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It’s a Release Party for Robin Covington – His Southern Temptation

I am so excited to finally see my latest book, His Southern Temptation, out and available for readers.  This is the second of four books in the “The Boys Are Back” series which began with A Night of Southern Comfort in June 2012.

Writing this book was like coming home. Not just because it is loosely set in the town I grew up in but because of the four men who are the center of these books.

The Boys: Jackson, Lucky, Teague, and Beck.

These are the kind of men every southern daddy hopes never catch the eye of His Southern Temptation 900pxtheir daughters.  Lifelong friends, born and raised in the small town of Elliott, VA, they left town the minute the ink was dry on their high school diplomas and made lives of their own choosing far away.

None of them ever planned to return.

But, fate has brought them home to confront their demons, re-evaluate the past, and find their future in the women who can finally make it all make sense.

They are so much fun to write – a bromance at it’s finest.

HST is Lucky’s story and it was one thrill after another to write.

So – what is your favorite bromance/buddy relationship of a book or movie series? Leave a comment and be in the pot to win one of two copies I’m giving away

Happy Release Day party!




She was tall, her length stretched out under most of his six foot three inch frame even with their legs tangled together. And Lucky could feel every inch of her long, silky-skinned limbs as they extended out of the sexiest, tiniest pair of boy shorts ever sold without a warning label. Those shorts, coupled with the tiny tank top, left absolutely everything to fuel his imagination.

Damn, she smelled good too. From where his face rested in the crook between her face and her shoulder he was enveloped in the combination of coconut and a sharp, exotic floral scent. Their exertion had caused the unique combination to intensify, and he couldn’t resist taking one last deep breath and dragging it in. It reminded him of the beach, long summer days, and suntan oil.

“Are we going to lie here all night?” Her voice was breathy, but she maintained a healthy edge of “kiss my ass” in the delivery.

“Nope. Only until the sheriff arrives and he confiscates the gun you tried to kill me with.”

“I didn’t try to kill you.”

“Sugar, if you point a gun at me you better be prepared to—” Lucky lifted his head to get a good look at his would-be-assassin, and the shock of her identity hit him between the eyes, swirled around for a bit and melted his brain. The hair was different, shorter and colored in broad stripes of blonde and darkest brown, but he’d know those eyes anywhere—hazel with all the colors of autumn on the mountain—just like her brother Teague. Just like all the Elliotts.

“Holy shit. Taylor?”


“What the hell are you doing here?” Shock, instant remorse at the way he’d tackled her, and the crazy need to touch her threaded together in his mind in a confusing jumble of conflicting desires. The only clear thought was that Taylor was here—in the flesh— after two long years. He didn’t even mind his hands shaking as he released her arms from over her head, trailing his fingers down one smooth cheek, and finally stopping to cup her jaw in a light grip that forced her to maintain eye contact. Not that he needed to—her gaze never wavered from his. The warmth of welcome and the edge of heat in her expression made his fingertips tingle where they stroked her skin. “The last time I saw you in Elliott, you were stealing my car.”



Some women are bad. Some women are a bad idea. The best ones are both…

A former Black Ops assassin, “Lucky” Landon has had more near-misses than a man should ever have. Now he’s out of that business and settling into the simple life in his small hometown. So the last thing he ever expected was to end up at gunpoint. Or that the woman holding the gun would be his best friend’s little sister and Lucky’s on-again/off-again lover.

Taylor Elliott is Trouble, and she likes it that way. And seeing Lucky again? Well, he’s been her dirty little secret for the past few years and everyone knows that secrets in a small town are almost impossible to keep. But Taylor has bigger problems on her plate. Like the local mob boss who wants her dead.

And right now the only thing standing between Trouble and disaster is a hottie named Lucky…



Robin Covington, who NYT Best Selling authors, Robyn Carr and Carly Phillips, said was their new “auto-buy author”, writes sizzling hot contemporary and paranormal romance. A Night of Southern Comfort, her best-selling debut was nominated by RT Book Reviews for the 2012 Best Contemporary Romance from an Indie Press for bringing a “fresh, modern feel to the genre while still sticking to the things that get our adrenaline pumping — sex and danger”. When she’s not exploring the theme of fooling around and falling in love, she’s collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Joe Manganiello.


