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Here I am again =)

Welcome back, my friend. Handsome Hansel joins us again at RU to tell us how he’s becoming a writer. Again. Like a bad penny, here I am again. 😉 Gawd, have I missed you all. […]

Empathy. It’s Where Characters Are Born – Handsome Hansel

Do you know how to make your characters empathetic? Handsome Hansel of Dance of Romance gives us a hint or two. Empathy. That is where it begins as well as ends for the characters we […]

Handsome Hansel’s Point of View on POV

Welcome back Handsome Hansel of Dance of Romance to Romance University. Today, HH gives us his POV on POV! Let me begin this post by saying that, even I, who doesn’t get surprised by much, […]

Weekly Lecture Schedule October 1st to October 5th

Fall is here! Sharpen your pencils for this week’s RU class line-up. Mon – 10/1  – HH is back! Handsome Hansel gives his POV on POV. Wed – 10/3 –  RU columnist  and weapons expert, Adam Firestone, talks guns […]

Writing for Boys

Today’s topic is different from any Anatomy of the Male Mind session we’ve hosted in the past. If you’re considering writing Young Adult (or even Middle Grade), you should read this lecture from top to […]

Anatomy of the Male Mind: Women Writing in the Male POV

It’s no secret that women and men’s brains are wired differently. And that’s exactly what presents the challenge for women to successfully write in male POV.

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