Mean I’m Neurotic?  No, I’m Not.  Well,  Not Exactly.  But Okay…There Are Times When.  Like You Need To Know That.  Anyway, I Was Thinking, My Jeep Is Red
  • Rorschach For Writers:  I See Dead Lines
  • Stimulants:  When Coffee, Chocolate, and Martinis Aren’t Enough

5. Your word witches are on their way to publishing Oz but the Yellow Brick Road they’re bootscootin’ on…well…the damn thing never ends!

6. Everyone says your writing is a waste of time, a “hobby” that will never “pay-off”.

7. You feel the urge, however, to tell everyone in reason six to (I’m thinking of a phrase that starts with a 4-letter-word and ends with a ‘you’, ‘off’ or ‘me’).

Here’s the scoop…the secret to upping you page count isn’t done by hurling nasty insults at your muses.  Oh no.  You’ve got to wine and dine those divas.  Whether it’s with coffee, chocolate, fabulous finds in some chic boutique, or with what I call Muse Therapy Trips, it’s all about pampering those chicks and chucks ‘til you get out of them exactly what you want…and then some.

And you’re certainly not alone in your take-back-the-power struggles.  NYT’s bestselling author of historical romances and Fordham University Shakespeare professor Eloisa James told me “My Muse doesn’t fizzle because I can’t allow her to…I keep my imagination alive…”

So no matter how bad your muses’ temper tantrums are, you’re in the right mini-therapy session.  And just like you’d do on some high-dollar therapist’s couch, we’ll start your inaugural session with a get-to-know-your muse event.  In other words, let’s Meet-and-Greet Your Muses.  Find out what makes them tick.  What ticks them off.  And what makes ‘em dance like nobody’s watching.  Discover why, when, where and how they produce fabulous bursts of ideas on your screen and manuscript pages.  A really terrific idea doesn’t have to be the magical end-result of some ya-ya sisterhood ritual.  Although, that could be fun too!

To begin, let’s play Name That Muse.  Remember, it’s all about pampering your personal word witches.  So indulge them by giving them a name suited for their fancies.

I named my muses The Carrie Squad.  For me, that was all about elevating to an even higher pedestal that one fictional character’s life I can’t get enough of…Carrie Bradshaw of SEX AND THE CITY Candace Bushnell fame.  Carrie’s wit, whims, wise and at times not-so-wise ways captured me from page one of Bushnell’s book to episode one of the television series to scene one of the movie.  And you bet your sweet bippy I’ll be at opening night of movie number two.

Part of naming your muses, then, is recognizing, acknowledging and accepting your muses’ atta-girls.  But naming your muses is also, every bit as much, about recognizing, acknowledging and accepting their not-so-much atta-girl traits too.

How familiar does this writer’s Name That Muse-woes sound?

“I’m not sure I have a name for my muse yet. Best I can come-up with now is that little Droopy from old Warner Brothers cartoons. I know it gets depressive whenever I have submissions out on editors’ desks. I’m at the tail-end of my second round     through my agent and every time she sends out my stuff I become paralyzed in a way. The waiting is rough and then I start questioning everything. ‘Do I keep writing this series? Do I try something else? Will my agent suddenly decide she made a mistake and my stuff WON’T sell?’ When the ‘no’s’ start trickling in it   hikes up the tension even more. And if I’m having trouble nailing down the particulars of the NEXT book (which I seem to be experiencing now) it’s even worse b/c it’s very easy to start thinking I’ll NEVER nail down the next book. Once I do finally get into a new project I’m alright, but until that happens it’s no fun. Doesn’t help when the day job keeps me so occupied that I can’t really concentrate on a new project.”

Okay…Thank God this dog-bitten writer was in Muse Therapy!

I soooo got rid of Droopy Dog.

I “got it” loud and clear that our fabulous writer wasn’t empowered by that particular muse mutt. To the contrary, that dog wasn’t doin’ her any good or cuttin’ the mustard for her career period!

Drum roll please.

Can you hear the snazzy-sharp snare playin’ sweet music?

I’d like to present you with – UnderDog!!!

Remember that little guy – the dog that would always say in his 1970s cartoon ‘Have no fear, UnderDog is here!’?

That was the name of the Superman-like cartoon dog with the fabulous cape.  Right?

I had this anxiety-ridden writer get a big picture of UnderDog and tape it up in her office – somewhere she could see the super mutt all the time. Then, when all her career crap started piling up, she could say, repeat after me (and maybe get a cape for some extra fun drama) ‘Have no fear, (insert writer name here) UnderDog is here!’

