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Author Paige Tyler – A Marriage of the Minds

When I met multi-published author PAIGE TYLER and her husband PAUL at Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together in June, I asked how she managed to write so many books. (Paige is incredibly prolific!) I was fascinated to learn about Paul’s role in her writing process. Paige’s bio at Ellora’s Cave lists Paul as her research assistant *cough* – no, seriously, he really does assist her. Read on, as Paige and Paul answer RU’s questions and explain their unique “marriage of the minds.”

Question for Paige – Were you already a published author when you and Paul met? If not, at what point did the two of you start working together?

A. I wrote stories before we met, but I wasn’t published yet. I really didin’t get serious about making it a career until five or six years ago. I started writing that first book – SAMANTHA AND THE DETECTIVE – myself, but I was a panster, which got me into trouble quickly. Paul, who is much more organized than I am, told me if I wanted to be successful, I should outline books before writing them. I told him I wasn’t very good at that kind of thing, then gave him my best butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth look (he knows the one!) and asked if he’d help me. How could he say no, right?

Question for Paige – How many books have you had published? Out of that total, how many has Paul worked with you on?

A. I have thirty-nine books published to date, plus another coming out in Nov. (a Christmas story called SANTA’S WAYWARD ELF!) and he’s helped me on all of them!

Question for Paige and Paul – Would you say working together has been good for your marriage overall?

A. We wouldn’t necessarily say it’s been either good or bad. It’s indicative of how we approach marriage. We try to be very supportive of each other’s goals and dreams. Sure, writing has led to some heated disagreements, but we handle them the same way we do any other argument. (i.e. I let Paul vent for a while until he’s ready to listen to me and agree that I’m right. LOL!)

Question for Paul – How did your working relationship with Paige begin? Did you offer to help, or did she ask for your input?

A. Originally, Paige would ask for my thoughts on how a story should flow, and I’d try to dictate random thoughts to her as she typed. That didn’t work out too well. So, I started writing bubble outlines similar to a flowchart on paper and she’d use that to write the story. The more we started working together, though, the more it made sense for me to outline the story on my computer, then give it to her when I finished. I started to add a lot more detail, especially to the action scenes, which helped her get the books written faster. I like her to write fast. Fast = more money! I’m a bottom line type of guy.

Question for Paige – Did you find it awkward when Paul first started reading your stories, or have you always shared them with him?

A. Not awkward, no. But when he criticized something, it hurt my feelings in the beginning. Which was silly, especially since his suggestions were usually good ones, but I’m a very sensitive person! The more books we worked on, though, the better I got at taking his suggestions – and his criticism! LOL! Paul’s nudging me, saying he got better at giving worthwhile suggestions instead of just ranting.

Question for Paige and Paul – What happens when you disagree over how a scene should go? Are you more likely to argue over a sexy scene or, say, an action scene?

A. We’re more likely to argue about an action scene. As a guy, he’ll approach it like an action flick, instead of a romance book. I tell him women don’t want read about all that gross stuff, so we’ve had to tone down some stuff. He’s getting better at that, though! We also disagree about overall plot development sometimes. Paul can get too focused on the story or the suspense or the paranormal elements, and forget it needs to be first and foremost a romance. As far as how we deal with that, it’s a work in progress. I worry I’ll hurt his feelings if I say I don’t like something he put in the story. He tells me I have complete creative control, though. Two people can’t write a book equally – one person has to be in charge.

Question for Paige and Paul – Would you describe your writing process? What are your “areas of expertise”? (Oh man, that sounds really suggestive, but I’m aiming for plotting vs. dialogue type answers here. Although…!)

A. LOL! Cute! We start by coming up with a story idea, then talking about it before putting anything on paper. Paul then writes the outline, initially focusing on the plot and actions scenes which I read while I’m working on writing another book he’s already outlined. That way I can keep him on track with what my vision is for the story. When he’s done with the outline, I write the book, then we edit it together. As to what we’re both good at, I love getting to know the characters and getting inside their heads, adding emotion to the story, as well as writing dialogue. Paul’s much better with action scenes and plotting the overall story. When it comes to sex scenes, Paul focuses on the mechanics – where all the hands, feet, tabs and slots go – while I concentrate on the emotions and pillow talk. Just a side note – we do some of our best thinking at PF Chang’s!

