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Best Shed for Riding Lawn Mower

7 Best Shed for Riding Lawn Mower 2023 – Top Picks

Do you have a beautiful lawn? Then you must be mowing it frequently to maintain its beauty. Where do you store your lawnmower though? You cannot just leave it there in an open space.

Best Overall
Suncast 8' x 10' Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed, Sand
Good Choice
Lifetime 6406 8 X 5 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed with Window-Desert, Mixed Colors
Don't Miss
Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, Olive and Sandstone, for Garden/Backyard/Home/Pool, 18 Ft³ Horizontal Shed
Also Consider
Lifetime 6418 Outdoor Storage Shed, 8 by 5 Feet
Suncast 8' x 10' Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed, Sand
Lifetime 6406 8 X 5 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed with Window-Desert, Mixed Colors
Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, Olive and Sandstone, for Garden/Backyard/Home/Pool, 18 Ft³ Horizontal Shed
Lifetime 6418 Outdoor Storage Shed, 8 by 5 Feet
Best Overall
Suncast 8' x 10' Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed, Sand
Suncast 8' x 10' Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed, Sand
Good Choice
Lifetime 6406 8 X 5 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed with Window-Desert, Mixed Colors
Lifetime 6406 8 X 5 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed with Window-Desert, Mixed Colors
Don't Miss
Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, Olive and Sandstone, for Garden/Backyard/Home/Pool, 18 Ft³ Horizontal Shed
Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, Olive and Sandstone, for Garden/Backyard/Home/Pool, 18 Ft³ Horizontal Shed
Also Consider
Lifetime 6418 Outdoor Storage Shed, 8 by 5 Feet
Lifetime 6418 Outdoor Storage Shed, 8 by 5 Feet

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Although lawn mowers require minimal maintenance, you cannot neglect them. Exposing it to extreme weather conditions can deter the durability of your lawnmower.

Hence, a shed is important to increase the living space of your lawnmower. If you know how to choose a shed for your lawnmower, this article will guide you through the best sheds for your lawnmowers.


Lawn Mower Sheds – Reviews

1. Suncast

Suncast BMS8100


If you are looking for a sturdy and graceful shed then this is your perfect choice. It is not like all the other plastic cover sheds. Hence, it will provide the best and strong safety for your lawnmower from the heaviest of rains and the strongest winds. This can be used for both outdoor and indoor storage. It looks like a small dog house.

Thus, besides serving your storage purposes, Suncast adds additional beauty to your lawn. It is not an open shed. Hence, you can lock it to save it from thieves. If you are going somewhere out on a long vacation, you can also move the entire setup indoors to make sure your lawnmower doesn’t disappear overnight.

Although heavy materials like metals, polypropylene, and plastic are used in this shed, it is not heavier. Even two people can move it easily. Hence, besides being sturdy, it is easier to move around. Also, this shed is heavily resistant to extreme weather events so that you don’t have to spend much on its maintenance.


  • The entire shed is just 384 pounds, despite being made of heavy materials.
  • It has lockable doors and windows.
  • It is so spacious that even two people can enter it with ease.
  • The floor of this shed is reinforced. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the weight of your mower. It can withstand even the strongest or heaviest of your vehicles.
  • It is durable as the walls are coated with polypropylene resin.

2. Lifetime

Lifetime 6406 8 X 5 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed with Window-Desert


Looking for stainless steel reinforced shed for your extreme weather location? We have got you covered. Next up on our list is the Lifetime shed model for all types of lawnmowers. While some just have a mower in the shed, some others look for spacious sheds to store all their gardening equipment.

If you are looking for a lawnmower house of such type, look nowhere, this is your perfect choice. It is spacious enough to accommodate one big size along with various other gardening equipment. In Spite of storing all these items, you can still move around in this small house and take your mower in and out with ease.


  • The shed is made from steel-reinforced construction. Hence, it is a perfect choice for extreme weather locations
  • It is attractive in looks and sturdy in design
  • Despite being high quality, it comes within your affordable budget.
  • Sheds usually don’t provide a warranty but this lifetime model comes with a 10-year warranty.

3. Shelter logic



Shelter logic is another fantastic extreme weather shed for your lawnmower. It is available in different sizes and comes with a free water-resistant cover. You can even place your bikes under it. The small size itself can accommodate your bike sized mowers. Plus, the shelter logic brand is user-friendly and affordable.