Even the message inherent in UnderDog’s name reminds our fabulous writer-in-distress that yeah, publishing is tough but UnderDogs can be heroes too! But only if you believe in yourself and your muses and keep going for the gusto!

So give your muses a name then gift them with attitude make-overs!

Rather than force our muses into submission, we want to come at and build our creative kingdoms from a place of pampering them to produce pages at fabulous levels.  So kick ’em in the butt a bit first…you know, kind of a tough-love, love-tap
thing…then win ’em over with whatever makes them tick…as long as it’s legal and humane…LOL!!!

But what if the feisty glam girls of your bestseller are still pouting?  What if they’re demanding you dig deeper to uncover their inner conflicts, make them work-it harder for your characters?

Perhaps you suffer from a few of the muse “disorders” I previously listed in the sessions that may sound appealing to you. 

If any of the above has you written all over them, don’t worry.  You’re among many creative goddesses battling the same devils…regardless whether or not we’re wearing Prada. 

Throughout my Muse Therapy sessions, we explore each of these disorders.  We divulge each disorder’s preferred behavioral manifestations then discover fabulous tricks to banish them from our writing kingdoms. 

I hope to see you “in therapy” either during my online class sessions or during my live workshops.  Check my website for dates and locations.

‘Til then…keep your muses happy.  Pamper them silly.  They’ll be glad you did and so will you.

And in the mean time, please share your thoughts on my Name That Muse exercise.  What makes your muses tick?  What ticks ‘em off?  What makes them dance like nobody’s watching?  And by what name will you now be calling your muses?

Sexy, Sassy, Smart Muse Therapy Wishes — D. D. Scott

RU crew, in case you’re wondering, I named my muse “Eve” during D.D.’s class. Yes, as in the “Three Face of…” So what’s your muse’s name, or have you been unable to find him/her? Be sure to use this opportunity to talk with D.D. about your muse issues!

Be sure to stop by Monday, when agent Paige Wheeler will be here discussing the Career Novelist (something many of us aspire to be!).

D.D.’s Bio:

D. D. Scott’s romantic comedies are all about sexy, sassy, smart, career-driven women and the men who complete them.  They’re a bit chick lit with a gone-country twist.  She’s agented, and her series BOOTSCOOTIN’ BLAHNIKS – think Sex and The City meets Urban Cowboy – is under consideration by several NY publishers.
She writes stories with big hearts and a bunch of sass.  Once a small town newspaper crime reporter and now a HarperCollins Publishing Returns Center Executive Assistant, she’s learned great fiction comes from the street as well as which jacket covers meet early deaths.
She’s a member of Indiana RWA as well as RWA’s Chick Lit Writers of the World Chapter and ScriptScene RWA.  She’s been featured in both Indiana RWA’s and ScriptScene’s chapter newsletters and been a guest blogger on Romance Writers on the Journey, Inside the Writer’s Mind and Daily Dose Fantasy Romance.  She’ll be guest blogging next at Romance University (1/22/10).  She is linked to on Romancing the Blog and also has an active blog of her own on her website at
Currently, she’s driving her darling hubby nuts preparing for her Muse Therapy Live Workshops for the March 2010 GCCRWA’s Silken Sands Conference in Florida plus the 2010 RT BookLovers’ Convention in Columbus OH.  And she’s also a bit anxious and driving her DH even nuttier waiting to hear whether or not she’ll be doing an article-based Muse Therapy series for RWA’s RWR magazine as well as teaching another Muse Therapy Live Workshop at RWA 2010 Nationals in Nashville TN.

For updates on her books, her sexy, sassy, smart neurotic writer’s life blog, and for a schedule of future muse therapy sessions, visit her website  While there, sign-up for her mailing list for chances to win fabulous tchotchkes.

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44 Responses to “Name That Muse – “Underdog” to the Rescue!”

  1. D.D. –

    Welcome to RU! We’re delighted to have you here.

    I probably haven’t treated my muse as well as I should, but I have taken her to a gala recently (in a fab dress I had made in Singapore :)) and I’m taking her to a girls’ night once a month. Eve is slowly coming around!

    Can you tell folks when and where you’re offering your Muse Therapy classes this year? I’ll be interested to see what’s new for Advanced Therapy!


    Posted by KelseyBrowning | January 22, 2010, 5:47 am
  2. D.D.,
    Thanks for joining us at RU! What a wonderful post. I’m writing this as I get ready for work, so I’ll need to digest this more to do it justice. But the first thing that came to mind was “Ripley.”

