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Editor Ashley Christman Takes Pitches for Entranced Publishing – Today Only!

Entranced Corporate logo1 smallHello! Let me start by saying how excited I am to be back here at Romance University this week! Entranced Publishing is a publisher of quality eBooks. We are currently gearing up for our launch in April with five digital-only imprints. With lines covering all subgenres of Romance, Erotica, and YA, we have something in our lineup for everyone.

This time around, I’m only taking pitches for our Entranced, Kissed, Mesmerized, and Thrills imprints.

Entranced is our main line, designed for our category romance novels. Books published under our Entranced imprint will range from sweet to a little naughty and can include LGBT. For this line, I am currently looking for romance novels from 50,000 to 120,000 words, depending on the subgenre (i.e. paranormal, fantasy, contemporary). Successful novels under this imprint will adhere to proven category tropes. For certain subgenres, such as sci-fi, urban fantasy or fantasy, HEA (happily ever after) is not required, but HFN (happy for now) is preferred.

Kissed is our line for romantic novellas, from 10,000 to 49,000 words. These should follow the same guidelines as our main Entranced imprint.

Mesmerized is our imprint focusing on erotica and erotic romance novels. This includes BDSM, as well as LGBT. Books published under this imprint must be between 50,000 and 120,000 words, depending on the subgenre.

Thrills covers erotica and erotic romance novellas ranging from 10,000 to 49,000 words. These should follow the same guidelines as our Mesmerized imprint.

Content we do not accept under any of our imprints includes: rape as titillation, pedophilia, glorification of incest, bestiality (shape-shifters do not fall into this category), necrophilia, etc.

I am accepting pitches for all of our lines. That being said, if your manuscript fits our guidelines, submit a pitch with the following:

  • Title, genre, and word count
  • A three line pitch

For more information about Entranced Publishing and our imprints, visit our website at

I’ll be accepting pitches starting Monday, March 25, 2013 all day.


Join us on Wednesday with Pat Haggerty – showing us sexy writing software for the iPad!


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18 Responses to “Editor Ashley Christman Takes Pitches for Entranced Publishing – Today Only!”

  1. Title: Oberon’s Prisoner
    Genre: Erotic Romance
    Word Count: approx. 15,000

    Lily, a human slave at Oberon’s court of Unseelie, has fallen in love with an elf. When they ask the king for exclusivity, he refuses and exacts punishment on them. While fighting to be reunited with her lover, Lily uncovers Oberon’s secret, one that impacts the entire faerie folk.

    Posted by Heather | March 25, 2013, 6:04 am
  2. Title: Picture Postcards
    Genre: Rubenesque Romance
    Word Count: 58,000K

    The good news: Caitlin O’Neil has finally found the man of her dreams. The bad news: it’s someone she’s never met, except through anonymous postcards she intercepts by mistake. When she meets a handsome stranger determined to make all her fantasies come true, she begins to suspect fate has delivered her passionate pen pal right to her front door.

    Posted by Ginger Voight | March 25, 2013, 8:46 am
  3. Normally I’d be first in line for a pitch fest, but all my “finished” stories need polishing and revision. Good luck to all of you who are ready to pitch!

    Posted by Becke Martin Davis | March 25, 2013, 10:31 am
  4. Good morning, Ashley!

    I’m posting this pitch on behalf of Linda Carroll-Bradd. Her pitch ended up in our e-mail system this morning.

    Rekindled Dreams, contemporary romance, 70K (for Entranced line)

    Museum curator Beth Fenton returns to her small Montana hometown to create a new display concept and is forced to live under the same roof as the star of her teenage dreams. Legislative aide Finnian Quaid is restoring his parents’ historic inn and contemplating a run for state representative but is told by backers he needs a more settled image. When the sparks fly, will the only-for-show engagement stay pretend or deepen into a love that will unsettle both their lives?

