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Practising What I Preach – Turning That Frown Upside-Down! by Anna Sugden

TweetPlease welcome back ANNA SUGDEN! She’s joining us from England, so the time difference will cause a lag in Anna’s responses to your comments. On previous visits to the RU, I’ve talked about the trials […]

RWA Treasurer Donna MacMeans Talks About Taxes

TweetThe ground hog says winter will be hanging around for awhile, but April 15 is approaching with the inevitability of death…and taxes. Who better to to address this issue than our very own tax expert, […]

Telling the Future – by Veronica Scott

Tweet  RU Contributor Veronica Scott returns with her first post for 2018.  [NOTE from Veronica Scott: This blog post first appeared on the SFR Brigade blog in early December 2017. I’ve added a bit more […]

What’s in a Name? by Becke Martin Davis

TweetWhat’s in a name? I’m probably the wrong person to tackle this subject. After all, I did name my first cat Anastasia Shana Elisabeth, only to realize later than she was a he. My daughter […]

Need Social Media Content to Share? Try Hashtags! By Veronica Scott

Tweet I’m old enough to know that a # was used exclusively as number or pound sign, but since the advent of Twitter,  the # takes on a whole different meaning. RU Contributor Veronica Scott shares […]

Weaving Magic: The Five Threads of Dynamic Narrative by Cate Hogan

TweetIf ever a writer had a good excuse to miss a deadline, it’s Cate Hogan. In this case, the deadline was for a guest blog rather than a book, and I was both pleasantly surprised […]

Mercury Retrograde and Writing – by Lyla Bellatas

TweetWe’ve all experienced the highs and lows of writing, but have you ever considered planetary action or inaction? Author Lyla Bellatas joins us to day to talk about Mercury in retrograde and how this can […]

Keri’s Top 3 Editing Tips by Keri F. Sweet aka Keri Ford

TweetPlease welcome KERI F. SWEET to Romance University! Keri has joined us before, writing as Keri Ford, but her new alter-ego comes with an exciting new opportunity for Keri. Read on! I recently had the unique […]

SLEUTHFEST 2018 – By Victoria Landis

When I heard about Sleuthfest via an email, I invited Victoria Landis to tell us a bit more about it! Writers’ conferences are so much fun, right?  Please say you’ve been to at least one.  […]

Benefits of a Small Conference by Duffy Brown

TweetI met Duffy Brown and Tonya Kappes when I lived in Cincinnati – through my old RWA writing chapter and through Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together. For a couple of years, Duffy’s famous […]

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