Question for Paul – Have you ever considered writing a book yourself?

A. Not really. I could certainly outline and draft a story, but it would lack depth and soul. Those are the key elements that Paige adds to the mix. Also, it sounds bad to say, but after I had an outline done, my creative interest would wane, and I’d be more likely to want to jump to the next outline. In the business world, I’d be the one getting the start-up business going, but then turning it over to someone else once the wheels are all rolling in the right direction.

Question for Paige and Paul – What are some of the benefits of writing together? What are the drawbacks?

A. You have a built-in critique partner, sounding board, editor, research assistant (in every sense of the word!). You also have someone who gives you a fresh look at a story and can tell you when it’s headed off track. He’s also my emotional support, too. When I get a crappy review, he says opinions are like a-holes – everyone has them. Plus, he lets me vent! We don’t think there are any drawbacks (Paul says being forced to look at guys with six-pack abs on my covers is a drawback, but I don’t agree!)

Paige and Paul, thank you so much for answering all these questions!


So, all you writers – do your spouses read your work? Do you ask for their input when you’re writing?

Join us on Monday when debut author NANCY NAIGLE visits with us!



Paige Tyler is a full-time, multi-published, award-winning writer of erotic romance. She and her research assistant and writing partner (otherwise known as her husband!) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their easy going dog and their lazy, I-refuse-to-get-off-the-couch-for-anything-but-food cat. When not working on her latest book, Paige enjoys reading, jogging, doing Pilates, P90X, going to the beach, watching Pro football, and vacationing with her husband at Disney. She loves writing about strong, sexy, alpha males and the feisty, independent women who fall for them. From verbal foreplay to sexual heat, her wickedly hot stories of romance, adventure, passion and true love will bring a blush to your cheeks and leave you breathlessly panting for more!

Look for her stories at Ellora’s Cave, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and Blushing Books, as well as Amazon, All Romance eBooks and Barnes & Noble.

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47 Responses to “Author Paige Tyler – A Marriage of the Minds”

  1. Paige and Paul – Thanks so much for being with us and sharing! It sounds like you two have it working well.

    I let me husband read my books – he’s my first beta reader!

    Posted by Robin Covington | October 28, 2011, 4:42 am
  2. Hi Paige and Paul,

    After much urging, my husband read some of my work. He didn’t like the character names or anything else. I haven’t asked him since and we are much happier.

    Mary Jo

    Posted by Mary Jo Burke | October 28, 2011, 5:41 am
    • Mary Jo – My husband read the opening scene of one of my stories.

      He raised his eyebrows. “It’s kind of…titillating.”

      I was like, “Ya think???!!”

      He enjoys watching mystery movies and TV shows, and he likes chick flicks as much as I do (he’s a romantic at heart, but he’d probably deny it). For some reason he just doesn’t enjoy reading mystery or romance. It boggles my mind – I’d be lost without fiction!

      Posted by BeckeMartinDavis | October 28, 2011, 8:58 am
  3. Morning Paige and Paul!

    My husband will help if I have a suspense-y type question or if I can’t seem to find a way out of a situation…but as for actually reading an ms? nope. =)

    Glad you two have found – or are still finding – a way to make it all work!


    Posted by Carrie Spencer | October 28, 2011, 6:51 am
  4. Hi Paige and Paul – Thanks for answering all my nosy questions! I was really intrigued by the way you work together. My husband reads a lot but he prefers non-fiction to fiction. He’s read a few pages of my stories – that’s about it.

    He does help sometimes, though. I was recently trying to find the origin of a quote I wanted to make reference to in my story. He knew EXACTLY where it came from – I was impressed, since I’d already searched Google without success.

    Posted by Becke Davis (Becke Martin) | October 28, 2011, 7:34 am
  5. Hi Paige and Paul. Thank you for being here. I think it’s wonderful how well you work together.

