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Practising What I Preach – Turning That Frown Upside-Down! by Anna Sugden

TweetPlease welcome back ANNA SUGDEN! She’s joining us from England, so the time difference will cause a lag in Anna’s responses to your comments. On previous visits to the RU, I’ve talked about the trials […]

RWA Treasurer Donna MacMeans Talks About Taxes

TweetThe ground hog says winter will be hanging around for awhile, but April 15 is approaching with the inevitability of death…and taxes. Who better to to address this issue than our very own tax expert, […]

50+ Synonyms for Laugh by Ginger Monette

TweetHow many times have you scrambled to come up with a new way of describing something that happens a lot? You don’t want anything too exotic, just…a little different. Ginger Monette joins us today to […]

The Great Agent Hunt by Sally MacKenzie

TweetWelcome to Romance University! Today’s Wayback Wednesday post takes us all the way back to October 12, 2009, when RU founding member Tracey Devlyn brought us this original post.   Tracey: I’d like to introduce […]

What’s in a Name? by Becke Martin Davis

TweetWhat’s in a name? I’m probably the wrong person to tackle this subject. After all, I did name my first cat Anastasia Shana Elisabeth, only to realize later than she was a he. My daughter […]

What Lies at the Heart of a Novel by Katia Lief aka Karen Ellis

Tweet  I’ve been a fan of Katia Lief‘s suspense books for several years, and I was excited to learn that her latest book is taking her into new territory – and with a new pseudonym, […]

Writing the Holiday Romance by Lisa Plumley

TweetHere we are, smack in the deep end of the holiday season. There’s no getting away from the chaos, as enjoyable as it may be. Today’s scheduled guest has had to reschedule, so we hope […]

No, You DON’T Have to Write Every Day – by Kimberly Dean

TweetRules are made to be broken. Well, sometimes they are.  A born pantser, I am so envious of writers who can plot their stories in advance. No matter what your own writing style is, I […]

Never Give Up on Getting Back Your Rights By Joanna Campbell Slan

TweetI’m a fan of Joanna Campbell Slan‘s long-running Kiki Lowenstein books as well as her newer Cara Mia Delgatto mystery series – I especially enjoy the quirky characters. The plots are tricky enough to keep […]

Weaving Magic: The Five Threads of Dynamic Narrative by Cate Hogan

TweetIf ever a writer had a good excuse to miss a deadline, it’s Cate Hogan. In this case, the deadline was for a guest blog rather than a book, and I was both pleasantly surprised […]

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