    Have you ever seen the movie Aliens (1986)? There are actually four movies in total where Sigourney Weaver plays a kick butt heroine who saves the day. Ripley sticks out in my mind as being the first gritty, no non-sense female lead. I’m sure there are others, but not for me. I watch the movie at least once a year.

    Ripley’s the kind of person who’s got your back and isn’t afraid to face her monsters.

    Am I on the right track?


    Posted by Tracey Devlyn | January 22, 2010, 6:55 am
    • You’re most definitely on the right track, Tracy!

      If Ripley inspires you to get your BITCHOK groove on (Butt In The Chair Hands On Keyboard) then use her to the max!!!

      How about getting a poster or picture of Sigourney rockin’ that part and hanging it in your writing office?

      I’m sooo into visuals!!!

      I’ve got to see it (something…anything) to keep my Carrie Squad skipping along my Yellow Brick Road to Publishing Oz!!!

      I have a huge canvas of Audrey Hepburn doing her best Holly Golightly pose hanging in my writing boutique (my name for my office)…she inspires me to go for the gusto but not forget to make “light” of the follies along the way!!!

      And of course I have Sex and The City images everywhere to entertain my muses The Carrie Squad!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Ripley Muse Wishes — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 7:21 am
  3. Good morning, Kelsey (and Eve too)!

    I’m thrilled to be here w/u and your RU Crew!

    And boy does it sound like you are sooo ruling Eve’s creative kingdom! Your dress sounds fabulous, and I bet your Girls’ Night rocks! Eve is one lucky Muse Diva to have you as her Queen!

    I am “in therapy” for most of 2010…okay, teaching “therapy”…although my DH would probably vouch for me being under a therapist’s care while I’m at it…LOL!…anyhoo…MuseTherapy is Everywhere in 2010, including the debut of my Muse Therapy Live Workshops in March in FL for GCCRWA Silken Sands Conference, in April in OH for RT BookLover’s Convention, and hopefully in TN in July for RWA’s National Conference. Check my website for a complete schedule!

    Oh…and as for my Advanced Muse Therapy…wow are we all in for some fun stuff!!!

    I’m rolling out an advanced, four-week Muse Therapy Online Class in 2010. Anyone who’s already completed my original “therapy” online classes will be able to sign-up for the advanced session directly on my website. I’ll offer it three times (maybe four) throughout the year…I’m shooting for once each quarter. With my schedule, it looks like the first class will be in June but I may squeeze in one before then. The sign-up will be on my website soon. I can’t wait to share these new sessions with all of you!

    Here’s a sneak peek…we’ll cover topics such as Goin’ Jungian, Muses & Misplaced Aggression – Kick Your Own Ass Not Somebody Else’s, Word Witch Paranoia, and Rockin’ It With Anal Retention. They’ll be tons of LOLs and huge, huge aHa moments for you and your muses!

    Nothing beats being able to help other writers boost their productivity and enjoy the writing process. How easy we all forget to have fun and laugh along the way…right? By teaching you all how to give your muses a sweet kick in the pants, I can Pay It Forward. And what a hoot to give writers a proverbial boot to kick butt along our writing-for-publication journeys!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy Wishes — D. D. Scott

    Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 7:14 am
  4. 😉 😉 Good Morning, D.D., What a cool mini-blog! You gave all of us something to get our muses into high gear! have a great day! Jeanne

    Posted by Jeanne Wagner | January 22, 2010, 7:53 am
    • Thanks sooo much for stopping by, Jeanne!

      Muse Therapy is truly all about getting our muses into high gear AND not forgetting — or perhaps re-learning or maybe even learning for the first time — that we’re writers first and foremost because that’s what makes our muses and creative souls dance like nobody’s watching!

      It’s sooo beyond easy to lose sight of that fabulous fact when we’re struggling to keep on keepin’ on along the publishing road…hoping some other traveler(s) (editors and agents at the top of our hope-to-bump-into list) stop and pick-us-up b/c they believe in us too!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Ease on Down The Publishing Road Wishes — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 8:43 am
  5. Wow — I was just getting ready to “motivate” my muse this morning! LOL

    I think of her as Endora, from Bewitched. LOL She kind of pops in whenever she chooses — sometimes I work without her, and of course, then she has to come over and check out what I’m doing. Or if I’m trying to work on one thing, she wants to work on something else. (That’s how I plan to get my query done today — by working on a different WIP. LOL)

    Some people may consider her flighty, or snarky. I thought so once too. But now I realize we’re a good team. LOL She always appears when I’m not able to do something on my own, and I let her go on her adventures, so she’ll have fun stuff to report when she’s back!

