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How To Vividly Describe a Setting That You’ve Never Visited by Angela Ackerman

Woohoo! Angela Ackerman is back in the house with another fabulous post! Do not miss this one! One of the big decisions writers are faced with is whether to choose a real location for the […]

Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers 2016

TweetChampagne and canapés all around! RU made the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers again! Many thanks to our Visiting Professors, our team of regular contributors, and to our readers. We’re extremely grateful for […]

How To Market Without Losing Your Mind by Jessica Lemmon

Have you ever met someone – say, a struggling writer – and you just know, before reading a single word of their writing, that they’re going to succeed? I had that premonition when I met […]

The Top 55 Apps for Writers in 2016 by Angela Han

TweetPlease welcome Angela Han from Expert Editor Blog. Angela’s assembled a list of useful apps for writers and agreed to share it with us. Writing doesn’t have to be super complicated. But thanks to the […]

Bean Counting for Authors by Christina Mercer

TweetIt’s tax time, so today’s post especially timely. Please welcome first-time Visiting Professor Christina Mercer. An author and CPA, Christina gives us the skinny on managing the business side of your writing career. Authoring books […]

The Art of Conflict by Rachael Thomas

TweetHappy Monday! Rachael Thomas explains why conflict plays a crucial role in a story.  Every story needs conflict, but what exactly is conflict and why does it matter in romance? Conflict is an incompatibility between […]

Five Google Search Tips for Authors by Virginia Kelly

Help me welcome first time poster Virginia Kelly! Virginia is not only an author – but she’s also a librarian! I know! Dream job, right? =) I’m a librarian and author. There’s a cute little […]

5 Easy Tips for Dealing with Email by Kayelle Allen

Are you getting buried under your email? Start the New Year off with the organizational skills of author Kayelle Allen! I get hundreds of emails each week, but my inbox is never out of control, […]

Jan Marshall presents: Cover Design and Writing – Are the Rules the Same?

We’re talking about book covers today with our guest, cover designer and writer, Jan Marshall.  Welcome to RU, Jan!  I always recommend that if you want a great cover for your book you should hire […]

Your Book is a Start-Up, so Steal Ideas from Start-Ups by Nadia Cornier

Please welcome NADIA CORNIER – it’s her debut visit to Romance University, as she celebrates the relaunch of Firebrand Literary.  I didn’t come up with the analogy of comparing your book to a start-up, but […]

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