They come in different designs, shapes and sizes. It has a powder-coated finish and hence, is resistant to rust, corrosion, or peeling. The metal frame used is so thick that it is strong enough to resist any kind of climate abuse.


  • It has waterproof coverage. Hence, it is a good choice for rainy and moisture climate type regions
  • The waterproof coverage comes with a triple layer rip that is both UV treated and resistant to fading.
  • The design is sleek and classy. Hence, it can complement the look and appeal of any type of lawn or house
  • It comes in both open and closed models. So the choice is yours which one to buy.

4. Keter Manor

KETER Manor 4x6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit-Perfect to Store Patio Furniture


Some people just think about the purpose and requirements. But some others consider the looks and appeal of all their things. If you belong to the latter category, Keter manor is absolutely for you.

It has all the features that the above sheds have and additional looks for your satisfaction. The Grey and White colour combination add a lot of character to your place. Also, its height is large. Hence, you can store large mowers too. This is a multi-purpose shed. You can store mowers, gardening equipment, tools, and other bike accessories.


  • Keter Manor shed is weather-resistant, water-resistant, and even dust resistant.
  • It will be very low maintenance.
  • It has a wood-like texture with white and grey colours. The design is also very sleek. Hence, it is very stylish and appealing in looks.
  • It is versatile. Hence, you can use it for any storage purpose including bikes, mowers, and other associated equipment.
  • The windows allow good air and light inside the shed and hence, your equipment will be in good condition.

5. Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid - FG374801OLVSS Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed


Portable sheds are the best kind of sheds. You can move it from here to there if there are any unfavourable weather conditions. You can also move it inside. It is also sturdy and sleek plus easily movable.

It looks like a small stand but can hold and support much weight of lawnmowers. Also, this model is available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. So, you can select the one that you most like and that suits your requirements and purpose.


  • Although the size is available in various ranges, the weight of it is kept to the lowest.
  • Double-walled construction to maintain the sturdiness. Hence, it will support and endure any weight of the lawnmower.
  • It is highly durable. It is resistant to water, weather conditions, and moisture. Hence, the lifespan of this model is longer as compared to other models.

6. Bravindew

Bravindew Storage Tent Bike Storage shed


Nothing can beat the simplicity of Bravindew. If you already have a large shed constructed, Bravindew can be a good complement to separate your equipment. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.

You can either choose to store it under a cement shed or use it separately. The call is yours. This is not a metal shed.  It is a simple plastic cover shed. If you are looking for simple and easy installation style sheds for your lawnmower, look nowhere. There is no better option than Bravindew.


  • It can be a great space-saving choice for your house and lawn. If you are not using it, you can just fold it and tuck it into a shelf.
  • Just because the materials used are plastic covers, don’t assume that it is not sturdy. It is super sturdy with resin coats too.
  • It is available in different sizes for different lawnmowers. You can even store bikes in it.
  • It is quick and easy to install. Plus, it is easier to move around

7. Lifetime 6418

Lifetime 6418 Outdoor Storage Shed


Lifetime brand has different sheds in store that fits each of your needs. If you are looking for a medium-sized outdoor shed, this will be the best choice. It is available in different materials like wood, metals, and plastic with polyethene.

With 117 kgs, it can be assembled and disassembled easily with separable parts. Hence, if you want to move it, you can disassemble and move it. Last but not the least, it is more beautiful in look than the other kind of sheds. It is available in many colours. So you can go as per your choice and taste


  • It is available in different colours and sizes.
  • The floor is made with high-density polyethene. Hence, there will be no cracks on the floor
  • It has doors and windows too for air and light to pass through
  • Some even have shelves for additional storage.
  • It is weather-resistant and can easily sustain high climate abuse.

Buyer’s guide

Best Shed for Riding Lawn Mower


If you are not sure which shed is best for your purpose, a buyer’s guide can assist you in making the best decision. There are certain factors that help you qualify the sheds for your purposes.


The size of the shed is the first thing you should consider before buying a shed. Lawnmowers usually differ in size. To accommodate different sizes of mowers there are different sizes of sheds.

Consider the size of your mower and choose a shed that is at least three times larger. This way the shed can both store your mower and still have space left for people to move around and easily move the mower outside and inside.


