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Gun Grease Vs Gun Oil

Gun Grease Vs Gun Oil – Which is Better? – 2023 Guide

When it comes to lubrication, gun owners have two choices to choose from – gun grease vs gun oil. While both the products have the same purpose, they are quite different in nature and have characteristic benefits of their own.

Many gun owners get confused between them and don’t know which is the better choice for their guns. In this article, we will help gun owners get rid of that confusion by stating the differences between gun grease and gun oil, what factors they both have and which one is a better choice for you.


Importance of gun lubrication.

Top Gun Grease
ARCS Self Defense OWL SHT Tactical Gun Butter | Military Grade USA Gun Grease Used by Navy Seals and Law Enforcement (1 Jar (2oz))
Top Gun Oil
Gunfighter Gun Oil, Keep it Wet Special Lube Combo (2oz Bottle of Lube, 4oz Bottle of Lube, 2oz Needle Top Applicator)
ARCS Self Defense OWL SHT Tactical Gun Butter | Military Grade USA Gun Grease Used by Navy Seals and Law Enforcement (1 Jar (2oz))
Gunfighter Gun Oil, Keep it Wet Special Lube Combo (2oz Bottle of Lube, 4oz Bottle of Lube, 2oz Needle Top Applicator)
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Top Gun Grease
ARCS Self Defense OWL SHT Tactical Gun Butter | Military Grade USA Gun Grease Used by Navy Seals and Law Enforcement (1 Jar (2oz))
ARCS Self Defense OWL SHT Tactical Gun Butter | Military Grade USA Gun Grease Used by Navy Seals and Law Enforcement (1 Jar (2oz))
Top Gun Oil
Gunfighter Gun Oil, Keep it Wet Special Lube Combo (2oz Bottle of Lube, 4oz Bottle of Lube, 2oz Needle Top Applicator)
Gunfighter Gun Oil, Keep it Wet Special Lube Combo (2oz Bottle of Lube, 4oz Bottle of Lube, 2oz Needle Top Applicator)
Amazon Prime

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Before we start with how you can decide which is better for you, between gun grease and gun oil, it is essential that you understand why gun lubrication is so crucial and beneficial for your guns. There is a reason why many gun owners prioritize gun maintenance so high on their lists and why cleaning your firearms can ultimately lead to a greater lifetime for them.

Every time you use a gun and shoot a bullet using it, the ammunition leaves some residue behind that consists of copper, gunpowder and other dangerous metals. Over time, this residue can build up quite large in size until it starts affecting how your game works. Worst case scenario? Your gun can blow up.

While this happens very rarely since most gun owners are aware of gun maintenance and companies also take care of the fact while manufacturing guns, it is still an essential factor to consider when you own and use a firearm. A simple way to avoid this dangerous outcome and get rid of the hazardous residue inside your gun is by cleaning it with a lubrication product such as gun grease or gun oil.

Lubricating a gun also makes it more reliable in general. When you keep maintaining a gun regularly from time to time, which lubrication is an integral part of, you are inadvertently making the weapon safer and safer to use and retaining the original condition it was produced in. This ensures the gun fires like it is supposed to and doesn’t misfire or lead to a shooting incident.

Remember the material buildup we talked about? That same buildup can be the number one reason your gun has terrible accuracy, which can cause you to miss most of your shots. This is especially detrimental when you are out hunting and can’t afford to miss a single shot from your gun.

When you lubricate and maintain your gun, you also increase the gun’s lifetime, which means that even a regular and straightforward application of gun grease or gun oil can increase the lifetime of your firearms by a few years.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Gun Grease And Gun Oil.

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When it comes to choosing between gun grease and gun oil, there are several factors that you need to understand which determine what’s the better product for you. Let’s see what these aspects are and how they can influence the overall quality of your product.

Environmental conditions.

The environmental condition where you will use your gun and weaponry plays a vital role in deciding what you should get when choosing between gun grease and gun oil. This is because gun grease is explicitly much better for harsher environments such as a particularly freezing tundra or a dry desert. After all, it provides a thicker layer because of its viscosity, giving your weapons additional protection.

