10 Best Board Games for Teenagers 2021 – Complete Guide

Everyone enjoys a steaming game night with competitive family members who will do anything to make you lose.

However, if you wish to gift your teenager one of the best gifts this holiday season, this buyer’s guide on the best board games for teenagers in 2021 will assist you in making the feat accomplished.

Best Pick
Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board
Our Choise
Monopoly Builder Board Game, Strategy Game, Family Game, Games for Kids, Fun Game to Play, Family Board Games, Ages 8 and up
Good Choice
Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game - An Engine-Building, Area Control for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+, Gray
Don't Miss
Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game - The Multi-Award-Winning Smart New Family Board Game. Intelligent Fun for Creative People.
Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board
Monopoly Builder Board Game, Strategy Game, Family Game, Games for Kids, Fun Game to Play, Family Board Games, Ages 8 and up
Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game - An Engine-Building, Area Control for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+, Gray
Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game - The Multi-Award-Winning Smart New Family Board Game. Intelligent Fun for Creative People.
Best Pick
Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board
Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board
Our Choise
Monopoly Builder Board Game, Strategy Game, Family Game, Games for Kids, Fun Game to Play, Family Board Games, Ages 8 and up
Monopoly Builder Board Game, Strategy Game, Family Game, Games for Kids, Fun Game to Play, Family Board Games, Ages 8 and up
Good Choice
Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game - An Engine-Building, Area Control for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+, Gray
Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game - An Engine-Building, Area Control for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+, Gray
Don't Miss
Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game - The Multi-Award-Winning Smart New Family Board Game. Intelligent Fun for Creative People.
Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game - The Multi-Award-Winning Smart New Family Board Game. Intelligent Fun for Creative People.

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Best Board Games Teens Will Want To Play For Hours

1. Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board

Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board


If you are a scrabble enthusiast and all you dream of is beating your friends and family on a deluxe rotating board, this scrabble edition is for you. The game features a wooden game board with Mahogany-finished tiles and racks that will enhance your scrabble experience.

And, if your scrabble game night always ends with bickering about the score, the game board also contains a gold foil-stamped scorebook with a sand timer, allowing players to keep an eye out for cheaters.

  • It is perfect for gifting it to someone who is a scrabble enthusiast and will cherish this limited edition Mahogany gameboard
  • Even the tiles are Mahogany finished and match the tile racks, which adds to the aesthetic of the special edition game board
  • There is also a hard-cover gold foil-stamped scorebook to keep a record of who is winning
  • The pack includes a sand timer, an embroidered drawstring pouch containing a hundred tiles, and an instructions manual
  • You can remove the gameboard’s top to reveal the compartment where you can keep all the scrabble pieces, including the tiles pouch, racks, scorebook, sand timer, and the instructions manual
  • The letters on the tiles are bright, legible, and can be read from all angles
  • The game is expensive for individuals who do not play a lot of scrabble
  • Wooden game boards have to be kept exceptionally carefully as they might chafe a splinter even with slight ignorance
  • Only four players can play the game at a time


2. Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter Edition Compact Trivia Game

Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition Compact Trivia Game for 2 or More Players


For all the Harry Potter enthusiasts out there, here is a game that will blow your mind and scratch your nerdy itch. If your teenager has always imagined going to the King’s cross and boarding a train from platform nine and a half quarters, it is time to gift them this fantastic compact trivia game with over six hundred questions.

Inspired by Harry Potter, the game will put an individual’s knowledge to test with questions ranging from easy to difficult. It is a fun family game, and you can even schedule a trivia night while hosting a get-together party and playing the game. The individual who collects six cards first (answer 12 questions correctly) will win the game.

  • The game is compact and can be carried anywhere
  • Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit features six hundred questions based on the movie and books from the franchise
  • There are six categories inspired by the movies in the game, including The Dark Arts, Magical Objects, Hogwarts, Magical Spells and Potions, and Magical People, Animals, and Creatures. You can choose any of the six categories and answer the question from it to gain points
  • Only individuals who have watched the movies can play the game
  • The questions are mostly framed from the movies
  • At least two people are required to play this game


3. Monopoly Builder Board Game

Monopoly Builder Board Game, Strategy Game, Family Game


The Monopoly memes have already spiked the conversation this game needed to blow up in the teenage market. Therefore, as a parent, you can hop on the bandwagon and gift your teenager the ultimate family board game and let those mortgage cards rain.