    Linda Carroll-Bradd

    Posted by Jennifer Tanner | March 25, 2013, 1:24 pm
  5. (Working) Title: Serenade the Sun
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Word Count: ~95,000

    California girl Trixie meets a British gentleman over a book of poetry and sparks fly – but he’s just passing through town, and she’s involved with another man. When a punk loser who calls himself Wolf barges into her life a year later, she thinks she’s found William again despite the sexy new look, until the jerk opens his mouth to speak. Trixie hates her new coworker and band mate with a passion – so why is she drawn to a man who is nothing like the ideal she’s held in her heart for over a year now?

    Posted by Kathy Risley | March 25, 2013, 4:21 pm
  6. Title: The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood
    Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy
    Word count: 58k words

    Abigail is the last guardian of the fairy tale world. Unfortunately for her she doesn’t know and the evil queen is out to kill her. With the help of Little Red Riding Hood’s gorgeous huntsman, Connor, she must come to terms with who she is and defeat the evil queen without alerting the mortal world.

    Posted by H. L. Wampler | March 25, 2013, 7:54 pm
  7. Title: Love by George
    Genre: Romantic Comedy
    Word Count: 65,000

    In a world of social media and online matchmaking, Hope and George find love the old-fashioned way, by chance. Hope, a struggling greeting card poet, makes an immediate impression on her boss, online dating mogul George Springs III. After picking up the candle on his desk, she takes a whiff and christens it like she smells it – “Hotel Bed Sheets” – and the odds that either will remain terminally single suddenly take a tumble.

    Posted by Rob Taylor | March 25, 2013, 9:02 pm
  8. Title: Angel in the House
    Genre: Romantic Suspense/Paranormal
    Word Count: 15k

    Tony is a guardian angel sworn to protect a woman from a danger that she doesn’t know exists, protect his heart. Not believing in guardian angels and to the threats against her, Kim doesn’t know what to think when a gorgeous man shows himself in the most humorous way.

    These two must find a way to stop the threats before its too late for either one of them. A story about believing, true love and the power of redemption.

    Thank you.

    Posted by Harlie Williams | March 25, 2013, 9:55 pm
  9. Title: A Past not Easily Forgotten
    Genre: Erotic Romance
    Word Count: approx. 16,000

    Ten years ago, model Clara Dixon was betrayed by her Argentine boyfriend, Santiago Acero, when he flew off to photograph a cover for Italian Vogue, leaving Clara pregnant and alone. Now a thunderstorm has stranded Clara in Buenos Aires, where a chance meeting with Santiago forces her to confront her long buried bitterness and their smoldering attraction. What Clara doesn’t realize, as she struggles to protect herself and her son from heartbreak, is that Santiago never betrayed her or forgot her and now, he wants her back

    Posted by Rachel Simeone | March 25, 2013, 10:30 pm
  10. Title: One More Chance
    Genre: Erotic Romance (Thrills)
    Word Count: Approx. 15,000 words

    The last thing Jena Franklin needs is bad news, especially about the riskiest act of her life. Seducing Nikos Pappas was her cherished secret, one that no one knew, and now her secret seduction has been published online for everyone to see, including Nikos. Now in Chicago, Nikos wonders if that spark was real or just a dare. There’s no time like the present to find out. What will happen when they get a second chance to act upon their desire…and possibly more?

    Posted by Tiana Johnson | March 25, 2013, 10:49 pm
  11. TITLE: Better Than Perfect
    GENRE: Contemporary Romance
    WORD COUNT: approx 83,000 words

    Pitcher Johnny “The Monk” Scottsdale has won awards, been named an All-star and has a Perfect Game to his credit, known for his legendary control both on and off the field, his pristine public image makes him the perfect person to work with youth players in a preseason minicamp. The only problem is that the woman he can’t forget heads up the Foundation running the camp.

    Alice Harrison knows a thing or two about adversity, her three strikes include an unexpected pregnancy, a marriage of convenience and young widowhood. She traded her dreams so Johnny could have a chance at making it to the Majors. Now that she’s ready to start living her own life, she’s faced with the past and the possibility that she’s kept a major league secret from Johnny and their son.

    With 13 days, 21 hours and 17 minutes before Johnny will report to Spring Training, they’ll need to let go of the past and work together in order to win the game of love.

    Posted by Kristina Mathews | March 25, 2013, 11:03 pm

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