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Weekly Lecture Schedule, December 10-15, 2012

December is a great time to brush up on writing skills and plot out stories for the coming year. We hope this week’s varied lecture schedule will inspire you to dig in and WRITE.

Mon – 12/10 - Adam Firestone returns with his regular RU column, joining us from Sri Lanka.

Wed – 12/12 - Literary agent Sara Megibow is back with her column, “Sara Megibow Sells Romance – Selling With an Agent.”

Fri – 12/14 What’s Worse Than the Sophomore Manuscript? Find out what RU founding member Tracey Devlyn thinks is worse than the sophomore book and what decisions she must make now that she’s at the end of her contract.

All Romance University lectures are generously provided by our Visiting Professors. RU is a tuition-free zone!

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