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Romance, Passion, and Eroticism: Creating More Than Sex Between Male Lovers In Literature

Have you ever thought of writing male to male romance? Well then welcome to Andrew Jericho … he writes male romance, and is here to show us how. Before I put thought to text, I […]

What Will and Won’t Fly in Multicultural Romance with Shelly Ellis

As a reader, I am all about equal opportunity-you write a good romance and I’ll read it. While I don’t favor historical romance in general, my bookshelves/Kindle cover every genre and every subject matter in […]

Catching the Wave: A Wrap Up on 2012 with Michelle Monkou

We’ve got something different for you today at Romance University. Authors Michelle Monkou and Denny S. Bryce sat down to chat about what happened in 2012 and we got to eavesdrop. Catching The Wave: A […]

Diversity in Fiction by IRMC Books

I have to throw the credit to Amy Atwell, a dear friend of RU, for the head’s up on this dynamic group of women who were banding together to create the one-stop shop for authors, […]

In His Shoes: Race and Gender in Romance by Wayne Jordan

What’s it like to be a man writing romance? What’s it like to be a black man writing romance in a predominantly Caucasian and female romance industry? We are thrilled to have Wayne Jordan here […]

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? – 2011 Style

We are so thrilled to have Maisey Yates here with us today to discuss biracial romance and her current release, “The Highest Price To Pay”, from Harlequin Presents.  While biracial romance is a staple of […]

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