    Thanks for a great post. I’m hoping to make it to Nashville this summer, so fingers crossed you will be giving your course then!

    Posted by Donna Cummings | January 22, 2010, 8:24 am
    • Welcome to a Mini Muse Therapy Blog Bit, Donna!

      Luuuvvvvv your muse Endora…in fact, luv her sooo much that one of the sessions in my Online Advanced Muse Therapy Classes will use her and the entire cast of Bewitched to help us handle Word Witch Paranoia!!! Gosh I loved that show!!! And damn, if I still don’t try to wiggle my nose to make things happen faster on my writing-for-publication journey. LOL! Can’t blame a wanna-be-witch for tryin’!

      And you’ve sooo nailed the “letting your muse go on her adventures” as she pleases. Well done! You’ll be amazed at what our creative divas will do for us if we just let them dance!

      Hope to see you in Nashville!

      I’m planning on hosting a special Muse Therapy Queens’ Belly-Up-To-The-Bar-Ball complete with a little ABBA-esque, Bootscootin’ Dancing Queen Scene in Nashville…so stay tuned to my blog for details!!!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Endora Wishes — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 8:54 am
  6. morning D.D.!

    great post!

    my muse is Bridget Jones….funny, goofy, calamity-jane, accident prone, a little chubby (she does like her chocolate) and still gets her man. She tends to fall into the computer chair next to me when hubby is in bed, after a few late night toddies. I won’t let her smoke in the house though. =) She cracks me up with her accent, makes me laugh at her antics and inspires me with her always-willing-to-try-anything-even-if-its-dead-wrong approach.

    even the cats seem to like her.



    Posted by carrie | January 22, 2010, 9:49 am
    • Hello, Fabulous Carrie and your very own Bridget Jones Muse too!

      I luv and totally “get” your Bridget’s funny, chubby, accident-prone and goofy calamity jane-ness. Trust me, we must be muse siblings!!! LOL!!!

      I know I’ve got my Carrie Squad backing me up, but if I could ever, EVER walk in the fabulous Blahniks and now Louboutins of Carrie Bradshaw’s world w/out breaking my freakin’ neck plus several other body parts I’d sooo be beyond thrilled w/myself!

      Thanks bunches for stopping by and sharing w/us!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Calamity Jane & Bridget Jones Too Wishes — D. D. Scott

      P.S. And if I ever was lucky enough to look the size of Renee Zellweger’s Bridget Jones, I’d celebrate with a big ‘ole fat cupcake!!! But I do have my very own Hugh Grant-esque SweetMan! So cheers and cupcakes all around for that!!! WooHoo!!!

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 10:02 am
    • BTW, Carrie…luv your website and “smart ass romance” tag-line!

      Luv your logo “ass” too! LOL!!! 😆

      Great stuff!

      Sexy Sassy Smart “Ass” Romance Wishes — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 10:05 am
      • Thanks D.D! =) sometimes a tag-line juuuust seems to fit….lol….

        and there’s no way I’m walking in those high heels either…’s tennies or fuzzy slippers for me!


        Posted by carrie | January 22, 2010, 10:26 am
        • Definitely fuzzy slippers for me w/lots of bling on ’em too!

          My muses luuvvvvv slippers!!!

          Today’s pair are a wicked plum-color with copper sequins and faux fur trim!!!

          Tomorrow, I’m dragging out the pink and brown, crystal-studded cowgirl boot looking slippers…for real…they are cowboy boots but slippers! Ohhh yeahhh!!! I can kick my muses’ butts in slippers or boots!!!

          Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy & Fabulous Slipper Wishes — D. D. Scott

          P.S. On the tennies front, I must get a new pair of bling-rich Converse Chuck T’s…woot!

          Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 10:33 am
  7. Hi D.D. First, thank you being here. I loved this post!

    I have to say, I think my muse is a man! LOL. Of course, I never realized this until I read your post, but he’s Maverick from the movie Top Gun. Toward the end of the movie, Maverick (fighter pilot) is freaking out and is afraid to assist his teammates in a dogfight. One of the officers mutters “Come on, Maverick. Engage.”

    When I’m staring at a blank computer screen or can’t get my butt in the chair to write, I say “Come on, Maverick. Engage!”

