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Plan: Read by Suzanne Brockmann

TweetWe’ve all heard the advice that it’s best not to read while writing, in case we somehow accidentally absorb details from our reading materials into our own writing. New York Times Best-Selling Author SUZANNE BROCKMANN joins […]

#AwkwardNotAwkward: Why I Couldn’t Wait to Write a Gay Sex Scene with my Gay Son by Ed Gaffney and Jason T. Gaffney

TweetIt’s always fun when the Brockmann-Gaffney family comes to visit! Ed and Suzanne, Jason and Melanie have created a literary and performing arts dynasty. Together and individually, they have brought us books, plays and movies. […]

Screenwriting vs. Novel Writing, Part II: The Passion Behind the Project by Suzanne Brockmann and Ed Gaffney

The Brockmann/Gaffney family is a media dynasty in the making. Their credits, individually and collectively, include writing best-selling and award-winning books, writing, directing, producing and – in Jason’s case – starring in an Off-Broadway play […]

Ed Gaffney: Screenwriting vs. Novel Writing

I first met ED GAFFNEY, briefly, at RWA National in 2009. The next time we met was in 2010, at an Off-Broadway performance of LOOKING FOR BILLY HAINES – a family affair for us both, […]

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