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How to Choreograph Direct Action Scenes by Adam Firestone

Weapons expert and literary consultant Adam Firestone became a regular RU columnist shortly after presenting an all-day writers’ workshop hosted by the Ohio Valley RWA chapter.  In this interview, flashing back to 2012, we asked Adam about a […]

How “Automatic” Pistols Really Work by Adam Firestone

It’s no secret books, TV and social media inaccuracies about weapons annoy Adam Firestone the way misplaced apostrophes annoy grammar nerds. Read on to find out why “gas-operated blowback pistol” is not a phrase you […]

Guns, Cars, VBGs and Night by Adam Firestone

Heeee’s baack! Every time Adam Firestone comes back with his regular posts, I wonder what topic he will discuss. He always surprises me, and his posts always address issues that have spiked my curiosity. As […]

Adam Firestone: I’m Sorry Ma’am, That’s Classified: Security Clearances and Classified Information Basics for Writers

Instead of his usual instructional posts on weaponry, today ADAM FIRESTONE lifts up the curtain on the shadowy world of secrets and classified information. If you’ve read this column with any regularity, you’re probably aware […]

Shaken, Not Stirred: The British Military Martini, or a Saga of Victorian Steel by Adam Firestone

Whatever period you’re writing about, ADAM FIRESTONE is sure to have all the details you need about the weapons used in that time and place. Today, Adam takes us back to the reign of Queen […]

Weapons Expert Adam Firestone on The Reality of 3-D Printed Firearms

Special thanks to RU’s resident expert ADAM FIRESTONE for addressing the topic of 3-D printed firearms. I’ve been curious about these ever since I first heard about them. My imagination went wild, coming up with […]

The Myth of the Ladies’ Gun by Adam Firestone

RU’s resident weapons expert ADAM FIRESTONE winds up 2013 with a timely topic. The internet has been full of accounts of parental displeasure over the proliferation of Pepto Bismol pink in girls’ toys, girls’ clothes […]

Adam Firestone on Terminal Ballistics: An Anatomy of Gunshot Wounding Modalities

Regular RU columnist and weapons wizard Adam Firestone often posts about the technical side of weaponry. Today’s post tackles the important, if slightly gruesome, topic of terminal ballistics. What actually happens when your hero or […]

Accuracy Matters: Calibers, Cartridges and Kindles by Adam Firestone

Since I met ADAM FIRESTONE last year, I’ve come to realize how much I don’t know about weapons. (Hint: It’s a lot.) Take calibers, for instance. I’m pretty sure Dirty Harry’s gun was a .44 […]

Buildings and Automobiles and Guns, Oh My!: A Brief Discussion of Terminal Ballistics

ADAM FIRESTONE is back! When I attended his weapons workshop last year, his discussion on terminal ballistics held us all spellbound. Since then, I can’t watch a movie or TV show without thinking about Adam’s […]

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