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Get Bang for Your Buck with Regional Conferences: #1 -Connecticut Fiction Fest 2017


Whether you’re a New York Times Best Selling author or a not-yet-published writer, conferences are the place to go for real-world networking experiences.

Where else can you meet your favorite authors, pitch to agents and editors, and attend writing workshops taught by some of the biggest names in the publishing industry? These stellar opportunities come at a price, but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank by focusing on national conferences. Regional conferences offer similar opportunities, usually in a more relaxed setting and often at a much more budget-friendly price than the highly publicized national events.

Because regional conferences tend to be held in settings with a limited capacity, they are more user-friendly to attendees who aren’t comfortable in crowds. But because of the limited capacity, some regional conferences sell out in record time. One such conference is coming up soon, and you have a little over a week to get your registration filed.

Save the date: September 8 – 10, 2017

Connecticut Fiction Fest 2017 will be here before you know it! Join us for great speakers, informative workshops, and agent/editor interactions that will take your writing to the next level.

When: September 8 – 10, 2017

Where: The Norwalk Inn & Conference Center



I subscribe to Kristan Higgins‘ newsletter, which is where I learned about the regional conference that is the focus of today’s post. Kristan said: “If you’re a writer or ever thought about being one, I highly recommend coming to Connecticut Fiction Fest, which will be September 8-10 this year. It’s just an hour north of NYC, and we have a powerhouse lineup that includes New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham (who is the NICEST person); Jane Friedman, Marketing Guru; Damon Suede, writing instructor extraordinaire; forensics investigator Geoff Symon; and yours truly, among others. More info at Registration ends 8/25, so don’t miss this chance to take your writing to the next level.”

The website for this event includes a comprehensive FAQ page. You can tell this regional conference is only a stone’s throw from New York City, because of the long list of agents and editors who are scheduled to attend:

Writers with a manuscript ready can sign up for a manuscript critique (limited availability – first come, first served), while writers who aren’t quite ready to submit might find the agent-editor roundtables instructive. Check here for a full list of workshops at this year’s Fiction Fest. For further information, email:


When you plan your conference schedule, do you stick to the big national events or smaller, regional programs? What are some of your favorites?




The Connecticut Chapter of Romance Writers of America is one of the largest and oldest chapters of Romance Writers of America. Each year, they hold The Connecticut Fiction Fest Conference in September, but you don’t have to write romance to join them. Located just an hour’s train ride from New York City, Norwalk, Connecticut is the perfect location for a conference. The Norwalk Inn is near many restaurants, attractions and nightlife, so you can turn your conference stay into a mini vacation. The Connecticut Fiction Fest is a three-day event which begins Friday, September 8th and goes through Sunday, September 10th. This year’s conference keynote speaker is New Times Best-selling author Heather Graham. Heather will also hold an intensive two-hour workshop on writing the short story. Writers can expect to leave with a completed work. Marketing expert Jane Friedman will also be in attendance to share her expertise with authors in the Friday Master Class event. She is scheduled to hold a workshop through the weekend as well. In addition to these successful industry professionals, twenty other workshops will fill the schedule. Attendees will learn from published authors from a wide range of genres, from graphic novels to psychological thrillers to all styles of romance. There will even be a NYC forensic investigator on the schedule. An extensive list can be found at under workshops. Visit the Fiction Fest website for all the details, including the reasonable prices for this event. Registration for Fiction Fest closes August 25th at 11:59PM EST. Join us!

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12 Responses to “Get Bang for Your Buck with Regional Conferences: #1 -Connecticut Fiction Fest 2017”

  1. One of my fave regional writer cons! A fab blend of content, friendly networking, and straight-up gab time. We went for the first time last year and fell in love with it. CTRWA runs a groovy do.

    Posted by Damon Suede | August 15, 2017, 11:51 pm
  2. I go to this conference every year. It’s consistently well run and has excellent speakers. I am one of those people who don’t function well in crowds. Because this conference is not mega-huge, it’s easy to meet people (and the speakers) and get into the sessions you want.

    Posted by Julia Gabriel | August 16, 2017, 8:50 am
  3. While going to a national is on my bucket list, regional conferences are my go to spot. My favorite both as a presenter and an attendee (of course, I’m a Jersey girl so I’m prejudiced) is Create Something Magical Conference put on by the Liberty States Fiction Writers.

    Posted by Helen Henderson | August 16, 2017, 9:36 am
    • Helen – I’ve heard great things about the New Jersey conference. One day I hope to venture out of my Midwestern comfort zone and attend regional conferences that are further afield for me. I lived in Cincinnati for almost 20 years and I highly recommend Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together, which is held in early June. That small conference is a great place to meet editors, authors and agents, BUT it fills up in a matter of hours.

      I now live in Chicago but have yet to attend any of the conferences here. I’ve heard wonderful things about them, but since I’ve spent more time playing with grandkids than I’ve spent writing, I’ve had to set conferences aside until I’m bringing home some paychecks. But my wish list is getting pretty long!

      Posted by Becke Martin Davis | August 16, 2017, 10:16 am
    • I’ve heard great things about this conference!

      Posted by Katy Lee | August 16, 2017, 3:30 pm
  4. I love both RWA National and the regional conferences, and I’ve attended Fiction Fest and agree with all the good things said about it. I have found them all to be well worth the investment!

    Posted by Natalie J. Damschroder | August 16, 2017, 12:15 pm
  5. I loved RWA National the one time I was able to attend. I wish I could go more often but, unless I win the lottery, that’s not on the cards for awhile.

    Another regional conference I’ve attended was the COFW conference near Columbus, OH. I think I’ve been to that one twice, and I’d love to go again one of these days!

    Posted by Becke Martin Davis | August 16, 2017, 1:56 pm

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