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Top 7 Corn Puns That Will Make Your Day

In these increasingly serious times, humor is a true “medicine” for most of us. Laughing, telling jokes, and being witty is the best way to drive away the negative energy. There are millions of jokes about all kinds of things – and believe it or not, the corn has found its place in them. Although, for many people, something like this will sound too “corny” (got it) – it is still true that these puns make us laugh, and many of them make our day better.

Laughter Helps Us Get Over Difficult Life Situations


The claim that laughter is the best “cure” is known to almost everyone. Even ancient Greek philosophers knew how important humor is in everyday life and social interaction between people. Nevertheless, humor, jokes, and laughter are still the subject of study by numerous psychologists, and sociologists – but also everyday people who deal with this topic. So why is laughter so important in our lives? First of all, laughter is something we are born with! From the first reflex smile that begins to develop in the stomach, to the smile caused by emotions – and, as scientists have proven, it is important for complete health. Humor and its reaction LAUGHTER – help us to more easily overcome an unpleasant or difficult situation, illness, and even injury.

Therefore, the saying that laughter is the best cure for everything did not come about by chance. Nowadays, this old folk expression is increasingly coming to the fore because the fewer people laugh, the more the consequences are seen – so we become aware of the truth of this saying. The same thing is confirmed by some serious medical research.

We Make Jokes About Different Things – Including Corn

They say that jokes can be made at the expense of everything and everyone. Of course, you want to make someone laugh and not offend them – so maybe it’s more advisable to make jokes about something as neutral as, for example, corn. Yes, you heard that right. These puns are so widespread all over the world – that you wouldn’t believe it. And how did we come up with the idea of corn being the main star of our jokes? The answer to this question is quite simple. Corn is something we all use, you can find it in every part of the planet – and ultimately, it is very inspiring to screw around with. At the same time, you won’t offend anyone with your corn joke – and most people experience such puns in the same or similar way.

And Who Would’ve Said Corn Was So Funny?


Of course, the very thought of corn being the star of a joke is funny in itself. Still, you wouldn’t believe how inventive and witty people can be when it comes to these puns. OK, some of you may say that’s too corny – but then you’ll realize that you’ve already made corn pun yourself unintentionally. According to, corn puns indeed entertain us. They have the power to make us laugh and brighten our day. Here are some corn puns that will make you smile and make your day.

1. Some people find corn jokes difficult to digest

OK, this is certainly funny, but in many cases, it is also true. For some people, corn jokes are simply too much to digest. Of course, in a witty way, it is presented how some people experience corn puns – and at the same time, this joke is connected with the fact that many of us do not digest corn very well. However, even those who don’t like corn puns will somehow digest this kind of humor. At least, you can get it out of your system – one grain at a time. LoL

2. I hope you don’t find my popcorn puns too corny

This is an interesting game of words that will brighten the day even for people who don’t like corn puns. Wit is the essence of good humor, and when you cleverly use words – it can be very endearing even to those who are not fans of corn humor.

3. A unicorn is a single, solitary kernel of corn


Another joke is based on an interesting play on words. It very often happens that children, when they are very small, make such a statement that makes us laugh so sincerely. However, if we look a little closer, doesn’t it make sense? Unicorn, as a single grain of corn. It is indeed so interesting and witty.

4. Just plain popcorn? I think you can do butter than that

Admit it – this is really funny. You can already imagine yourself in the cinema with a bag of popcorn and your loved one asking for plain popcorn because she is constantly counting calories. However, if that’s the case, and you pull a prank on her like this – you could end up with an entire bag of popcorn on your lap. LoL

5. What happens if you swallow a whole corn cob? You get co(r)nstipated

Of course, this is probably not so funny for people who suffer from constipation, but still, you can’t imagine what laughter it brings to everyone else. OK, some people have a problem with constipation and still laugh at this joke, so try to be that way. It might even work as a laxative and push you to the limits (you know what we mean). LoL.

6. The baby corn liked his mom, but he preferred his pop corn

This reminds us of Uma Thurman’s famous stupid joke about tomatoes that she told in the movie Pulp fiction. However, you’ll admit that sometimes puns that don’t seem to make any sense can truly make you laugh.

7. Some corn, a carrot, and cucumber all fell into the ocean. Now they are all C foods

A word game that will make you smile and brighten your day. Of course, the catch is that all the listed foods are rich in vitamin C. However, when you say it this way – everything takes on a different connotation and becomes funny.

The Bottom Line

Although sometimes they are corny – corn puns are mostly fun. Love them or not, they will manage to put a smile on your face, and that’s the main goal after all. So, laugh and enjoy the jokes every day – keeping in mind that laughter is healthier for breakfast than cornflakes.