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Is There Really Anyone Out There? by Jeanne Adams

I first met Jeanne Adams through the Romance Bandits blog, and since then I’ve read all her books. I’m excited about the new path she’s taking with her upcoming release. Be sure to go to the end of this post for details of Jeanne’s extra-special GIVEAWAY!

Writers through the ages have speculated about who might be “out there” in the outer reaches of space, or what/who might be already here!  From HG Wells through Andre Norton right on down to today’s stars of the Science Fiction and Fantasy realms, authors love to create worlds then people them with the strange products of their imagination.  What’s odder than Edgar Rice Burroughs’s animate brains from his stories of Mars AKA Barsoom?  Or in Anne McCaffrey’s Rowan series, the bug-like aliens who threaten Earth’s existence?  Authors get to examine, and then threaten the reader with, their worst fears and nightmares in full, “living” mental Technicolor.

Then there’s the “reality” – the news stories of strange lights in the sky and encounters that seem a little too real to be explainable as weather balloons, atmospheric anomalies or what have you.  Area 51.  The Bermuda Triangle and all the planes and ships which have disappeared therein.

So it really begs the question, doesn’t it?  Who, or what, is out there?  As a writer, I’ve enjoyed doing the speculation thing.  I’m a firm believer that it cannot be just us, alone in the Universe, sitting in splendid isolation on the third rock from a big red star we call the Sun.  So….if that’s the case, when will we make find out?  Will “They” contact us?  Or will we be the ones to reach for the stars, a la Star Trek, and be the ones making the contact?

Some of my favorite books work on telling stories about this kind of thing – contact, relationships out among the stars – and what happens next.  I really did start with HG Wells.  His famous book The Time Machine was, to me, both thrilling and terrifying.  I still get the shivers when I think about the morlocks.  Eeep!  I’ve also read everything Edgar Rice Burroughs ever wrote.  I loved the Barsoom stories, starting with John Carter of Mars.  Despite the lamentable movie version, the books are brilliant and the love story between the powerful Dejah Thoris and the world traveling John Carter is one of the best I’ve read.  When you consider it was written in the early 1900s it’s even MORE brilliant.  And in the medium of portals/transfers to strange worlds, I adore Andre Norton’s Witch World series where our own Earthly Simon Tregarde steps through a portal into the most intriguing Witch World to meet Jaelithe of the Witches of Escarp.  Their relationship—forbidden and fraught with peril—shaped my perception of relationships across species/cultures.

Now, as an adult reader, in addition to all the romance and paranormals I read, I still love to read tech-y science fiction.  Elizabeth Moon and her Herris Serrano books, SM Stirling’s books written with Anne McCaffrey and a few of his stand-alones, Anne McCaffrey’s space stories, and even a few strictly hard science fiction authors.  I recently re-read Arthur Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama.  Its as brilliant today as it was the first time I read it.

More than anything, however, I love it when books combine stories of exploration and adventure with the battles we have to keep/have/start relationships.  For instance, McCaffrey’s Nimisha’s Ship is about a woman who is a ship designer.  She’s stranded on a world with others who’ve also been shipwrecked, and builds a relationship with one of the other survivors.  In her books about The Rowan, and her other books in that series, almost all of them involve some kind of relationship between the psychically gifted protagonists.  I love them, both for the adventurous stories, as well as the relationships that naturally develop along the way.

Now I do like the straight tech-adventures, but while I enjoy an occasional dose of David Drake’s tech worlds, I can’t stomach a steady diet of it any more than I can read a whole lot of literary fiction or straight thriller a la Jack Reacher.  I really need to know about the people.  The interactions, the loves and hates and passions of the characters.  I want to know how you have a relationship with someone when you’re a Star Lord.  How do you manage to keep your marriage going if you’re a starship captain and your spouse is planetbound?  If you start a romance with someone who’s not from your planet, let alone from your culture, how does that work?  Disaster or delirious happiness?

I’ve loved the latest Star Trek reboots, as well as the fun trend for action heroes.  The latest send up from Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, is very tech-heavy.  It starts with an “alien abduction” from Earth too.  How typically Hollywood is that?  Love it!  From Close Encounters to Signs to The Day the Earth Stood Still, it’s all about Them coming to get Us.  But there’s Star Lord thinking about getting something going with Gamora, and both of them just as “bad to the bone” as you can get.  He’s at least half-human, so….how will that work out?

