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Caren Crane’s Giveaway Winner

Last Wednesday, Visiting Professor CAREN CRANE announced a giveaway:

GIVEAWAY! Caren will giveaway a digital copy of KICK START to one of our commenters.


When life stalls right in the middle of the journey, sometimes all it needs is a Kick Start

Linda Dowling’s husband traded her in for a younger model, and she clung to the only life and home her kids knew. Easiest thing by far when her heart was broken and her small town was filled with folks who commonly mistook their neighbor’s concerns for their own. But even in Cross Springs, NC, time moves on and heals the most grievous of wounds. Linda shakes things up, goes back to school and–gasp!–starts to date a younger man.

Suddenly everyone in Cross Springs has something to say about her life–and Linda is faced with hard choices. She has tried for years to live up to the expectations of Cross Springs’ society, but now she is remembering the girl she used to be, back before motherhood and self-doubt robbed her of her self-esteem. Should she bow to comfortable roles and old expectations? Or should she give herself a Kick Start and pursue the kind of love she never thought she would find?

This book is perfect for discussion in book groups and book clubs. Discussion questions are available on the author’s website: Caren Crane.


Our giveaway winner is: DONNAMAIE WHITE!

Donnamae, to get your digital copy of KICK START, please contact Caren at:


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  1. Congratulations, Donnamaie!

    Posted by Caren Crane | June 10, 2017, 10:25 am

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