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In His Shoes: Race and Gender in Romance by Wayne Jordan

What’s it like to be a man writing romance? What’s it like to be a black man writing romance in a predominantly Caucasian and female romance industry? We are thrilled to have Wayne Jordan here […]

The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit by Josh Lanyon

We are thrilled to have Josh Lanyon with us at RU!  When you think of sexy, well-written, and riveting M/M romance and gay fiction  – Josh is the first one who comes to mind.  His […]

Journeys with Loucinda McGary

Please help us welcome intrepid world traveler and author, Loucinda McGary to RU today!  Loucinda aka Aunt Cindy, is the author of three contemporary romantic suspense novels, The Wild Sight, The Treasures of Venice and […]

Creating a Relatable Heroine with Author Tawny Weber

After picking the brain of one of her heroes a few months ago, we invited author Tawny Weber to join us again here at RU. But this time, we asked her to talk about heroines […]

Writing for Boys

Today’s topic is different from any Anatomy of the Male Mind session we’ve hosted in the past. If you’re considering writing Young Adult (or even Middle Grade), you should read this lecture from top to […]

An Interview with Tawny Weber’s Latest Hero

RU Crew, today we’ve snagged a fascinating interview subject, Alex Maddow, the hero in Tawny Weber’s September release RIDING THE WAVES. Alex is here with me on a beautiful beach at the Sea of Cortez […]

Size Matters

RU crew, in the past we’ve discussed how men and women interact on the psychological battlefield, but what about the literal one? Author Melinda Leigh is here today to explain how the two sexes stack […]

Wayne Wednesday: Men’s Fantasies

RU crew, we’re starting today’s lecture with a warning: You are entering the man zone. As we know, the man zone’s not always pretty or palatable, kind of like those nasty gym socks you find […]

Love Bites! A Young Adult’s Perspective on the Twilight Craze

Good morning and welcome to Anatomy of the Male Mind! I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah C., a young adult reader and fan of the Twilight series. As an avid reader of the genre, […]

Understanding Men

We’re delighted to have psychotherapist Dr. Debra Holland join us once again. Last year, she briefed us on the ever-intriguing bad boy. Today, she’s here to talk with about making the impossible possible: Understanding Men. […]

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