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Writing the Holiday Romance by Lisa Plumley

TweetHere we are, smack in the deep end of the holiday season. There’s no getting away from the chaos, as enjoyable as it may be. Today’s scheduled guest has had to reschedule, so we hope […]

Top 3 Submission Errors and How Authors Can Fix ’em by Ann Leslie Tuttle*

*Today we are re-sharing a post by Senior Editor Ann Leslie Tuttle with Harlequin Books that was originally published by RU founding member Tracey Devlyn in October 2009. This long-time editor discusses what she believes […]

CTW: How to Write a Synopsis Without Losing Your Mind

Due to scheduling issues, we’re running an old post by C.J. Redwine on writing the dreaded synopsis.  Good morning and welcome to Chaos Theory of Writing! RU Readers are in for a real treat today. […]

An Interview with Author Al Leverone

We’re thrilled to have horror and thriller author Al Leverone back on the RU campus. Welcome back, Al! As horror and thriller writer do you ever have nightmares about the books you’ve written? Whenever I finish […]

Developing Your Pitch – Part Two

Does the idea of pitching to an agent/editor send your pulse rate into orbit and make your palms sweat? Diane Holmes from Pitch U, this week’s semi-permanent houseguest, is back to crit your pitches and give us some […]

From Pitch to Query

Diane Holmes from Pitch University joins us again! On Wednesday, we posted Taylor’s pitches for her book, The Warrior Groom. As an extra bonus to our pitch workshop, we’ll take a look at Taylor’s query letter. Thank […]

Developing Your Pitch – Part One

We’re ecstatic to have Diane Holmes with Pitch University as our guest today! Diane’s been working with all of the entrants who were brave enough to submit their story summaries two weeks ago.  Taylor Lunsford’s entry was […]

How’s Your Dialogue Working for You? by Tracy March

Good morning and welcome to Chaos Theory of Writing day. I’m really pleased to introduce our readers to suspense author Tracy March! Tracy’s going to give us the skinny on dialogue and how writers can […]

Steampunk! What’s So Fascinating About It?

It’s my pleasure to invite Beth Daniels, who writes as Beth Henderson and J.B. Dane, to visit today.  I read about Beth teaching a class on steampunk, a genre of romance and mystery that fascinated […]

The Art and Soul of POV Workshop – Toni McGee Causey

Ready to expand your writing horizons with Point of View? Toni McGee Causey of Bobbie Faye fame is here to help up get the most out of POV. Today, you can post two to three […]

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