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7 Tips And Guidelines For Buying A Half-Timbered House

In a half-timbered house, the main structure is made up of timber that is wood instead of the concrete and steel that most modern homes are made up of. The timbers were joined end to end using wooden pegs. Once the main structure was made, the inner filling was made of clay, cement, concrete etc.

Single logs were cut into two before using them for construction, giving these houses their name. These houses became popular in Germany around the medieval period. The high popularity was primarily due to the easy availability of logs from nearby forests. Thus, these constructions are representatives of the architectural style that was prevalent in the European countries in olden times.

These days people are investing huge sums of money in buying homes that give a traditional feel and offer a classic touch. If one is looking forward to investing in an elegant home, one can click here and get relevant information.

Why Are People Investing In Half-Timbered Houses


Love For Traditional Architecture

Some people are fascinated by old structures and the classic effect that they create. Some love arches and pillars created in Roman style, while other fancy conical buildings have tinted glasses characteristic of the Gothic style. So wooden homes are a worthy buy for many who want to recreate memories of medieval Europe.

Buildings That Natural And Sustainable

Some people love to construct their homes with environmentally sustainable materials. They do not like living in concrete jungles with tons of high-powered artificial lighting and air-conditioners. These people prefer wooden homes since these homes give them a rustic feel.

These houses are well constructed to be able to withstand elements of nature like wind, rain etc. These homes also store heat; that is, the logs retain heat during the day, and the rate of loss of heat is slow. Thus they keep the interiors warmer during cold winter nights when the temperature drops suddenly.

7 Tips And Guidelines One Should Keep In Mind When Buying A Half-Timbered Home


1. Recurrent Reworks

Although the wooden arrangements and construction in these houses are quite sophisticated, the concrete or cement in between might need frequent renovations. Also, if one is planning to buy an old building and refurbish it, they might have to incur high costs.

2. Difficulty Of Finding Expert Architects

Medieval houses required skill and sophistication to be built properly. Today most architects are trained to build tall concrete buildings and towers. Hence if wooden houses built in an old architectural fashion need some rework, it will be tough to find architects and engineers who can handle these projects well.

Thus, before investing in these homes, people should have a contact list for architects who specialize and have experience in this style of architecture.

3. Checking For The Suitability Of The Land

Medieval houses cannot be constructed in any vacant plot. So if a person is buying or constructing these houses, they should first consult the land registry. Usually, steel cages are placed under the ground to balance the weight of modern houses. If the fundamental supporting element is wood, the land should be strong enough for the building to stand firm on it.

4. Checking If The Construction Is Historically Protected

If people are investing in an old house that was built in the medieval era, then that construction might have some historical value. Historical buildings are zealously protected by Governments all over the world.

In some countries, these buildings are owned and maintained by the government agencies themselves. While in some other countries, the building owners might have to adhere to strict guidelines in terms of redeveloping or refurbishing the property.

Hence before making a huge investment, it would be better to look into the historical status and make an informed decision. This will ensure fewer legal hassles and troublesome interactions with government agencies.

5. Protecting The Wood


Most people know that wood can rot quickly and that termite attacks are pretty common. Hence, checking out the quality of the wood is of utmost importance before investing in old houses made of wood. Some old buildings have survived for centuries because they were made up of Oak. Oak has some natural insecticidal properties.

Also, the way the construction was made was sophisticated enough to minimize the chances of developing a rot. However, not all types of wood are resistant to termites or fungus. Hence, some protective coating that does not spoil the overall decor should be applied to prevent termites.

6. Energy Needs

Wood keeps houses warm, yet one has to check if these houses are comfortable enough for present standards of living. Energy efficiency certificates provide an estimate of the energy needs inside a house. These certificates usually give the energy required in Kilo-watt hours per year. Hence they can give an estimate of the energy requirements and cost of a construction project.

7. Resale Value Of The Property

Some people invest in real estate because they would like to sell the property in the long term and gain money out of the appreciation in value. Half-timbered houses might fetch a huge price among lovers of medieval architecture. However, it might be difficult to find such people who have the financial capacity and the time required to maintain the property.

Thus, on the one hand, such investment can reap huge profits, yet finding interested buyers might take up a significant amount of time.



Some people are fascinated by the charm of old building styles, and others look for convenience, cost etc. before they make a significant investment. The availability of bank loans and maintenance costs are of prime consideration for some home buyers.

Thus, before investing in a new house, people should weigh all the pros and cons and make an informed decision. Some people are busy and can give little time to maintain their homes. Such people might prefer going for a modern twenty-first-century house. However, for lovers of art, culture and elegance, a half-timbered house will have a special place in their hearts.