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An Easy Way to Create Conflict in Your Novel by Janice Hardy

TweetAuthor and blogger Janice Hardy has an inimitable way of explaining things. Today, she tackles the role of conflict in a story. Read on. One of the first posts I ever wrote for RU (way […]

The Art of Conflict by Rachael Thomas

TweetHappy Monday! Rachael Thomas explains why conflict plays a crucial role in a story.  Every story needs conflict, but what exactly is conflict and why does it matter in romance? Conflict is an incompatibility between […]

C.J. Redwine – How to Escalate Conflict in Your Novel

Does your manuscript have enough conflict to sustain the story? Our regular columnist C.J. Redwine gives us several examples on how to inject conflict into your manuscript.  We all know every story requires conflict. And most of […]

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