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This Crowded Life – and Why That’s a Pain in the Neck by Anna Campbell

TweetAnna Campbell is back with another keeper post, a primer on setting the stage for a crowd scene.  Hello Romance University girls! Thanks for having me here as your guest again. Today, I want to […]

The Story is in the Eye of the Beholder: Choosing the Best Point of View (Part 1) Heather Webb

Do you struggle with Point of View? Sometimes write an entire scene, then discover it should have been written in someone else’s?  Heather Webb is here with a two-parter to help us understand how to […]

Power-up World Building through Point of View with Anna Steffl

I’m happy to welcome Anna Steffl to the RU campus. Anna shares her tips on enhancing setting, description, and character development through POV. One randomly chosen commenter will receive an e-book copy of Anna’s Solace […]

Weekly Lecture Schedule – July 29th to August 2nd

Tanks (possibly Shermans), POV and more great lectures this week! Crank up the A/C and join us!  Monday, July 29th –  Tank Talk with RU’s weapons expert Adam Firestone. Wednesday, July 31st – Mind Games: […]

Tips on Writing Deep POV by Barbara Wallace

Nothing makes a story more intense than adding in Deep POV. Join us with Barbara Wallace today as she gives us a few helpful hints. Confession time. While writing this article, I’m avoiding revisions on my […]

Virginia Kantra on POV, Part 2: Switching POV

I’m very excited to welcome back New York Times Best Selling author VIRGINIA KANTRA. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I read the first book in her Children of the Sea series. I had […]

Point of View: Channeling Elvis with Peggy Webb

Elvis, Hound Dogs and Point of View? Stay tuned authors – you’ll want to read this unique take on POV! Don’t forget to check for Peggy Webb’s giveaways too! One of the most important decisions […]

Toni McGee Causey POV Workshop – Final Wrap up!

Thanks so much to everyone who fearlessly posted their work this past week! We hope you learned a LOT! I know I did! Toni will be in later this evening/Saturday morning to answer any questions […]

Toni McGee Causey POV Workshop Revisions and Worksheets

I’m so impressed by what everyone’s been doing all week — I see such great writing coming out of this group! Which meant… not nearly as much to teach. (grin). So what I’ve done is […]

Weekly Lecture Schedule for May 23-27: Toni McGee Causey and Robin Covington!

We have two special treats for our readers this week! Our big event is a week full of Toni McGee Causey! You might remember Toni’s first visit to RU back in January, where we worked […]

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