Once you are through with the rules, who cares if you are following them or not as long as you are acquiring properties consistently. Suitable for ages above thirteen, Monopoly Builder is a spin on the classic game that is best enjoyed on a family game night when someone in the family wants to vindicate their previous loss.

  • Monopoly Builder gives a new spin to the classic game and involves building properties on plots of land this time
  • The board game is an easy fix for a family game night
  • It helps children learn the skill of strategizing and spending their money wisely
  • You will need to explain the game to an individual who has never played it before
  • Sometimes, people can skip or misunderstand the rules in the heat of the game
  • It can only be played by four players at a time, making it unsuitable for families with more than four members


4. Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game

Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game - An Engine-Building, Area Control for 1-5 Players


If your teenager is into fantasy games, Scythe can be the perfect addition to their gaming collection. The game dials back to the time of unrest in 1920s Europa. A capitalistic city-state known as the “The Factory” in the game had fueled the war drawing the attention of several nearby countries.

The game is to raise a faction, build merchandise, work the land, and explore the mysterious lands of The Factory. However, you will have to protect your territory from the encroaching enemies and put your resources to optimal use. The game features Jakub Rozalski’s stunning artwork and allows players to catch a glimpse into the alternate history of the 1920s.

  • There are several game pieces, currency coins, mech miniatures, and character pygmies to assist a player to travel back to the era of the 1920s and immerse themselves into the experience
  • The game utilizes a streamlined action-selection mechanism. It lets the gameplay move quickly and keeps the players interested. Furthermore, it also reduces the downtime between each player’s turn
  • Every game piece entails an engine-building aspect to it
  • There will be no player elimination in the game. Apart from this, you can also not destroy the units, kill or banish them
  • The game is mainly driven by choices. As a result, it removes the element of luck or randomness
  • You can also play the game solo by challenging the “automa” system online
  • A scythe can be a little complicated for a few individuals to understand
  • It is possible that it may take you a few hours to understand the game and its rules
  • The game is limited to five players at a time


5. Latice Hawai’i Strategy Board Game

Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game - An Engine-Building, Area Control for 1-5 Players


Latice Hawai’i is a strategy board game that allows kids, teens, and adults alike to have a fun game night. The game entails no gender, language, or age barriers and can be played by all.

Latice Hawai’i has received the best Academic Choice Brain Toy Award allowing players to build strategies and expand their creative thinking. You can take the board game on a family vacation, thanks to its compact size and storage efficiency.

  • It is ideal for families of four who want something new for their game nights
  • Multilingual instructions are available in the manual
  • Timeless components offer durability for years to come
  • The game encourages strategic thinking, spatial recognition, planning, and interpersonal skills
  • The game cannot be played solo and requires at least two players
  • Small parts of the game pose a choking hazard. As a result, keep the game pieces away from children below three years
  • It can take a while for the players to get used to the game


Buyer’s Guide

Best Board Games for Teenagers

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Every parent must consider a few aspects before buying a board game for their teenager. Please do not end up buying a board game just because it was on a sale or had a promotional offer attached to it. You will only end up piling additional clutter in your house that way.

As a result, consider the following features before buying a board game and help yourself with the perfect gift for your child.

Brand Value

Buying board games that do not reflect any brand value can end up in the dustbin the very next day. So, please be careful of what you pick for your teenager. A game from a renowned brand reiterates the message that it will be durable, entail a warranty, and exhibit superior quality.

If your teenager is a board game enthusiast and likes collecting special editions, you can go for games featured in the collector’s edition section.

Always verify the Customer Reviews and Ratings

In today’s digital age, consumer reviews and ratings have become imperative before buying anything online. As a result, buyers must apply the same rule when purchasing a board game for a teenager.

Adolescents can be picky every now and then. Therefore, verifying the product through customer reviews and ratings is the best way to guarantee you are not falling into the trap of being conned online.

Apart from this, it reiterates how cautious you are as a buyer. Also, sometimes, customers dispense valuable information about a product in the comments sections, which can prove to be helpful in your search for a perfect gift for your teenager.

