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Fifty Shades of Sweet with Heartwarming Editor Victoria Curran

Give a huge welcome to Senior Editor of Heartwarming Romance – Victoria Curran. She’ll be popping in and out to answer your questions about Harlequin’s new line today only – so don’t delay! Fifty Shades of […]

From Traditional to Self-Publishing: One Editor’s Journey By Tessa Shapcott

Please give a big welcome to RU’s latest contributor, editor Tessa Shapcott! Tessa shares her insight on self-publishing, from editing and book design to packing and promotion.   Great to have you here, Tessa!  When I […]

It’s All in the Voice (Part 2) by Heather Webb

We’re excited to welcome back HEATHER WEBB with part two of her fabulous series on voice. If you missed Part One, be sure to check it out here. In Part 1, we talked about author […]

Five Things to Remember – by Theresa Stevens

Editor Theresa Stevens takes the podium for the last time as our Ask An Editor columnist. Theresa has been integral to RU’s success, and we are extremely grateful for her contribution.  Theresa, we will miss you! This […]

Theresa Stevens on Habits and Processes

November is synonymous to Thanksgiving, major food coma, and for us writers,  NaNoWriMo, the mothership of the fast draft. Whether you’re a Nano veteran or newbie, you’ve got your own method of madness to get those words on […]

Editor Theresa Stevens of Ask an Editor on Making Your Heroine Likable!

Have you made your heroine likeable? Or is she a whiner? Read this post by editor Theresa Stevens – one of the most likeable editors I know! =) Washington D.C. 1999 Before I’ve read a […]

Weekly Lecture Schedule: October 15th to October 19th

A special two-parter and one of our top monthly columns makes this a not-to-miss-week! Mon – 10/15  – Editor Lucia Macro reveals the latest about Avon Romance. Wed – 10/17 –  Lucia Macro, Avon Editor, […]

A Different Kind of Format Issue – Ask an Editor with Theresa Stevens

Good morning, RU Crew! Today, editor Theresa Stevens is back with another manuscript critique submitted by an RU reader.  Hello, Theresa! This month, we have two pages of a manuscript which was submitted without commentary. […]

Conquering Your Fear of the Semi-Colon with Editor Theresa Stevens

Do you rewrite sentences just to avoid using a semi-colon? Editor Theresa Stevens explains the proper usage of the semi-colon, narrative compression (what’s that?), and the importance of creating a likeable character as she critiques another RU reader submission.  Welcome, […]

Ask an Editor with Theresa Stevens

Theresa Stevens joins RU once again (yay!) to lead us through editing the opening pages of a brave volunteer.  This time we get excellent insight on story edits, formatting and so much more. CHAPTER 1 […]

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