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Promoting Yourself with Indie Author L.J. Charles

You’ve written the novel, you’ve edited it, you’ve submitted it and now it’s published. The hard part is behind you, right? Promotion is one of an author’s greatest tools and difficult challenges. Please join me […]

How To Get The Most Out of Your Revisions with C.J. Redwine

Urban Fantasy writer C.J. Redwine takes a step beyond Query 101 today and tells us how to get the most out of our revisions It’s time. You’ve slaved over your manuscript, ripped the words out […]

Bi-Weekly Lecture Schedule for March 28-April 8

WLS 3/28 – 4/8 Permission to forward lecture schedule is granted and encouraged. You simply won’t want to miss the next two weeks at RU. We’ve got some great guests including Diane Holmes from Pitch […]

Ask an Editor: Opening Guideposts

Welcome to Theresa Stevens’s monthly Ask an Editor blog! Today, Theresa gives us the lowdown on opening guideposts. This month, we’re taking a question from the mailbag. This one was sent in by Roberta. I’ve […]

Modern Mythmaking with Jaye Wells

A few years ago, I picked up a book because the title, Red-Headed Stepchild, caught my eye, but the first line sucked me in: Digging graves is hell on a manicure, but I was taught […]

Author Appearances – Don’t Be Nervous

Worried about those public appearances? Nervous about being the center of attention of too many or too few at your first reader event whether it’s online or in person? You’re not alone and before you […]

Steampunk! What’s So Fascinating About It?

It’s my pleasure to invite Beth Daniels, who writes as Beth Henderson and J.B. Dane, to visit today.  I read about Beth teaching a class on steampunk, a genre of romance and mystery that fascinated […]

Book Clubs: Books That Bite

Reading is a fundamentally private experience, but with the growth of the Internet, readers are reaching out to each other. From online reader friendly loops to local bookstore book gatherings, readers are reaching out to […]

Query Writing 101

Urban Fantasy writer C.J. Redwine is back for another installment of Query Writing 101. This month, C.J. has chosen a letter from Patricia Yager Delagrang. Thanks to C.J. and Patricia! Readers, feel free to post […]

Road Tripping Across America with Heather Long

It’s always those little things that help me connect to the new people I meet. It might be the drink of choice, the food of choice or a shared passion for television, film or music.  […]

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