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A.O. Peart on The Ultimate Bad Boy – Why Do Readers Want More?

He’s a duke with a reputation as a whore-monger and cad, or a heartless businessman with a murky past and rumored mob ties, or maybe he’s the guy from the other side of the tracks, […]

AMM: Why We Love (and Resent) Alpha Males

Good morning and welcome to Anatomy of the Male Mind. Today, Laurie Schnebly Campbell joins us to dissect Alpha Males. Sound like fun? I thought so too! Here’s Laurie! Alpha males sell books. No matter […]

Weekly Lecture Schedule for May 24-28: Scott Eagan, Laurie Schnebly Campbell & C.J. Redwine

Hello, everyone! Romance University lines up another great week with Laurie Schnebly Campbell talking about Alpha Males. See what else is happening this week at RU! Mon, 5/24 – Crafting Your Career: Agent Scott Eagan […]

Beta Males: Hidden Gems?

As romance writers, we hear a great deal about the Alpha male. They’re larger than life, intelligent, intense, and sexually stimulating. They make us purr, they make us yearn. They make us want to reform […]

Writing the Alpha Male

Today, I’m dancing a jig at the thought of discussing the kind of men (at least fictional men) many of us like most. That’s right, today’s interview with author Jami Alden is all about the […]

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