Best Board Game

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Warranty Term

Several board games from renowned brands come with a warranty term. As a result, before clicking on “Add to Cart,” ensure that you have read the message from the manufacturer and under what conditions they will replace the game.

You must read and understand every nuance there is to warranty terms. Apart from this, choose a brand that offers customer support in case you misplace a crucial piece from the game and require replacement.

Purpose or Usability

It is one of the most crucial factors that buyers must consider while purchasing a game. Understand whether you are investing in something that your child will get bored with eventually, or it will serve its purpose to entertain forever.

Consider investing in a board game that you think will fulfill the latter criterion. A contemporary game of Monopoly or Scrabble will entertain your teenager for a lifetime, and you can even turn one of the weekdays into a family game night, prompting all family members to spend quality time together.


Being a responsible shopper is a virtue that is not possessed by many. As a result, if you are researching online for what to buy your teenager this holiday season, we bet you are the most responsible buyer there is and value what you are giving to your child.

The mere fact that you are putting effort means everything in addition to the perfect board game you will select for them. Apart from this, good research will save you from spending unnecessarily on products that can end up in the dustbin at any time.

Although online shopping allows customers to buy presents even at the eleventh hour, you still get as much time as you do to review the product in a physical store, thanks to this detailed guide walking you through the best board games for teenagers in 2021.

However, before you add the board game to the cart, ask yourself these questions and verify whether the item comes through on the above-mentioned aspects. Considering you would not want to pile up your child’s room with additional clutter, choose a board game you would enjoy as a family and can even be played by your teenage kid in the company of their friends.


Best Board Games UNO

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Is it okay to tweak the rules of a game?

As long as you do not have a stickler for rules in your family, you can tweak the rules whichever way you want. However, following the rules of the game becomes essential for a more conducive game night.

What if I import a game and don’t understand the language written on the game paraphernalia?

Most game manufacturers know that their games export to different countries. As a result, all the game paraphernalia will be written in multiple languages, one of which will be English, the most widely spoken language in the world.

I have lost the pieces of the game. Can I get a replacement?

If your game arrives missing a few pieces or you lose a few game pieces within the warranty period, you can contact the manufacturer for replacement parts. You can also request the seller to contact the manufacturer on your behalf to reimburse the lost or missing pieces.

Can the board game store well, or will its pieces fall when my teenager tries to shove it in their closet?

Several people mistreat their game boxes. However, in today’s times, when the manufacturer knows how their game boxes get treated, they have come up with a manageable solution. A lot of game pieces come packed in silk pouches or containers that are immune to maltreatment or forceful shoves.

What should I do if I cannot understand the game rules written in the instructions manual?

If you do not understand the rules written in the instructions manual, you can go online and search for your doubts. Several games now have online channels and threads operated either by the manufacturer or a community of game enthusiasts to help players understand the game more intricately and have a fun game night.