In my latest book, The Tentacle Affaire, I explore some of those issues.  What happens when my heroine, an alien hunter, finds out there’s magic on earth, magic she never even considered as real when she lived here full time?  What happens when my hero, a magic-wielding adept “policing agent” finds out there are aliens, and alien-hunters prowling around Washington, DC?  You’ll have to read the story to find out, but it’s definitely an adventure.  I also posit that They think WE are barbarians, barely past the club-and-spear stage.

As a writer, I’m obviously not alone in this prediction/presentation, but it’s not as common as it once was.  Most of the books and movies these days have us, the human race, as the dominant species going after the aliens and triumphing.  But there are still plenty of the other type – movies like War of the Worlds make us the victims, as does Battleship, and Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers.  Some leave us hanging as to whether or not we ultimately survive (Troopers, Pacific Rim, etc), and others keep us moving on to a new menace, such as the Transformer movies), other are kind of a “one and done” sort of thing.

Books do the same, of course.  We can be the masters or the enslaved, the seekers or the sought.  However, what’s the most fun for YOU, dear reader?  What do you like?

Do you like fantasy (sword and sorcery, magic) or more the science fiction/tech with your romance?

Do you love the long-term love story of Aragorn and Arwen, or do you prefer a quicker story line?


What’s your favorite paranormal book or series?

Do you like the post-apocalyptic aliens have attacked and we’re cleaning up the aftermath sort of story like Falling Skies and Independence Day?

Or are you more about the exploration, the seeing what’s out there, like Star Trek?

As a Star Fleet officer, would you date an alien if he looked like Zachary Quinto’s Spock or Worf from the Deep Space Nine?

What are YOUR top five favorite sorcery or futuristic love stories?

On Friday, RU’s resident weapons expert ADAM FIRESTONE discusses silencers.




Although Jeanne Adams likes calling North Carolina home, she lives in DC, where The Tentacle Affaire is set, and often jogs on the C&O towpath with her dogs.  Her favorite holiday is Halloween.  She starts planning the annual yard decor on November 1.  Alas, in this case however, the “Adams Family” – one husband, two sons and three dogs – is all bark and no bite.
On another spooky note, Jeanne used to work in the funeral and cemetery business, and knows a thing or two about getting rid of the body….bwhahahah!  (She even teaches classes about it to other writers!)
Jeanne has written suspense novels for Kensington/Zebra Publishing since 2007.  THE TENTACLE AFFAIRE is her first urban fantasy/romance.
She loves hearing from readers, so find her at or on twitter @JeanneAdams or on Facebook
DEADLY LITTLE LIESBest Suspense of 2011 – RT Magazine
 NEW Urban Fantasy! – The Tentacle Affaire,
 A Slip Traveler Novel is Available NOW!!
(Available on iBooks, Amazon, Nook, etc.)


She doesn’t believe in magic.


When human Slip Traveler Cait Brennan’s routine mission to retrieve a lost interstellar pet goes FUBAR, she ends up hip-deep in a plot to kill five US Senators that puts Earth’s entire population at risk.  If she can’t uncover who’s behind the conspiracy and keep her alien employers a secret, she’ll be terminated—permanently.


He doesn’t believe in aliens.


Haunted by a devastating failure in another city, magical Adept Enforcer Aiden Bayliss is relentless in protecting the DC area from dark entities.  He’ll destroy the powerful force that’s taking out key politicians, whoever—or whatever—it is.  And, in spite of the white-hot attraction sizzling between them, his main suspect is one curvy mystery named Cait.


With everything Aiden believes in question, and Cait squared off against a deadly assassin, both must choose.  Uphold their oaths and lose each other forever, or stand together and die.


One lucky commenter will receive a copy of The Tentacle Affaire along with “alien” jelly beans PLUS a Starbucks Washington DC mug and coffee card! The winner will be announced on Thursday.

