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Free Your Writing with Handsome Hansel

Welcome back Handsome Hansel from the Dance of Romance! Today it’s all about letting go – letting your novel into the hands of others who may not love it as much as you do! There […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Critiquing with Anna Sugden

Whether you’re writing a critique or on the receiving end, critiques are an invaluable part of your growth as a writer. Today, author Anna Sugden shares the pointers and pitfalls on the art of critiquing. […]

Jordan McCollum on Websites, Part II: The Critiques

On Monday, May 9, Jordan McCollum talked about the Seven Things an Author’s Website Must BE. Jordan chose three websites from Monday’s commenters, and today she returns with critiques of those websites. Lucie J. Charles, […]

Ask an Editor: Delivering Bad News to a Writer

It can be difficult to deliver bad news to a writer, but sometimes, it’s the kindest thing you can do. No author would want to spend a year or more completing a manuscript only to […]

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