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Burning Up the Pages…and the Sheets – An easy guide to combining short story structure with super-hot sex by Rie Warren

Lately, I’ve noticed that our posts on writing love scenes and sexual tension are among our top trending columns. With that in mind, I’m excited to welcome Rie Warren to the RU campus. Using a three-act […]

Drive Them Wild with Christine Pride

RU contributor Christine Pride provides a thoughtful and interesting analogy on love and attraction and how it applies to writing.  Welcome back, Christine! Recently I fell for someone, an attractive banker I met the old-fashioned […]

Understanding Men

We’re delighted to have psychotherapist Dr. Debra Holland join us once again. Last year, she briefed us on the ever-intriguing bad boy. Today, she’s here to talk with about making the impossible possible: Understanding Men. […]

To Bare or Not to Bare: Manscaping

Manscaping. The term has been around for a while, but what does it mean, exactly? The Urban Dictionary defines manscaping as “the removal of excess body hair via waxing, shaving, plucking.” To me, the word […]

Challenging Couples in Love

Challenging couples in love is fun. We get to take two wonderful people who are really just perfect for each other, and make them suffer. If you’re cringing at the very idea, you’re not alone […]

Wayne Wednesday: My History with My Woman

Since March is Women’s History Month, I thought I would honor my woman and the history we’ve shared together.

A Man’s Thoughts on Marriage

RU crew, today’s topic is serious. That is, if you consider marriage serious, which most of us do. But how many people discuss their expectations of marriage before saying “I do?” Probably not many because […]

Thigh, Breast or Wing: What Turns Men On (and Off) – Part II

Today is a continuation of our Man Panel post from December 9, and we take out Man Panel into third base territory, below the waist. If you missed it, check out Part I to find […]

Thigh, Breast or Wing: What Turns Men On (and Off) – Part I

Women constantly find fault with our physical attributes, from our frizzy hair to our unpainted toenails. Can you imagine a man ever asking “Does this make my butt look big?” Me neither. Women often assume […]

Perfectly Happy as a Man

If you’re like me, you’ve occasionally wondered what men really want out of life. Success? Money? Happiness? A less-filling light beer? Today, each member of our Man Panel constructs his version of the perfect Man […]

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