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27 Responses to “Is There Really Anyone Out There? by Jeanne Adams”

  1. You had me at Andre Norton, LOL. For one of the more fascinating us v them encounters,

    The Faded Sun Trilogy: Kesrith, Shon’jir, and Kutath
    Cherryh, C. J.

    Posted by Morgyn Star (@MorgynStar) | September 10, 2014, 7:46 am
  2. I am not a techie person. So for me, sci-fi will always play second fiddle to fantasy.

    I do think, however, that it depends on the story and how well it is executed. For instance, as a rule, I despise vampire stories and I have a very personal reason for that particular prejudice. Yet, last night I finished reading a Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness and loved it.

    So I guess anything is possible.


    Posted by Talia Pente | September 10, 2014, 8:54 am
    • Hi Talia!

      I’m with you on loving sorcery/fantasy more than tech. It was weird for me to write a heroine who was even remotely techie. Ha!

      I’m not fond of them either, the vampire stories, that is. Nor do I like zombie apocalypse stories. Have to confess though, that I reacently read John Ringo’s series starting with Under a Graveyard Sky. I actually don’t particularly like John Ringo – he’s too techie and VERY mysoginistic (not sure I spelled that right!). Anyway, I burned through all three of the existing novels in that series and am waiting for #4.

      Sometimes, I think it’s just the story. Sometimes an author is such a favorite, I’ll read anything he or she writes. And sometimes I never read anything else by that author. Haven’t really like any of John Ringo’s other books…but…this series? Awesome.

      Glad you liked the Harkness. I keep trying to get into that one and haven’t yet. Grins. Maybe I’ll give it another shot!

      Posted by Jeanne Adams | September 10, 2014, 9:10 am
  3. Hi Jeanne Great Post and thanks you’re now a new author to me on my radar 🙂
    I LOVE paranormal/urban fantasy/sci-fi thriller, romance you name. I started reading JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series because as a woman of a “certain age” I got tired of seeing protagonists my kids age getting it on, eww 🙂 and wanted a more mature couple between the sheets when I couldn’t find any unless they were rocking on the porch I started reading paranormal because hey vampires/dragons/werewolves /immortals don’t age and I fell in love with a whole new genre of characters/worlds etc.. I’ve often wondered what’s out there myself.
    So I have many faves Ward,Cooke, Mitchell etc, etc
    And its all about the discovery after all I was in Love with and dreamed of being Mrs. Spock dontchaknow 😉

    Posted by Debbie Haupt | September 10, 2014, 10:44 am
  4. Jeanne – Thanks so much for hanging out with us today! I’m so sorry I missed your feature at Romance Bandits on Monday:

    Posted by Becke Martin Davis | September 10, 2014, 11:24 am
    • Thanks, Becke! I’m so pleased to be here. And thanks for the shout out about my blog post on Monday. Most of our dedicated Romance Bandits know me as a suspense author. And while The Tentacle Affaire IS suspense, it’s got that urban fantasy/paranormal vibe going so…new face! Grins.

      Posted by Jeanne Adams | September 10, 2014, 1:30 pm
  5. So, favorites? I always have a hard time narrowing down favorites. I’d have to include Shana Abe’s dragon series, Nalini Singh’s Psy series, Kresley Cole and J.R. Ward’s paranormals, G.A. Aiken’s dragon books, Ray Bradbury’s short stories, Virginia Kantra’s Selkies – the list goes on and on and on!

    Posted by Becke Martin Davis | September 10, 2014, 11:53 am
    • Isn’t it wonderful Becke? In recent years, we’ve gotten so MANY wonderful writers in the urban/paranormal genre. I love Ray Bradbury, and everyone else you named as well. I’ve not tried Shana Abe’s but must go look them up!

      Posted by Jeanne Adams | September 10, 2014, 1:31 pm
  6. Afternoon Jeanne!

    I was never a big fan of outerspace type shows or movies – of course I saw Star Wars, some episodes of Star Trek, etc – until Star Trek 4 the movie. =) Then it was finally mixed with humor and I enjoyed it. I watched Signs and Independence Day and several versions of War of the Worlds, but they always leave me..unsettled. They are the types of movies I would never watch again. One word, nightmares.

