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What’s in a name? Author branding with your pen name by Author Sophia Knightly

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting New York Times best selling author SOPHIA KNIGHTLY during a Facebook party celebrating the release of the Lucky 7 Bad Boys Contemporary Romance Boxed Set. If you haven’t discovered […]

Duffy Brown: The Importance of Plan B

Call it a parachute, a safety net or a Plan B – it’s what we fall back on when our best laid plans go awry. When you think the worst has happened, try not to […]

Unblocking: Writing Techniques to Enhance the Creative Process

NOTE: Romance University is experiencing some technical difficulties with our comment posting. Comments will have to be posted anonymously today, so please be sure to sign your name at the end of your comment. If […]

Historical Romance Part 1: Hot? Not?

It’s my great pleasure to welcome Kris Kennedy and her agent Barbara Poelle to Romance University. As many of you know, RU’s highlighting a different romance sub-genre each month, and February’s all about historical. Today, […]

CYC: Adjusting the Career Course: Changing Genres

Today Jessica Barksdale Inclán, author of 12 books, joins us at RU to talk about the challenges and opportunities involved with changing genres. Her most recent book, Intimate Beings, is the second in her paranormal series about a trio of siblings separated during childhood and forced on their own in adulthood to confront their special abilities and find not only each other but their own true loves.

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