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HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE HOOK with Trident Media Group Literary Agent Mark Gottlieb

Tweet Please welcome literary agent Mark Gottlieb from Trident Media Group.  I offer up this article on hook writing, also known as the elevator pitch, to lend the reader a feel for comfortable writing and […]

RIGHT HOOK: Baiting Your Book to Attract its Audience with Damon Suede

Have you ever asked someone to tell you what their book is about? And then spend the next 10 minutes listening to hems and haws, mumbling and a lot of “and then THIS happens!”? Damon […]

How To Be An Excellent Hooker

Good morning and welcome to Crafting Your Career.  Unfortunately, C.J. Redwine could not be with us today for Query Writing 101. Due to the volume of new readers who may not have seen C.J.’s first post with us, […]

Comedy is Serious Business

Today, we have a fun Friday treat, talking with author Kimberly Llewellyn about comedy in today’s market. I know many of us are personally invested in romantic comedy and are eager to see light contemporaries make […]

New York Times Writing and the EDITS System

The EDITS System is the ultimate SHOW DON’T TELL power tool. Writers use the EDITS SYSTEM to analyze scene components. It shows writers what they have on each page. It shows writers where to add […]

Extra Credit! Query Writing 101 Lab

On October 5 we’re starting a new monthly feature, Query Writing 101. Urban Fantasy author and workshop presenter C.J. Redwine will critique one lucky reader’s query on the first Monday of each month.

How Was Your Day?

A little over two years ago when my wife began writing seriously, I had no idea how her choice might change her life, and in turn, mine. Now the simple afternoon question “How Was Your […]

How To Be An Excellent Hooker

We are delighted to welcome C.J. Redwine to RU to discuss the all-important hook.   C.J. tells us she fears goats, loves stilettos and frequently lets her imagination run away with her. She writes edgy urban fantasy with […]

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