    As for books I can do paranormal, loooooove Darynda Jones…Nora Roberts did a vampire one and a bunch of witch ones – and those I can read without being too nerve-wracked.

    Oh, and I always wanted to marry Scotty.

    Beam me up!


    Posted by Carrie Spencer | September 10, 2014, 2:52 pm
    • Hi Carrie! I love Scotty too! I particularly love him in the reboot. He’s so funny. Grins.

      Love me some Darynda Jones as well. OMGosh Reyes is SO hot!! :> And the plots are so well thought out. I’m really enjoying her whole “world.”

      I can understand why you’d avoid a lot of the outspace things if they unsettle you. I don’t focus much on the actual outerspace part in Tentacle Affaire. In some ways it’s more like Darynda’s world, a variant on our own “normal” world. Ha!

      Thanks for stopping in!!

      Posted by Jeanne Adams | September 10, 2014, 4:05 pm
  7. Love alien romance stories.

    Posted by Phyllis Lamken | September 10, 2014, 3:00 pm
  8. Hi Jeanne! Hi Becke! Jeanne, huge congratulations on the release of THE TENTACLE AFFAIRE! Love the cross cultures love story – it’s about like writing a story across the class divide in a Regency (my next one is one of those so currently they’re very close to my heart!).

    Wow, interesting questions. I read a lot of science fiction/fantasy in my 20s, not so much since. A writer who always touched me deeply was Ursula Le Guinn. The Left Hand of Darkness has a wonderful cross-species romance.

    Posted by Anna Campbell | September 10, 2014, 3:00 pm
  9. Hi Jeanne,

    I don’t read a lot of paranormal, but I loved the Outlander series of books and Linda Howard’s Son of the Morning. There’s something about time travel and worm holes through the quantum foam that fascinates me.

    Great to hear that you’ve branched out from thrillers and are breaking into a new genre.

    Wonderful to have you with us today!

    Posted by Jennifer Tanner | September 10, 2014, 4:51 pm
  10. Jeanne, congrats on your fabulous new series! You know I read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance. So much, in fact, that it’s hard to pick favorites in any of those categories.
    Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigans would certainly be up there. Catherine Asaro’s Ruby Dynasty. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover. A.C. Crispin’s Trek and Star Wars tie-ins. McCaffrey’s Pern. LOTR, of course. Gordon R. Dickson’s Dorsai series.

    I do like post-apocalyptic settings, as in Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon and S. M. Stirling’s Emberverse. But I also like exploration.

    If I were in Starfleet, I would date an alien, regardless of whether he looked like Mr. Quinto.

    Posted by Nancy Northcott | September 10, 2014, 8:25 pm
    • Hey Nancy! *Waves madly yet again* So lovely to have you post here! Thanks again for being my “host” on our Bandit blog! :>

      I adore McCaffrey’s Pern and I do believe I read the Dorsai series a long time ago. Must go look it up and re-familiarize. Grins. Alas Babylon was one I found depressing, but I got over it and remmeber it fondly.

      And I PROMISE I will read the Vorkosigans!!! Grins.

      Posted by Jeanne Adams | September 10, 2014, 8:53 pm
  11. Wow, it looks like my paranormal reading has slacked off – I’ve been reading paranormals for years but there are so many great new series I can’t keep up with them all!

    Jeanne, good luck “out there” in paranormal-land!

    Posted by Becke Martin Davis | September 10, 2014, 8:55 pm
  12. Hi Jeanne, Hi Becke 🙂

    I’m so excited about The Tentacle Affair!!! I’ve been looking forward to this release for awhile and can’t wait to turn in my current project so I can curl up and read 🙂

    My favorite series is The Belgariad and The Mallorean. I absolutely love them! I’m fond of paranormal in romance, as well, and adore Nora Roberts’ Three Sisters series, too.

    Congrats on your release 😀 Super happy for you!!

    Posted by Tawny Weber | September 11, 2014, 12:02 am
  13. Hi Tawny – Thanks so much for stopping by! Who wrote The Belgariad? I’m not familiar with that one. I LOVE Nora Roberts’ Three Sisters Island series!

    Posted by Becke Martin Davis | September 11, 2014, 8:27 pm

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