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Author Jules Bennett Presents Mind Games: Deep Point of View

Since I first met JULES BENNETT at a Cincinnati book signing several years ago, I have grown increasingly impressed with her ability to balance writing and family. She is a talented and prolific author, patient […]

The Gentle Hero with Dee Tenorio

Help me welcome Dee Tenorio! I met Dee many years ago on the Harlequin Community boards where she tried to keep herds of potential romance writers in line. =) Welcome Dee! I don’t know about […]

Engaging the Senses with Maria McKenzie

Welcome back to Maria McKenzie! Maria joined us last fall with a fabulous post on The Art of Writing Dialogue. Today she tells us how to engage the senses. What you see is what you […]

Tips on Writing Deep POV by Barbara Wallace

Nothing makes a story more intense than adding in Deep POV. Join us with Barbara Wallace today as she gives us a few helpful hints. Confession time. While writing this article, I’m avoiding revisions on my […]

Handsome Hansel’s Point of View on POV

Welcome back Handsome Hansel of Dance of Romance to Romance University. Today, HH gives us his POV on POV! Let me begin this post by saying that, even I, who doesn’t get surprised by much, […]

Rivet Your Readers with Deep POV – Jill Elizabeth Nelson shows us how!

A few weeks ago, I downloaded a wonderful book called Rivet Your Readers with Deep POV by  Jill Elizabeth Nelson – and immediately fell in love! I’m now on my third reading – and planning […]

Weekly Lecture Schedule for September 3rd – September 7th

9/3 – Monday – RU Contributor Handsome Hansel presents: Can Men Be Accepted as Writers of Romance?  9/5  – Wednesday – Rivet Your Readers with Deep POV with Jill Elizabeth Nelson.  9/7  – Friday – Five Things to Consider During Revisions […]

Romance in YA Fiction with Tara Fuller

Tara is a fun, fresh, and original voice in YA fiction.  Many readers have fallen in love with her Emma and Finn and I wanted to find out more about why she writes book aimed […]

Virginia Kantra on POV, Part 2: Switching POV

I’m very excited to welcome back New York Times Best Selling author VIRGINIA KANTRA. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I read the first book in her Children of the Sea series. I had […]

Who’s On First? The Basics of POV with Virginia Kantra

You read just one of Virginia Kantra’s books and you know that she is a master in the craft of writing.  After I spilled water all over her at RWA Nationals last year (Sorry, Virginia!), […]

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