    It’s a fun way to get myself motivated.

    Posted by Adrienne Giordano | January 22, 2010, 11:39 am
    • Hello, Adrienne…aka Maverick!

      So you and your muse are “Cruisin” as in Tom Cruise!

      How perfect…instead of “sitting” on my proverbial Muse Therapy Couch, you and Maverick can jump on it! LOL! Just couldn’t resist that one…and I’m sorry, but I’d love a man who was in love with me enough to jump on Oprah’s couch!!!

      Okay…I just luv TomKat period…and Suri is just the cutest and her name rocks! Between them and the Kardashians, me and the Carrie Squad are in heaven!!! LOL!!!

      Do you have a poster of Maverick/Top Gun in your office?

      You know me and the visual thing…LOL!!!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy & Maverick Wishes — D. D. Scott

      P.S. Luv your “Come On, Maverick, Engage!” We could all use that…w/our own voice’s twist…so for me…”C’mon, Carrie Squad, Engage Your Inner Witches Already!”

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 12:08 pm
      • I don’t have a poster in my office. Great idea! Thanks!

        Posted by AdrienneGiordano | January 22, 2010, 12:16 pm
        • You betchya, Adrienne!

          Happy couch jumping!!!

          And remember us “Goose’s” here in Muse Therapy always have your back!!!

          Sexy Sassy Smart Maverick Wishes — D. D. Scott

          P.S. Luv the scene when they’re singin’ in the bar..what song is it…Jerry Lee Lewis’ Great Balls of Fire…right? That might be a great song for you to use too! Or how about the one when Tom’s on the bike racing to what’s her name’s house…damn that’s just a great movie soundtrack anyway…thanks, Adrienne, I might have to invest in that one too!

          Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 12:32 pm
    • Adrienne, my favorite line from Aliens is “Get away from her you, bit@@!” What does that say about me?! 😛

      It’s the moment Ripley faces the alien and saves little Newt (girl).

      Loved Top Gun. Tortured heroes are always a fave.

      Posted by Tracey Devlyn | January 22, 2010, 12:34 pm
  8. Your course sounds wonderful and I really enjoyed your post. Maybe I should call my Muse, “Mia”—that is MIA!! 😆

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 12:03 pm
    • “Mia” works, Julie!

      And after you’ve been “in therapy”, you just might rename her Momma Mia…as in your new, Muse-Dancing Queen!!!

      I actually play the Dancing Queen song from the Broadway Musical Momma Mia to get my muses in gear and ready to dance across my keyboard and/or notebook.

      Wish I still had my Mr. Microphone! But my hairbrush works fine too! Damn, I luv that song!!!

      Ask my DH and my dog too…they both hide when they hear the music start!!! LOL!!!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy & MIA Momma Mia Wishes To You! — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 12:14 pm
  9. Funny! My DH is the same way, and I have their double hits album.Try it when you’re sweeping and a broom handle works just fine. :mrgreen:
    Now I’m thinking that depending on my mood, I might pronounce it like Momma Mia when she’s MIA, and when she inspiring me, I could pronounce it like M – I _ A, with a long A sound. After all, the Maya is illusion, right, and when she’s putting me in that illusional world of fiction writing, she’s living up to her name.

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 6:22 pm
  10. Oh, and I’ve gotta say to Maverick that I love Tom Cruise movies, and in fact tried to get the Metallica song, “I Disappear” to play on MySpace, but it unfortunately was not available.

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 6:26 pm
    • Ooh. I don’t remember that song! I recorded Top Gun the other night so I’ll have to watch it and listen for the song. “Come on, Maverick. Engage!” LOL.

      Posted by AdrienneGiordano | January 22, 2010, 7:05 pm
  11. Metallica performs it at the end of the movie, but they’re not on stage. They’re on that cliff Tom Cruise was on; it’s inspiring and makes me want to go out and be a kick-ass heroine myself—or at least write about one!!

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 7:18 pm
    • Okay…that does it, Julie and Adrienne! I’m sooo going out tomorrow and buying Top Gun the movie and the soundtrack!

      You two are rockin’…I mean Cruisin this Muse Therapy Mini Blog Bit!!!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Top Gun Wishes — D. D. Scott

      P.S. I got my broom handle ready to go, and I’m totally digging your Maya Muse Diva, Julie! Rock on, Muse Queens-in-the-Making!

