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How To Write Diverse Characters: A Simple Test by Sonali Dev

I’m especially pleased to welcome Sonali Dev back to RU since this is where I first met her, before she was published. She occasionally shared an excerpt of her writing, and I immediately liked her […]

And the winner is…

ERICA RIDLEY, author of Friday’s RU post, is giving away an e-book of THE CAPTAIN’S BLUESTOCKING MISTRESS to one of Friday’s commenters. The winner is: DONNA CUMMINGS! Donna, please email Erica at so she can get your […]

Are you making the most of potentially viral avenues of promotion? by Erica Ridley

I’m excited to welcome USA Today Best-Selling Author ERICA RIDLEY to Romance University! Erica is offering a giveaway – the winner will be chosen from today’s commenters. The giveaway is an e-book of THE CAPTAIN’S […]

Five Lessons Writers Can Learn from a Two-Year-Old by Kelsey Browning

We’re excited to welcome back RU founding member KELSEY BROWNING! I had a realization recently: my first book released a little over two years ago. Two years, seven books, and two novellas. In the world […]

Voices in My Head, or Conversations with Fictional Characters By Becke Martin Davis

RU staffer Becke Martin Davis would like to apologize for using you all as the equivalent of a therapist’s couch. She hasn’t started wearing a tinfoil hat to drown out the voices in her head, […]

CTW: How to Write a Synopsis Without Losing Your Mind

Due to scheduling issues, we’re running an old post by C.J. Redwine on writing the dreaded synopsis.  Good morning and welcome to Chaos Theory of Writing! RU Readers are in for a real treat today. […]

Five Habits Writers Should Develop to Beat Procrastination by Cari Bennette


A Hero for Every Story by Joan Kayse

I met Joan Kayse online several years ago, and was lucky enough to meet her – and her cohorts in the Romance Bandits – at RWA National in 2009. Note: Joan will be stuck in […]

MOVIES ‘R US by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Since I met Libby Fischer Hellmann some years back, I seem to come across her everywhere. Not long ago, I was sitting in my living room, watching a mystery on my local PBS station when […]

And we have another winner…

My apologies for missing the date I should have announced the winner of J B Lynn‘s prize drawing – August 10. In her post of July 27, “The Good, The Bad, and What No Tells […]

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