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Writing Integrated Love Scenes, by Ask An Editor Theresa Stevens

TweetGood morning! Today, we’re sharing a post from our archives written by one of RU’s first regular contributors, editor Theresa Stevens.  Physical intimacy is an important part of romance. In fact, you might say that […]

Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers 2016

TweetChampagne and canapés all around! RU made the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers again! Many thanks to our Visiting Professors, our team of regular contributors, and to our readers. We’re extremely grateful for […]

Writing Climax Scenes by Rayne Hall

TweetRU Contributor Rayne Hall returns to discuss elements you should consider when penning your climax scene. The main character has just overcome the trials of the Black Moment and the plot races to its conclusion. Now […]

Erratic Breathing and the Steely Glare by Virginia Heath

TweetYou don’t always say what you’re thinking and neither should your characters. Author Virginia Heath joins us today to talk about how internal dialogue adds intensity and emotion to a scene.  Welcome to RU, Virginia! […]

The Top 55 Apps for Writers in 2016 by Angela Han

TweetPlease welcome Angela Han from Expert Editor Blog. Angela’s assembled a list of useful apps for writers and agreed to share it with us. Writing doesn’t have to be super complicated. But thanks to the […]

Settings and the Romantic Novel by Ella Carey

TweetPlease welcome first-time Visiting Professor, author Ella Carey.  My novels are all love letters to their settings. Settings, like characters, often find writers, rather than the other way around. Something needs to resonate between me […]

Writing Novel-Opening Scenes by Rayne Hall

TweetRU Contributor Rayne Hall returns with advice on a key element of every story, the opening scene.  You’ve written a novel and are revising it. Is the opening scene as grabbing is the story deserves? Or […]

Bean Counting for Authors by Christina Mercer

TweetIt’s tax time, so today’s post especially timely. Please welcome first-time Visiting Professor Christina Mercer. An author and CPA, Christina gives us the skinny on managing the business side of your writing career. Authoring books […]

Falling in Love on the Page: Writing Convincing Romantic Relationships by Anna Campbell

TweetShe’s smitten. He’s besotted. But that’s not a story. Award-winning author Anna Campbell shares her insight on creating believable romance for your characters.  As a romance writer, I spend my life watching characters fall in […]

Writing Outdoor Scenes by Rayne Hall

TweetRU Contributor Rayne Hall returns with a post on things you should consider when writing outdoor scenes.  If your scene takes place outdoors, the location can enrich the plot. The characters may appear or feel […]

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