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Love in the Library – Reader Roundup with Amy Alessio

Amy AlessioWhen I met my future husband, he was looking for a book. Then he threw off my glasses, unpinned my hair and saw the real me…not! I didn’t meet him in the library, but that is a scene from many stereotypical librarian romances in moves. Luckily today’s romance books show passionate library scientists in a more realistic fashion. After all, many popular writers used to be or are also librarians. Enjoy these feisty ladies and their stories.


love overdueDorothy Jarrow does not exactly get the quiet, peaceful life she was hoping for when she accepts a position as director of a small Kansas library. First, the library is a mess. Second, the staff gives new meaning to quirky. And third, her former spring break fling is right here in town, tempting her again. Former librarian Pamela Morsi brings love and small town characters to this fun story in Love Overdue.
girls guideA long ago nude chest photo still haunts Bluebonnet librarian Miranda in Jessica Clare’s erotic The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting. Miranda tries to go about her business amidst an unfortunate nickname, but when former boyfriend Dane comes back to town to set up a wilderness training center with his friends, she can’t ignore her feelings. Dane is unaware of what happened since he left town but knows Miranda can still get his attention.
tempted againFormer librarian Cathie Linz is known for her smart heroines and humor and readers will find both in Tempted Again. Young Adult librarian has her hands full trying to get teens into the library, and doesn’t want to be attracted to attractive local lawman Connor Boyle, the high school bad boy with whom she had a long ago fling. Linz throws them together in many funny situations until the inevitable – and highly desirable – result happens.
running hotAnother former librarian, Jayne Ann Krentz, shows that sometimes suspense happens to librarians along with romance. In Running Hot, librarian Grace uses her talents to detect dark elements in auras to help psychic agency Jones and Jones in this lightly paranormal but action filled Arcane Society adventure.
any duchess will doTessa Dare’s historical romances use her training as a librarian to show that booklovers find romance in any time period. In Any Duchess Will Do, Pauline Simms wants to quit her job as a barmaid and open a bookshop in Spinster Cove, but Griffin York, the Duke of Halford, needs to select a bride. The smart, unique Pauline holds his attention when he thought nothing could.
dewey decimal systemLibrarian Ally falls hard for Mr. Wrong, a local married maestro, in The Dewey Decimal System of Love by Josephine Carr. Humor fills every page in this transformation story as Ally changes and begins to notice more about the people right around her. Readers will be cheering for Mr. Right even if it takes a while for Ally to see him.
nice girls fangsEven paranormal librarians can find love. Fired children’s librarian Jane drowns her sorrows in drink only to wake up a vampire in Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper. Soon she is battling feelings for her sexy vampire sire and trying to clear her name after being set up for vampire murders. Luckily, librarians have lots of talents.

Exciting, passionate librarians are really not surprising. Remember, Batgirl was a librarian by day. Former RWA Librarian of the Year Wendy has even more titles featuring librarians (both male and female) at her fun site, too. Enjoy!


Bio:Amy Alessio has enjoyed the advice of teens for over seventeen years in her work as a librarian at the Schaumburg Twp. Library in Illinois. Her first young adult mystery, Taking the High Ground, was published by 4RV Publishing. She wrote Mind Bending Mysterious Services for Teens (ALA Editions, 2013) and co-authored A Year of Programs for Teens 2 with Kim Patton. She is the 2013 Illinois Library Association Young Adult Librarian Award Winner and the Northern Illinois RWA 2013 Librarian of the Year. Information on her blog and presentations on vintage crafts and cookbooks as well as readers advisory topics can be found at

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Reader Roundup with Amy Alessio


4 Responses to “Love in the Library – Reader Roundup with Amy Alessio”

  1. Morning Amy!

    Well, how about that, I haven’t read a single one of these! Time to make up an Amazon wish list again. =)

    I think SEP had a book with a librarian in it – anyone got a clue which one that was? Or maybe I’m remembering wrong..

    Either way – great list Amy! Looking forward to some new reads!


    Posted by Carrie Spencer | February 22, 2014, 8:53 am
  2. What a fabulous topic! I’ve read several of these – I’m a big fan of Cathie Linz (who also writes sizzling paranormals as Cat Devon), Jayne Ann Krentz (who writes under several psuedonyms) and Tessa Dare are all must-reads for me. I’ve read a couple books by Molly Harper but not this one, and the remaining books will now go on my wish list, too. Thanks for the book suggestions!

    Posted by Becke Martin Davis | February 22, 2014, 9:08 am
  3. Anne Calhoun’s most recent, JADED, also features a heroine librarian — a great read!

    Wonder if we’ll ever see a librarian hero in a romance novel?

    Posted by Jackie Horne | February 22, 2014, 4:22 pm
  4. Thank you for letting us all know about new suggestions.
    Ah,romance and libraries, vampires and Mr Right’s. What fun.

    Posted by Sherry Marshall | February 22, 2014, 4:49 pm

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