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Are You a Researcher or a Storyteller? Finding the Balance in Historical Fiction – by KA Servian

TweetPlease welcome author KA Servian. Research is an essential part of writing. Fiction or non-fiction, contemporary or historical, at some stage in the process every writer needs to refer to books and/or the internet to […]

Baselard, Bayonet and Poniard: The Hidden Lives of Blades with Adam Firestone

A knife through the heart…a knife to the gut…common phrases you’ve read (or written) before. Today, RU contributor and weapons expert Adam Firestone eschews metaphors and gives us an in-depth analysis of the real thing.  […]

Lesann Berry presents: Embrace the Pain of Research

Writing and research go hand in hand because getting your facts right is as important as punctuation, pacing, and plot. Author Lesann Berry talks about fact finding basics and how research can enhance your story.   Great to have […]

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