Bamboozled - The Bluffing Dice Game
  • Bluff your way to victory in this hilarious new dice game! Bamboozled is party style bluffing game where players must roll the dice and tie or beat the previous player, but if they don't they have to bluff!
  • Each players starts with 3 lives. If you get caught bluffing, you lose a life, but if you get away with a bluff, you get a Bamboozled Card. Cards can help you get out of a bind, change the dice, or even give you a life back.
  • Make sure to watch our how to play video! Only takes 3 minutes to learn and 15 minutes to play! Great for a quick game night, but don't be surprised if it lasts all night for those that want to get revenge!
  • A fast and fun new game that is great for kids, teens, adults, families, parties, game nights, and pretty much everything in-between. We've even included simplified rules to include players younger than 8
  • So, get your family or friends together and start Bamboozling. You might be surprised who can bluff and get away with it. Now go get your game face on, Bamboozled is waiting.
Pandemic Board Game (Base Game) | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Cooperative Board Game | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players | Average Playtime 45 minutes | Made by Z-Man Games
  • STRATEGY GAME: Players must work together playing to their characters' strengths as they plan their strategy of eradicating the diseases before they overwhelm the world with ever-increasing outbreaks. A truly cooperative game where you win or lose together.
  • COOPERATIVE BOARD GAME: Only through teamwork will you keep the world safe from outbreaks and epidemics. Your team must work together and plan carefully to stem the tide of infection while working toward finding the cures.
  • WORK TOGETHER AND SAVE HUMANITY: Four diseases threaten the world, and your elite team of specialists must find a cure for each of them before it’s too late. Everyone must work together applying their unique character skills to benefit the team—and the world.
  • GIFT FOR ADULTS AND TEENS: Pandemic is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for anyone who loves a bit of problem solving! A perfect way to bring together friends and family, be sure to check out our full line of Pandemic games!
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This easy to learn family and adult board game can be played with 2 to 4 players. The average playtime is 45 minutes.
Trekking The National Parks: The Award-Winning Family Board Game - Created by a Family Who Visited All The National Parks | One of The Best Board Games for Family Game Night | Perfect for Ages 8+
  • Best-Selling & Award-Winning National Parks Game: Winner Of The Mensa And Parent's Choice Award. See the many 5-star reviews!
  • Created By National Parks Enthusiasts: This couple traveled to every single national park and then worked with their son to make the game.
  • Fun + Educational: It’s the perfect recipe for a family game night! Appeals to a wide range of people: outdoor lovers, board game players, and gift givers. One of the best board games for kids 8-12 and up!
  • Share the Joy of the National Parks: Share your memories, and dream about where you’ll travel to next. Grandparents, Adults, Teens, Tweens, & Kids can all play
  • We are proud to be a small, independent business, founded by two people’s mutual love of the national parks. We always donate a portion of all proceeds back to nonprofits making a difference around the world.
Scattergories Game
  • Scattergories game challenges you to come up with items fast
  • You score points when you come up with items that nobody else does
  • Play in teams for tons of fun
  • Includes timer, die, Scattergories cards, score sheets and instructions. Ages 13 and up
ESCAPE ROOM IN A BOX The Werewolf Experiment
  • Exciting cooperation game—everyone in the game is after the same goal: to escape!
  • You have to solve 19 mental and physical puzzles before a mad scientist turns you into werewolves—and you have only an hour to do it!
  • To enhance gameplay, players can connect to the Amazon Alexa.
  • A great immersion experience!
  • Includes 19 puzzles and three locks. You can do it!
Charades Party Game – Speed Charades Board Game - Fast-Paced Party Game - Includes 1400 Charades - Perfect for Groups and Family Game Nights
  • CHARADES GAME | A fun twist on a family favorite. Players compete head-to-head in a race to act out words for their teams to guess. Starting at the same time, the first team to guess 4 of the 5 words on their card wins the round and scores a point. The team with the most points after ten rounds wins!
  • PARTY GAME | Speed Charades is the game every party and game night needs. The adrenaline rush from racing and the exhilaration from winning a round will keep everyone involved and provide great interaction from beginning to end. Divide into teams and let the fun begin.
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE | Everyone can play! Kids, teenagers, college students, and adults alike will have a blast playing together. Speed Charades is great for game nights, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, as an ice breaker, or on a vacation. It expands to the size of the group and allows everyone to participate regardless of age.
  • EASY TO LEARN, FUN TO PLAY | Game Includes 280 Cards/1400 Words, Scorepad, Rules | 2 Minutes to Learn | 25-30 Minutes to Play
  • ADD TO YOUR CART NOW! What are you waiting for? Put down your mobile device, get off social media, and let’s have some fun. It will be a hit at your next party or family game night.
SKYJO by Magilano - The entertaining card game for kids and adults. The ideal game for fun, entertaining and exciting hours of play with friends and family.