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 7:29 pm
  12. Now the name of my disciplinarian Muse comes out: Mr. Commando G-Man.
    I had won a Gnome from Jody Wallace this past year.
    She had crocheted him (yes, he’s male) in camouflage. After emailing back and forth a few times, his full title emerged, with a double play on the “G” of course. :mrgreen: He smells sweetly of rose, but sits next to my computer monitor glaring at me for not writing all the time. Also next to him is Todd A. Stone’s The Novelist’s Boot Camp, which reminds me to get my butt in gear and just do it. Sheesh, he gets kind of abusive sometimes . . . .

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 7:33 pm
    • I’m laughin’ out loud about your Mr. Commando G-Man!

      What a stitch! Woot! Yes…pun intended…although is there even a “stitch” in crocheting or is that just in needlepoint work?

      Whatever works for your muses is nirvana though so potatoes-potahtoes…who cares…LOL!!!

      Get your BITCHOK groove on, Girl! Show Commando Boy who’s boss!!!

      Sexy Sassy Smart G-Man Wishes — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 10:01 pm
  13. You’ve got to, D.D. It’s a great soundtrack. I like that title, “Cruisin the Muse Therapy.” I’ll think of that now when I hear it.

    As for the Maya Muse (love the illiteration), my DH and I went to see the Mayan ruins in October. I think I’ll have to add a souvenir next to Mr. Commando G-Man to remind me of her and her double personality. heh heh
    😈 😛

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 7:38 pm
    • Anything and everything visual you can add, Julie, go for the gusto!!!

      And I’m a huge fan of alliteration too (and no worries on the spelling…don’t know if I got it right either…but we know what we mean so it’s all good!)

      Multiple personalities sooo work for me also! I even have a Muse Therapy Session regarding Unleashing Your Inner Sybil. I teach you to use collaging as a WIP of your WIP…now that’s some fun times with just you, your muses and gorilla glue!!!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Alliteration Wishes — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 10:07 pm
  14. oops that Alliteration. Now I sound Illiterate!!!

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 7:39 pm
  15. WOW!! D.D you never cease to whip Lazy Lucy into shape. Your online class is amazing, but this refresher made me grab my pink feather boa from her and kick her off the chaise to get her butt in gear!!!
    Got 15 pages, GOOD pages complete after reading this earlier!!!

    Posted by Tonya Kappes | January 22, 2010, 8:50 pm
    • Hello, Tonya!!!

      Thanks bunches for the sweet comments on my class!

      So how are you and Lazy Lucy and her fabulous pink boa and kick butt chaise lounge?!

      Terrific to see you all here!!!

      And a big ‘ole WooHoo on your new 15 pages!!! Rock it, Sisters!!!

      I think I need a pink feather boa for my chaise too!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy Pink Boa Wishes — D. D. Scott

      P.S. See you tomorrow on Twitter!

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 22, 2010, 10:11 pm
  16. Just for clarification, “I Disappear” is actually from Mission Impossible 2, not Top Gun. Though I like Top Gun too! I just realized that this songI love so much is related to my Muse: MI-2. OMGosh. MIA, MI-2, Mia, it is then. Thank you D.D.

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 10:21 pm
    • You are beyond welcome, Julie!

      And what fun we’ve all had inspiring each other to make our muses dance onto our pages!!!

      It’s all about whatever works for you and your muses.

      Also…don’t be afraid or surprised if that “whatever” changes from time to time. Just go for the gusto w/whatever inspires you right now. You can keep your writing and ideas fresh that way and have a helluva a great time figuring it all out and experimenting along the way!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Whatever Makes Your Muses Dance Wishes — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 23, 2010, 8:43 am
  17. In case you don’t want to watch the whole movie, though I don’t tire of it, Here’s the link to the video that is at the end of MI-2:

    Okay, time to get my inner witch out and work with words. 💡
    Thanks for all the time you spent with us. My writing mojo is on the go!!

    Posted by Julie Robinson | January 22, 2010, 10:30 pm
  18. Wow – you guys were crazy busy today/yesterday! D.D., thanks a ton for being here. It looks like you really got some people’s creative juices flowing :).

    Happy weekend!

    Posted by KelseyBrowning | January 22, 2010, 11:53 pm
    • Thanks again, Kelsey and all your RU Crew too!!!

      I’ve had a fabulous time reining in your creative divas!

      Here’s to all of you being the Forever Queens of your creative kingdoms and to having a helluva good time maintaining your reigns!

      Hope to see you all “in therapy”!

      Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy Wishes — D. D. Scott

      Posted by D. D. Scott | January 23, 2010, 8:47 am


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