    My hubby and I would kill each other! LOL. He has been a tremendous support to me though. If I ask for help, he’s there, but that’s usually as far as it goes.

    Posted by Adrienne Giordano | October 28, 2011, 7:47 am
  6. Robin – Thanks so much! It’s so great that he read your books!

    Mary Jo – My hubby thinks we should name all the heroes Bob and all the heroines Betty. That’s where I exercise creative control! LOL!

    Carrie – Thanks so much! Good to hear he helps you hen you need his input!

    Becke – Thank you for wanting to interview us! And your questions weren’t nosy at all! We had fun answering them!


    Posted by Paige Tyler | October 28, 2011, 8:01 am
  7. HI, Paige & Paul –

    Welcome to RU! Your working relationship sounds like a ton of fun (and hard work, of course). I’ve tried to get my husband to plot with me, since that’s one of my larger writing challenges. But he gets frustrated with me. What I’ve discovered, however, is that he’s a great MacGyver guy. When I need to figure out how to accomplish something physical in a scene (like breaking out of a storage closet), he’s my guy.


    Posted by Kelsey Browning | October 28, 2011, 8:20 am
  8. LOL about the character names, Paige! It’s funny, my husband and I had a big argument once about vampires. I’ve never written a vampire story, but I read a lot of them and my daughter is hooked on the whole Twilight franchise (books, movies).

    We had gone to see the first Twilight movie, and my husband was annoyed because the vamps were outside in daylight. He said, “Everyone knows vampires can’t go out in the sun.”

    I said, “That’s one author’s ‘rule’ that is popularly accepted because of old movies. Authors can make their own rules for their vampires.”

    Him: “No they can’t, because everybody knows (yadda vampires yadda daylight).”

    Me: “”It’s FICTION. Authors make the rules.”

    Him: “They can’t change facts.”

    Me: “So you’re saying vampires are real?”

    It went downhill from there.

    Posted by BeckeMartinDavis | October 28, 2011, 8:24 am
  9. I don’t stop him. I think he peeks when I am not home. I’ve heard him quote a line or two from my books, and smile.
    I think Paul and Paige have a great thing going. Well done, to both of them.

    Posted by Neecy | October 28, 2011, 8:35 am
  10. Neecy – Love it!!

    Posted by BeckeMartinDavis | October 28, 2011, 8:53 am
  11. Kelsey – Very cool! Hubby’s great at that, too!

    Becke – LOL! Too funny! He need to think outside the box! I have a Vampire series called Modern Day Vampires (Vampire 101 is the first book) and they’re vampires simply because they can’t produce red blood cells! The fangs are simply nature’s way of adapting!

    Neecy – Thanks so much!


    Posted by Paige Tyler | October 28, 2011, 9:00 am
  12. Hi Paige–loved the interview with you and Paul, and having met your good looking guy, I imagine that research is the best part of the gig!

    Had to laugh, though, reading about how you work together. My spouse has never read any of my writing, and to be honest, I think he’d curl up and cringe in a dark closet if he did. He reads non-fiction: biographies and history. Erotic romance is totally out of his sphere of interest. And though I love the man to death, he sounds a lot more like Becke’s spouse than yours!

    Congrats on all your successes–you write terrific stories and it’s fun to hear about your partnership. I imagine that sleeping with the research assistant has its pluses!

    Posted by Kate Douglas | October 28, 2011, 9:01 am
    • *waves madly* Hi Kate – Great to see you here! Your husband does sound a lot like mine – biographies, history and, in my husband’s case, deep philosophical and religious tomes. It cracks me up sometimes when we’re both reading and I compare the subject matter. Polar opposites!

      I think I scared Paul when I met him at Lori Foster’s Get Together this summer. Paige and I have been online friends for ages (not sure if we’d met at Lori’s event before, though) and I was so excited to see her. When she mentioned that Paul assisted her with plotting, the interrogation began! They were both so nice to share their story here!