  • YOUR GOAL: Try to get as few points as possible through flipping, trading and collecting cards over the course of several rounds. This is only possible as long as a player has not uncovered all his cards, because then ends a round. So beware, keep a close eye on the game and be cautious and wary of the other player's actions!
  • LOTS OF FUN for your friends and family. SKYJO is an entertaining card game that is lots of fun for kids and even older game enthusiasts (adults).
  • FAST GAME START: Easy to learn game rules! Includes a short manual with pictures. Ideal for a short game in-between other activities and as staple game for exciting evenings. A turn-based and time flexible game.
  • EDUCATIONAL GAMING: Count - Adding of up to 100 two-digit numbers. Estimate - Get used to chances. Concentration - Follow the course of the game and other player's turns.
  • PLAYERS: For 2 - 8 players. AGE: From age 8 and up. GAME DURATION: about 30 minutes. LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian. CONTENTS: 150 game cards, 1 game notepad, 1 manual. Made in Germany.
UNO Family Card Game, with 112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin, Travel-Friendly, Makes a Great Gift for 7 Year Olds and Up [Amazon Exclusive]
  • UNO is the classic family card game that's easy to learn and so much fun to play!
  • In a race to deplete your hand, match one of your cards with the current card shown on top of the deck by either color or number.
  • Strategize to defeat your competition with special action cards like Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos and color-changing Wild cards.
  • When you're down to one card, don't forget to shout "UNO!"
  • This fun family card game is perfect for adults, teens and kids 7 years old and up.
Super Mario Labyrinth Board Game – A Classic Family Game for Ages 7 and Up
  • Perfect for Families and Super Mario Fans: Find Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, and more popular characters from Super Mario in a maze that shifts each turn! Easy enough for kids to play but still fun for adults!
  • What You Get: Each game comes with one game board, 34 maze tiles, 24 character cards, and four playing pieces.
  • Clear Instructions: Clear instructions walk you step - by - step through the game as you set up and start to play. Rulebook includes instructions in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.
  • Great Replay Value: Super Mario Labyrinth supports two to four players ages seven and up and takes 20 - 30 minutes to play.
  • Quality Components and Design: An exciting game with high - quality components and a board that changes every time, Super Mario Labyrinth is a joy to play again and again.
Renegade Game Studios Architects of the West Kingdom Game for 1-5 Players Aged 12 & Up
  • West Kingdom adventure with beautiful artwork and great quality components.
  • Become an ambitious royal architect to impress the king by building notable landmarks in the kingdom
  • First stand-alone game in the West Kingdom Trilogy
  • Exciting worker-placement strategy board game for 1-5 players, ages 12 and up
The Cardboard Game – The Party Game of Ridiculous Dares & Challenges with Friends - by What Do You Meme?
  • Dude With Game: This game is based on the internet icon who has the absolute most to say, Dude With Sign!
  • Designed for Ages 17+: This game was created for ages 17+. There are some things you just can’t unhear. Trust us.
  • What's Inside: 300 Dare cards, 50 Wild cards, 2 markers, 1 Dude coin, 1 piece of cardboard for playing and instructions.
  • How to Play: Flip the token onto the cardboard, and let fate decide your dare. This game can be played with any big piece of cardboard, like a pizza box or your roommate’s package.
  • More hilarity: We also make other party games inspired by pop culture. Check out our store for tons more good stuff.
Hasbro Gaming Taboo Party Board Game With Buzzer for Kids Ages 13 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Classic game of unspeakable fun: want a great party game that makes people laugh. Check out the taboo board game -- FAST paced, fun game for large or small groups. For 4 or more players ages 13 and up
  • Food and drink cards: This exclusive edition of the taboo board game includes 450 game cards, including food and drink category cards for even more unspeakable fun
  • Taboo game with electronic buzzer: if a player says a Forbidden word on the card, they'll get interrupted by the buzzer, and lose a turn
  • Fun, fast-paced gameplay: liven up a party with the taboo game. Players race against the included timer to get through as many cards as they can to win

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Q: What are some good board games for teenagers?

A: Another good choice of board games for teenagers includes strategy games. Risk and Axis and Allies are oldies, but goodies, but there are modern versions too, such as Carcassonne , Caylus , and Killer Bunnies , which is a strategy game played only with cards. Another popular game played only with cards is Apples to Apples.

Q: What are the best exercises for teenagers?

A: Soccer is a popular sport with teens. Aerobic exercise increases the heart and breathing rate, strengthens the heart muscle and improves oxygen delivery to all body parts. Good aerobic fitness boosts energy levels and allows teens to stay physically active for longer periods without fatigue.

Q: What is the best gift for teenagers?

A: Good gifts for teen girls are as varied as the teen herself. If she’s into fashion, consider a jewelry gift for her. A birthstone ring, necklace, or charm bracelet will strike a nice balance between personal touch and stylish present.