Materials used in building the shed are extremely important to consider. If your region of residence is susceptible to extreme weather conditions, you better go for metal sheds. If not, plastic, cover, or wooden sheds can do a decent job for you.


If you choose a wooden shed for regions with heavy rainfall then it may not even last 6 months. Hence, location and weather play a significant role in improving and sustaining the durability of your shed.

You can go for plastic, wooden, or metal sheds for regions with moderate climate. But, sheds with resin coats are the best way forward for rainy and windy regions.

Ease of installation

If you want to fix the entire setup in one place, that’s ok. But if you would like to move it around, then heavy and complicated structures may become a headache. Make sure the sheds can be easily moveable and assembled without any help.

Build quality

Ensure that the shed is of high quality, sturdy, and weather-resistant. Go through the materials, additional coats, and structure of the shed before buying it.  Go through the user guide for additional details to ensure that it is durable and of high quality.


Do you want an open shed or a closed one? Do you want it to be beautiful so that it adds character to your lawn? Then you must be careful while choosing the shed. Consider the style of your home and lawn. Have an idea in mind. Do not settle for the first one. Check at least one model in each category. See if that particular model complements your home and lawn look.


Best Shed for Riding Lawn Mower


Which sheds are better: metal or plastic?

It usually depends on your needs and requirements and your location too. If your location has mild weather then plastic sheds can do your work. If the case is otherwise, you will need metal sheds to make your mowers withstand and save them from harsh weather conditions.

Should I use any foundation for sheds?

If your shed is smaller, you may not need any foundation. Otherwise, it is better to install a good foundation to increase the durability of your shed. Even for plastic, wooden, and metallic sheds, a strong foundation is necessary. Sheds may absorb the moisture in the soil and that ultimately impacts the durability, strength, and quality of your shed.

Can I install plastic sheds directly on the ground?

Although plastic sheds don’t easily absorb moisture, it is better to have a foundation installed under the shed to retain the durability of your shed.


There are various factors you should be considering while buying a new shed for your lawnmower. Mere storage is not a trait to qualify it as the best shed. The factors we mentioned above will surely help you choose the right one for all types of houses, needs, and locations.

Even the sheds we have suggested are high-rated on amazon and got good reviews. So, you can easily go as per this guide. However, you should consider a shed that is sturdy and able to cope with all kinds of extreme weather.

Check also:

Goplus Outdoor Storage Cabinet, Wooden Garden Shed with Double Lockable Doors & Lean-to Roof, Vertical Tool Organizer for Backyard Patio Deck Natural
  • 🏡🏡Reasonable Storage Arrangement: This tool shed provides an extra storage space to hide plenty of household items. 3-tier storage shelves make it easy to keep various kinds of garden tools in a neat and orderly way. Additionally, the large compartment on the right side facilitates the placement of long tools, such as mowers, ladders, and more.
  • 🏡🏡Excellent Sturdiness & Durability: Made of high quality fir, the storage shed features good toughness and high strength. Besides, the painted surface has the characteristics of weather-resistant, ensuring long outdoor use. Exquisite craftsmanship plus premium material selection makes sure it can accompany you for many years.
  • 🏡🏡2 Lockable Doors for Safety Use: The outdoor storage cabinet with sliding metal locks can effectively keep all your garden supplies secure. In addition, 2 metal handles and 4 black metal hinges bring a convenience to opening and closing the doors.
  • 🏡🏡Perfect Outdoor Storage Shed: Thanks to the waterproof sloping asphalt roof, the outdoor tool shed avoids water accumulation and is built to withstand the test of time. The natural wooden finish also adds highlight to various indoor and outdoor occasions, which are suitable for backyard, garden, lawn, garage, etc.
  • ✨✨Easy Assembly & Product Information: Simple assembly is required. The storage shed is easy to put all parts together under the guidance of detailed instruction. Moreover, the cabinet will be packed in 2 separate boxes which may arrive on different days.
KETER Patio Store 4.6 x 2.5 Foot Resin Outdoor Storage Shed with Paintable and Drillable Walls for Customization-Perfect for Yard Tools and Pool Toys, Grey
  • DIMENSIONS: Exterior: 54. 9 in. L x 30. 3 in. W x 47. 2 in. H / Interior: 51. 4 in. L x 26 in. W x 45. 3 in. H
  • IDEAL SIZE: Generous storage capacity of 35 cubic feet
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: It's made out of all weather-resistant resin with an appealing wood-like texture - will never fade, rot, rust, or peel
  • DURABLE: Weather-resistant, waterproof and UV protected - will not peel, rot or rust
  • OPTIONAL SHELF BRACKETS: Includes a set of adjustable brackets to support an extra shelf (shelf not included)
Goplus Horizontal Storage Shed Outdoor, Multi-Function Storage Cabinet for Garden Yard Lawn, 6x3FT
  • 【Provide Enough Space For You】This outdoor storage shed with large inner storage space can contain 2 large garbage bins. Besides, it has chains for fixing the lid of the trash can to be easily opened without dirtying your hands.
  • 【Quality Material Fits Outdoor Use】Our garden storage shed is made of steel frame structure with extra metal reinforcement. Whether it's windy or rainy, this house will provide the best protection for your stuff.
  • 【Unique Design for Convenient Use】In addition to the chains for the garbage can lid, this storage shed is equipped with considerate details to make it easy for you to use. Two doors have latches for opening, closing and locking conveniently. Additionally, premium hydraulic pistons make the lid easy to open and close.
  • 【Anti-corrosion and Waterproof Material】This garden shed is built with galvanized steel, which can efficiently prevent corrosion. Besides, it is rust-proof and scratch- resistant. The saddle design of the roof stops water and snow accumulating.
  • 【Assembly Required】This garden storage house needs to be assembled. Please note, you need to choose a level area with good drainage for the storage building. In addition, panels are pre-cut and pre-drilled for fast assembly.
LIFETIME 60005 Outdoor Storage Windows, Skylights and Shelving, 10 x 8 Feet Shed, Putty/Brown
  • Interior Dimensions 114 in. L x 89 in. W x 71 – 95 in. H
  • Customizable Shelving and Storage System
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Trusses Provide Additional Roof Strength
  • Lockable Steel-Reinforced Doors for Added Security
  • Slip-Resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Floor Protects Against Oil, Solvents, and Stains
Keter Stronghold 10x8 Large Resin Outdoor Shed for Patio Furniture, Lawn Mower, and Bike Storage, Taupe
  • Assembled dimension: 120.50 in. W x 96.25 in. D x 98.70 in. H
  • Maximum Storage: 540 cu. ft. storage capacity provides ample space for your tools, lawn mower and all garden accessories
  • Foundation is recommended and required for maximum performance (not included)
  • Easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free
  • Full-length skylight provides ambient light inside the shed
KINYING Outdoor Storage Shed - Horizontal Storage Box Waterproof for Garden, Patios, Backyards, Multi-Opening Door for Easy Storage of Bike, Garbage Cans, Tools, Lawn Mower, Off-White, 26 Cubic Feet
  • ★ MULTI-FUNCTION STORAGE SHED AND SAFETY — The KINYING storage shed has multiple opening directions and the flip cover could supported by a lever to store items quickly and easily. With two latches, it can be fitted with a lock for keep your items safe.
  • ★ TWIN-WALL PANELS FOR ADD STRENGTH — The storage shed adopts double wall panel design, which has stronger wind resistance and impact resistance, won't easy to bend or puncture, can bear higher weight. In short, it is stronger and more durable than most cabinets designed with single-wall panels.
  • ★ PERFECT FOR STORAGE — The storage cabinet could place all kinds of tools, sundries, trash cans etc.Meanwhile, it suitable for all kinds of occasions: indoor, outdoor,balcony, yard, garden, street, etc.
