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Extra Credit! Winner of Laurie Schnebly Campbell’s Giveaway!

Congratulations to Luanna, random-number 9, who wins free registration to the August yahoogroups class on His Personality Ladder! Luanna, contact Laurie via her website (www.BookLaurie.com) and she’ll get your email address for the class…or if […]

Extra Credit! Winners of Ann Charles’s Giveaways!

Vikki Bakus is the winner of Ann’s generous platform mini-consultation! And Laurie London will receive Jacquie Rogers’ book and the CD! Ladies, please drop me a quick note at Kelsey@RomanceUniversity.org and we’ll coordinate on your prizes. Thanks […]

Extra Credit! Winner of April Online Class Giveaway!

Mary Anne Landers is the winner of April’s Yellow Rose RWA online class giveaway! Mary Anne, please email me at Kelsey@RomanceUniversity.org. RU Crew, don’t forget that we’ll host another class giveaway soon. The more you comment, […]

Romance University’s New Junior Faculty Member

Since May 2009, our Romance University readership has exploded. And as we strive to provide ever-improving content and outreach, the administrative responsibilities of running a successful blog have also grown. Adrienne, Tracey and I decided […]

Extra Credit! Congrats to RITA Nominees & Golden Heart Finalists

Adrienne, Tracey and Kelsey want to congratulate ALL the RITA Award nominees and Golden Heart finalists, but we wanted to send a special shout-out/cyber hug/fist bump to our Visiting Professors who made the list: RITA […]

Extra Credit! Winner of Cat Lindler’s Book Giveaway

Sewicked, Congratulations! You’re the winner of Kiss of a Traitor, courtesy of Cat Lindler, our visiting professor on Wednesday. Please contact me at Tracey@RomanceUniversity.org for more information. Tracey

Extra Credit! Winner of Laurie Schnebly’s Class Giveaway

Donna Cummings, Congratulations! You’re the winner of the class giveaway, courtesy of Laurie Schnebly, our visiting professor on Friday. Please contact me at Kelsey@RomanceUniversity.org for more information. Kelsey

Extra Credit! Winner of Red Sage Presents Book

Laurie London, Congratulations! You’ve been selected to receive a download copy of Partners by Cricket Starr, courtesy of Red Sage Presents. Please contact me at tracey@romanceuniversity.org in order to receive your wonderful gift. Tracey

Extra Credit! RU Faculty Expansion

Romance University has become such a busy, successful addition to the writing blogosphere that we’re considering adding a junior faculty member.

Extra Credit! Winner of Online Class Giveaway!

Jane L is the winner of February’s Celtic Hearts online class giveaway! Jane, please email me at Kelsey@RomanceUniversity.org. RU Crew, don’t forget that we’ll host another class giveaway in April. The more you comment, the […]

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