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7 Tips to Keep In Mind When Creating a Digital Presence

If you want to increase your customer base, expand into new markets and make an impact on your audience, you must have quality website content. It is the starting point for a successful business. Regardless of whether you already have clients, you need to keep them and constantly work on your relationship. A good website will attract a loyal audience, inspire users to make decisions that will bring you big profits.

You will also rank better and meet all your business goals. In order to achieve this, you need to be the source of the best information. Think about all the ways you can encourage conversion with customers, what marketing strategies you can implement and what needs of the target audience you need to satisfy. If you don’t know where to start, read our tips.


1. Web hosting


The first thing you have to do is to find the ideal place for your website. For that you need a reliable hosting provider, and you have several options. You can opt for free web hosting, dedicated, VPS and shared hosting etc. The most popular is cloud hosting, but a number of people do not want to think too much and choose free web hosting. It all depends on your goals. For example, free web hosting offers very little storage space, you will be bombarded with advertisements on their website or you will have a problem with data flow. It is a correct choice only in the case of website testing, and if you want to work on complex projects, we recommend another option.

2. Domain selection


Choosing a domain name depends on your requirements. For example, you can choose hosting without a domain, but this is generally not done. The name will allow you to brand your website. In this way, users will be able to find and remember you. Some options are paid while others are free.

3. Site planning


An essential part of any project is planning. Regardless of your industry and company size, web design requires a lot of research and planning. You need a website strategy.

After you have chosen your domain and hosting, you should know a little more about your audience. Actually your task is to identify the target audience, because based on this information you will edit the website. When you know what profile of people you want to bring to your location, their interests and needs, it will be easier to make decisions.

You will adapt the content to them, as well as the keywords. Users probably won’t search for you if you haven’t already created a recognizable brand, which is why keywords are important to your business. It refers to the words that users type in the search engine every day. There are several useful tools you can use for this purpose, but don’t forget about the competition. Check out their marketing strategies.

4. SEO optimization of the website


Today, the basis of every business is the SEO optimization of the website. Regardless of whether your website has been around for a while or you are just planning to create one, you should work hard on its development. The website should be unique, and the content must follow the rules of technical SEO optimization.

Look for a Seattle SEO company that provides technical SEO optimization and understands the nuances of technical SEO and improves website performance and user experience.It is also important to adapt the website to the user’s habits. You must pay attention to the visual presentation of the page. Regardless of whether you will make it yourself or someone will do it for you, it is necessary that you actively participate in the entire process.

In order for the website to always work well, it is necessary to internally link content, have an XML map, URL optimization, etc. After creation, continuous operation and maintenance is important.

5. User experience


The appearance of your website should be attractive, but also functional. This means it should be easy to use. All elements must be accessible and obvious to a person visiting your page for the first time. Otherwise, they will leave very quickly. So think carefully about the design. It must be brand oriented. Imagine that you are a visitor and think about what you want from the website.

They must go through a pleasant experience. That way they will stay loyal to you. Customers won’t be happy if they wait too long or if they can’t read content because of a poorly chosen color scheme. Pay attention to details and remove any distractions that can cause customer frustration. Every satisfied user is your potential client.

6. Mobile version


Research shows that customers spend more time using the Internet on smartphones than on other devices. According to the Instant Famous, the biggest reason for that are social networks. They have become the primary platform for promotion. The average user has at least 15 apps, which is why a mobile friendly version is necessary.

Google mainly uses the mobile version of content for indexing and ranking. It’s an opportunity to raise your website quality score and achieve a better result.

7. Website maintenance


After you have arranged the website and published it, you need to think about its promotion. Our recommendation is SEO optimization. Remember that this is very serious and hard work, and the success of your website depends on it. It’s the same thing with visitor maintenance. It is not enough to create an interesting and functional design and post quality content. Every activity after that is equally important, because website is a living thing.

Otherwise, you cannot maintain good search positions. SEO experts will regularly check keyword research to know what’s happening in your industry. Don’t forget that the market is changing and you always have to find new opportunities. Technical SEO affects the quality of the website, and your website must be reliable and secure.


The biggest mistake you can make is to stop working on website optimization. An equally big mistake is unprofessional access to the website. Although you think you know your business and offers best, you have ideas and plans, the CEO team will realize it better than you. Without quality content, your posts will go unnoticed.

So, find professionals who will know how to integrate content into a complex strategy and achieve your business goals. In this way, you will significantly increase the visibility and conversions of your website. Successful business promotion with high-quality content will allow you to always be ahead of the competition.