      Posted by BeckeMartinDavis | October 28, 2011, 9:31 am
  13. Kate – Thank you so much! Too funny about your hubby! And yes, sleeping with my research assistant is definitely a plus! LOL!


    Posted by Paige Tyler | October 28, 2011, 9:03 am
  14. Great post, Paige and Paul.

    My husband helps out when I have questions about guys stuff. Sometimes he’ll read a snippet of the story but that’s about it. 🙂

    Posted by Kiru Taye | October 28, 2011, 9:09 am
  15. Kiru – Thanks! Great to hear he helps you, too!


    Posted by Paige Tyler | October 28, 2011, 9:29 am
  16. Paige and Paul, that was a great interview. It’s nice to see a couple working as a team.

    As for my husband reading my stories, the answer is no. Just as I don’t poke my nose too much in our pharmacy business, since that’s his department, he also steers clear of mine. It works great for us. We are very supportive of one another, though.

    Posted by Maggie | October 28, 2011, 9:36 am
  17. Paige, how fascinating! I’ve met you both, of course, but didn’t realize Paul was so involved in the writing process. That’s so great for you guys. My hubby and I worked for many years in our own company and although it worked out fine, I’m not sure I’d do it again. It’s nice to be at home chatting about our respective interests without knowing everything there is to know about it. Sometimes it’s nice NOT to talk shop. And keep some mysteries 🙂 Great interview!!

    Posted by Kaily Hart | October 28, 2011, 12:57 pm
    • Hi Kaily – Thanks so much for joining us today! My husband and I have never worked together, although I did do some keypunching work for his employer back in the day. I went in after my day job, so we were never both working there at the same time.

      I don’t know if I could handle working together all the time!

      Posted by Becke Martin/Davis | October 28, 2011, 2:34 pm
    • Kaily – Yeah, he likes to keep his involvement low key, but Becke outed us! LOL! I don’t really think of writing as a job, so I don’t really think of as talking shop. It’s so much fun talking about writing!


      Posted by Paige Tyler | October 28, 2011, 4:33 pm
  18. Hi Paige!

    It’s fantastic that you and your husband can work on your books together.

    I’ll ask my husband about financial or real estate issues, but he has no interest in reading my work. That’s fine with me considering “Banana Boy Takes Manhattan” is his idea of a catchy title.

    Thanks for being with us today!

    Posted by Jennifer Tanner | October 28, 2011, 5:16 pm
  19. Paige and Paul – Thanks so much for spending the day with us, and for taking the time to respond to all the questions in the Q&A. This was really fun!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Posted by Becke Martin/Davis | October 28, 2011, 5:48 pm
  20. Hey Paige and Paul!
    Paige I feel like I know you already, but it was so nice getting to know you more. I really enjoyed the interview!!
    Paul, I think what you do to help Paige is fantastic!
    What you two do really works. I envy a relationship like that. I met my husband working together & I loved having that in common. You two make me want to write and do that same thing. I know my dh would be great at it. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    Posted by Christine | October 28, 2011, 6:51 pm
  21. How fun! Thanks for some interesting insights. My husband swore he would never read my stuff, which is unfortunate, because he’s a very good editor. He did buy me a laptop for Christmas 2006, as testament to his belief in my success and that was the best gift ever. Also, when a judge lashed into me about something one of my heroes did (he noticed the cleavage of the heroine’s sister, just a glance and he thought to himself that the woman he loved was more beautiful), I told Chris about it and he totally agreed that even though we’ve been married over twenty years, he still looks at boobs. It did remind me to have the hero acknowledge he’d have to be more discrete.

    It’s fun to see the differences between the sexes–women want to talk about things and guys just want to fix them. So, thanks for an interesting post!

    Posted by Julee J. Adams | October 29, 2011, 12:29 am
  22. Julee – Thanks! Lots of times, I’ll say he, we need the hero to think something here, and my hubby says guys don’t think, they do! LOL!


    Posted by Paige Tyler | October 29, 2011, 11:01 am
  23. Wow, Julee – a writer married to an editor? Sounds ideal!

    Posted by Becke Martin/Davis | October 29, 2011, 1:24 pm

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