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Taking Care of Your Creative Self by C.J. Redwine

C.J. Redwine is back in class today for her regular post. This month though, she has an announcement, so let’s get right to C.J. Take it away, C.J.  Today is my last day as a […]

Ask An Editor: Theresa Stevens’ Line Editing Series

This month we continue our line editing series with editor THERESA STEVENS.  Welcome back, Theresa! This month we continue our line editing series with an entry that gives us a chance to talk about content editing […]

Make ‘Em Laugh, Make ‘Em Cry- Stretching emotions in category romance by Louisa George

Good morning. Part of what I love about reading is connecting with the characters. I love it when I can laugh (and cry) with them. Author Louisa George is here to offer some tips on […]

Reflections of a Newbie Author by Emmie Dark

Wanna peek into life as a debut author? Harlequin author Emmie Dark is here to share her experiences as a newbie author. Take it away, Emmie! My first book, Cassie’s Grand Plan, hit the shelves […]

Editor Gina Bernal Tackles Line Editing

Good morning! Welcome to the second installment of our Line Editing series, where editors Gina Bernal and Theresa Stevens edit the first two pages of a reader-submitted manuscript. Today, Gina takes a look at an entry from K.C. Admas. […]

Keys to a Successful Critique Group by Nina Singer

If you’re a regular RU reader, you’ve heard Kelsey, Tracey and I talk about the wonders of good critique partners. Today, author Nina Jade Singer shares tips on what to consider when searching for a […]

Top Ten Pacing Tips by Alicia Rasley

Pacing. We love that word don’t we? It reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Sometimes in my writing I find that my pacing is too fast, sometimes it’s too slow and sometimes it’s […]

Character Questions: How To Dig Deep by Lynne Marshall

Wouldn’t it be nice if we woke up one morning knowing everything there is to know about our characters? Actually, it would be more than nice. In my case, it would be a miracle! I’ve […]

Part Three: What was I thinking? by Adrienne Giordano

 Good morning and welcome to week three of “What was I thinking?” In weeks one and two I shared my thoughts on scenes from Man Law and A Just Deception. This week, it’s Michael and […]

Weekly Lecture Schedule for Jan 30-Feb 3 RU Founders, Damon Suede and Jeanne Adams

We’re speeding through to the end of January and diving headfirst into February, with no let up in the action. Romance University zooms along with great posts this next week. The RU Founders themselves post […]

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