  • ★ EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND DISASSEMBLE — We have updated the instructions to make it even simpler. Also added a video about the installation on the Amazon page. In addition, to enhance its usability, we provide additional accessory kinying laminate shelves for this storage shed, but the shelves are sold separately.
  • ★ PRACTICAL AND STYLISH DESIGN — The kinying storage shed has a roof groove design can effectively realize drainage, and it is worry-free to use all-weather.The European and American style design is very fashionable and beautiful, and the HPPE material will not fade, maintain its original color for a long time.
MUPATER 8' x 6' Outdoor Storage Shed with Double Doors, Garden Metal Shed, Utility Tool Shed Storage for Backyard, Patio and Lawn with Vents, Grey
  • 【PREMIUM THICKENED PANELS】Different from other outdoor storage sheds, we upgraded the panels of this metal storage shed to 0.012'' premium thickened galvanized steel for better wind-resistant than other sheds for outdoor. This shed has reinforced galvanized metal frame which is rust-resistant, and two firm lockable doors which can protect your personal stuff safely.
  • 【VENTILATION AND SLOPED ROOF DESIGN】Four vents could definitely offer you better airflow when using this shed to store tools, bikes and more. The house-like sloped rooftop design would protect all your belongings from rain and snow, and decorate your garden in a traditional way.
  • 【UPGRADED STRUCTURE FOR SIMPLER ASSEMBLY】Assembling a metal storage shed is always a pain for tons of pieces and complicated steps, and we absolutely recognize it! That's why we want to introduce you this shed with upgraded construction for less pieces, clearer steps and even more sturdier!
  • 【CONVENIENT STORAGE】 This garden storage shed is ideal for maximizing storage in smaller spaces. It is just the right size for storing garden tools, bikes, lawn small mowers and more.
  • 【DIMENSIONS】Overall shed size: 6'W x 8'L x 6'H. Inside dimensions: 88.9''L x 70.4''W. The door size of storage shed: 45.7''W x 62.2''H. Note that our products will be divided into two packages, which might not arrive at the same time.
Rubbermaid Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, 7 x 7 ft. , Faint Maple/Onyx/Sandstone, for Garden/Backyard/Home/Pool
  • SUBSTANTIAL STORAGE CAPACITY: Stores large lawn care essentials including riding and push mowers, patio and garden equipment, large trash cans and more
  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: Doors open wide allowing contents to enter and exit without interference
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Tough, double-wall resin construction and an impact-resistant floor are designed for long-term durability.
  • ALL-WEATHER DURABILITY: Shed won’t rust or rot providing weather-resistance all year long, unlike metal or wood sheds.
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE: Made of durable resin that won't rust or rot providing weather-resistance all year long
Keter Artisan 9 x 7 Foot Large Modern Design Outdoor Shed with Floor for Outdoor Furniture, Lawn Equipment, Bikes, and Gardening Tools, Gray/Black
  • Ideal blend of modern design and ruggedness, the clever architecture of the Artisan 9 by 7-foot shed provides the ideal outdoor storage solution for your garden
  • Wood-look plastic walls are durably constructed with steel reinforced roof to ensure increased sturdiness that withstands all weather conditions to avoid rust and rot
  • Double doors feature easy access within, plus they are lockable for added security (lock not included); Storage unit is easy to assemble with common household tools
  • Shed bottom floor panels ensure items within stay nice and dry with a fixed window that lets in natural light easily, and ventilation slots provide maximum airflow
  • Measuring 109.00 inches long, 85.80 inches wide, and 88.90 inches tall in Grey and Black, weighing 374 pounds, this outdoor storage shed is easy to modify and customize
Rubbermaid Large Plastic Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Storage Shed, 5 x 6 Ft., Sandstone, for Garden/Backyard/Home/Pool/Bikes/Lawn Mowers
  • SENSIBLE STORAGE: Preserves essential yard or patio space with smaller footprint.
  • SLIM DESIGN: Safely store gardening supplies such as pots, bags of soil, long handled gardening tools and more.
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Tough, double-wall resin construction and an impact-resistant floor are designed for long-term durability. Shed won’t rust or rot providing weather-resistance all year long, unlike metal or wood sheds
  • APPEALING DESIGN: Metal handle accents provide an aesthetically pleasing design to compliment outdoor décor
  • CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR NEEDS: Organize your interior with smart storage including pegboards, shelving, utility hooks, tool and sports racks and more.

Last update on 2023-09-28 / Affiliate links / Product Titles, Images, Descriptions from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Q: How do you clean a riding lawn mower?

A: Follow the lawn mower manufacturer’s instructions by always using the recommended gasoline and oil types. Turn off the lawn mower and make sure all moving parts have stopped. Clean the entire mower deck with a mild car washing soap and water. Rinse completely and let dry. Make sure the mower is cool prior to washing.

Q: How do you store a riding lawn mower?

A: Be sure the mower is on a flat, level surface. Turn the engine off and make sure it is cool. Remove the red cable, then the black cable from the battery. Do not allow the wrench to come in contact with any metal. Remove the battery from the lawn mower and store it in a warm, dry place.

Q: What is shed shop?

A: The Shed Shop is a full-service shed company that specializes in both traditional storage sheds and studio/office sheds.