Robin is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Washington Romance Writers, a faculty member at Romance University, a member of the Waterworld Mermaids, a Goddess at The Naked Hero, and a contributor to the Happy Ever After blog at USA Today. You can find Robin on her website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (@RobinCovington).Buy links:





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35 Responses to “It’s a Release Party for Robin Covington – His Southern Temptation”

  1. Hi Robin,

    Congratulations! I enjoyed ANoSC and am looking forward to HST. I like funny bromance like the Hangover.

    Mary Jo

    Posted by Mary Jo Burke | April 2, 2013, 6:43 am
  2. Congrats on your new release, Robin!

    I have to say I love the interaction between Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito on Castle. They’re a fun duo!


    Posted by Kelsey Browning | April 2, 2013, 8:21 am
  3. Congratulations Robin! Best of sales!

    I always love Nora Roberts brothers stories – especially the Chesapeake series – I’ve probably read it a good half dozen times so far!


    Posted by Carrie Spencer | April 2, 2013, 9:13 am
  4. Great excerpt! Happy Release Day, Robin!

    Posted by Reese Ryan | April 2, 2013, 9:52 am
  5. Congratulations, Robin! This is so exciting!!

    Posted by Becke Martin Davis | April 2, 2013, 10:15 am
  6. Happy release day, Robin! Thanks for sharing the excerpt – loved it! Looking forward to reading this next Southern installment.

    Posted by Jenna Rutland | April 2, 2013, 10:41 am
  7. Congratulations and Happy Release Day. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

    Posted by heather | April 2, 2013, 10:41 am
  8. Happy release day, Robin. Love the excerpt! I’m off to download. 🙂

    Posted by Adrienne Giordano | April 2, 2013, 10:50 am
  9. Congratulations on your latest release! Here’s to a memorable launch day!

    Posted by Jennifer Tanner | April 2, 2013, 2:36 pm
  10. Congratulations on the new book! Can’t wait to read another sexy adventure.

    Posted by Karen Rose | April 2, 2013, 3:53 pm
  11. Congrats I loved book 1 so this is going to be a treat. Bought it yesterday Good luck to you!

    Posted by Renee Giraldy | April 2, 2013, 4:09 pm
  12. Sounds awesome. I love small town stories…and hunky men. 😀 Congratulations on the release.

    I have to think about this… but I love Suzanne Brockmann’s Navy SEAL books, so I’d have to go there for my favorite bromance. 😀

    Posted by Bethanne | April 2, 2013, 4:10 pm
  13. Congratulations on your release, Robin! I’m so looking forward to reading HST! Love your cover and your excerpt has got me totally hooked. Best wishes!

    Posted by Robin Bielman | April 2, 2013, 5:58 pm
  14. Yippee! So excited to read this! 😀 Congrats on the release!

    Posted by Marisa Cleveland | April 2, 2013, 7:10 pm
  15. Congratulations, Robin! It’s so exciting to have another book out there — I can’t wait to read it (again!!).

    Posted by Emmie Dark | April 2, 2013, 8:26 pm
  16. Robin, I had one of those long, crazy days so I missed your party. Congrats on your latest release. So happy to see another “Southern” story available!

    Posted by Tracey Devlyn | April 3, 2013, 5:03 am
  17. This looks really good and information about it has been heating up the internet! My favorite bros would be Laura Kaye’s brothers in arms and brothers in law Marco and Brady. In movies I rather enjoy the Watson and Holmes from Jude Law and Robert Downy Jr.

    Posted by Steph from | April 3, 2013, 7:27 am
  18. And the winners are . . . Steph and Reese! I’ll email you!


    Posted by Robin Covington | April 4, 2013, 10:11 pm

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