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The Importance of Unique Character Voice by Voiceover Artist Cris Dukehart

Anyone who closely followed the RU lectures last fall will recognize today’s guest. Cris Dukehart is a talented voiceover artist, but she’s also funny as all get-out and a super-nice gal. I told her if […]

Voiceover Artist Cris Dukehart on Recording Audiobooks: Tales from the Padded Room

While I was at RWA in New York this summer, I was delighted to meet the voice over artist who recorded our good friend Amy Atwell’s debut book, Lying Eyes. Cris Dukehart was kind enough […]

Behind the Scenes: Book Production by Debra Dixon

Have you ever wandered through a book store and wondered about the process a manuscript goes through on its way to being a bound book? If so, you’re in luck because Debra Dixon, Publisher and […]

Behind the Scenes: Editing

Welcome to the second installment of our Behind the Scenes series. Today, Carina Press editor (eh-hem, my¬†editor.) Gina Bernal gives us the deets on the editorial process. Take it away, Gina! You got The Call. […]

Sourcebook’s Deb Werksman on the Book Acquisition Process

Happy 2011, RU crew! Today, Sourcebooks editor Deb Werksman kicks off RU’s year long “Behind the Book Scenes” series by talking about the acquisition process. Please help us welcome Deb. THE ACQUISITIONS PROCESS Every publishing […]

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