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In Praise of Slower Writing with Maggie Bolitho

We live in a hurry up world. But should that apply to your writing? Author Maggie Bolitho on quality over quantity.  Welcome to RU, Maggie! When my first box of books was delivered this year, […]

Writing Anonymously – Why Did I Do It? by Nikki Gemmell

I’m pleased to welcome novelist Nikki Gemmell. In 2003, Nikki wrote her first erotic novel The Bride Stripped Bare. She explains why she chose to write the book anonymously and what transpired when her identity […]

Bringing Home the Buckle: a Rodeo Queen’s NaNo Success Story with T.J. Kline

Are you embracing the insanity of NaNoWriMo this month? In keeping with the spirit of NaNo, I’m excited to welcome debut author and NaNo veteran T.J. Kline. After T.J. crossed the finish line in NaNo 2012, she […]

Making History with Geoff Knight

We all know what an amazing time this is to be an author. Endless opportunities, numerous options . . . it is all good.  Geoff Knight and Ethan Day are embracing this time for change […]

Long Journey to a Small Press with Debut Author Susan Boyer

The road to publication is well-traveled, rife with potholes and detours, and yet the journey is different for every author.  Today, I’m happy to introduce debut author, Susan Boyer. Susan talks about her publishing journey and reveals why she chose a […]

The Road to an Agent with Adrienne Giordano

In a perfect world, you sign with your dream agent who sells your manuscript to a well-known publisher for six figures. If only… RU co-founder and Carina author Adrienne Giordano is back on campus to talk […]

Ten Myths About Editors – Theresa Stevens

Do you think editors have a glamorous job? Picture them reading a manuscript and sipping Veuve Clicquot on a Lear jet cruising at 40,000 feet after a day of shopping in Paris? Theresa Stevens (quite […]

Adrienne Giordano – Key Factors for Publishing Success

Carina Press author and RU founder Adrienne Giordano gives us an update into her life as a newly published author. Adrienne highlights the detours, the switchbacks and the necessary pit stops on the road to marketing her books. […]

A Good Editor – Don’t Leave Home Without One – Donnell Bell

Editor schmeditor! In today’s world of self-publishing, do we really need an editor? Donnell Bell is here to tell us – yes, yes we do. It’s an exciting time to be an author. The brass […]

Dorchester Publishing Launches New E-Commerce Web Site

RU Crew, some news on Dorchester in case you haven’t seen this yet. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dorchester Publishing Launches New E-Commerce Web Site NEW YORK, New York (March 4, 2011) – Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc., […]

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