On the other hand, gun oil is much better for those who don’t plan to use their gun in such harsh conditions and want something to help them maintain their weapons in proper conditions. It can be used in all types of environments and conditions. Many people who live in suburban and urban environments and live in controlled environmental conditions prefer using gun oil much more than using gun grease.

Parts usage.

Before you get either gun grease or some gun oil for your weapon, it is crucial that you decide which part you need it for the most. While both can be used for all gun parts and guns, they are especially beneficial in individual parts where their material can offer the most lubricating utility.

To be more precise, gun grease is known to be particularly beneficial for maintaining critical contact as well as smooth wear on semi-auto pistol rails and triggers. On the other hand, gun oil is considered to be an overall better option for lubricating and maintaining all types of gun parts in most pistols, shotguns and rifle guns.


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Like all commodities in life, cost plays an important factor for many people when deciding what they should buy between gun grease and gun oil. While most gun grease and gun oil products come at similar prices in the market, you can see an apparent price disparity between them when you start moving up the ladder to the top quality products in both types.

Top gun grease products are usually much cheaper than gun oil because the grease alone doesn’t come with its own application equipment that you need while applying grease on your guns. On the other hand, top gun oil products are more expensive than gun grease, but they usually come with a complete set of needle applicators and special lube that helps the lubrication process.

When considering the price difference between the cost of gun grease and gun oil, you also need to consider the price of your gun grease applicator, which comes at quite a high price.

Gun usage.

While it’s not that major a factor as the other aspects on this list, the usage of your gun is still quite important when determining which is the better choice for you between gun grease and gun oil. After all, if you get the wrong product between them and your gun usage is not what the product is designed for, you can experience severe malfunction and performance issues that can ruin your entire shooting experience.

Gun grease, for example, is specially designed for high-pressure action. So if you are planning on using a high-action gun such as an assault rifle or a hunting rifle for shooting and hunting, it is strongly recommended that you keep a pack of gun grease with you at all times. On the other hand, if you are only a casual shooter and don’t plan on using heavy-action guns and stick to lighter guns such as submachines and pistols, then gun oil might be the perfect option for you.

Product ingredients.

There is not much comparison in this factor as the difference of ingredients between gun grease and gun oil is very minimal because they are often made from similar ingredients. Gun greases and gun oils can be made from entirely natural or synthetic substances, and the latter is often the better choice because of its effectiveness and quality.

However, one thing you need to make sure of with gun greases is to never go with petroleum-based alternatives. Petroleum-based gun greases are one of the worst types of gun greases out there. Another vital point to keep in mind while buying both gun grease and gun oil is always opting for a well-known and reliable company even if it costs you a little bit more. Opting for unknown companies with cheap gun grease and gun oils can only cause you to get defective lubrication products that end up jamming your gun instead of lubricating it.

2 Top Gun Grease And Gun Oil – A Detailed Comparison.

To provide you with a more detailed comparison between the top gun grease and gun oil products, we will be going over the detailed comparison between two of Amazon’s top gun grease and gun oil. Check out our detailed review below to understand how much value you can get from either of them for your lubrication needs.

1. OWL SHT Gun Grease – Top Gun Grease

OWL SHT Gun Grease


OWL SHT is one of the most famous and widely known companies in the military and gun lubrication industry. Their OWL SHT Gun Grease is known to be one of the best gun greases out there and is even sold to law enforcement and Navy Seals because of its military-grade oil grease quality.

Considering that their gun grease is used in the military, you can only imagine that the quality they offer with their products is top-notch and isn’t compromised anywhere. The grease is designed to decrease the friction between your gun parts, protect them from rust & corrosion and eliminate all types of gun malfunctions. The best thing about the grease is that it works on all guns, even in extreme conditions, and there is even a money-back guarantee involved if you don’t like the product.


  • Specially designed to repel carbon molecules.
  • Reduces all wear and tear between your gun parts.
  • It can be used in extreme environmental conditions.
  • It makes the gun run more smoothly without malfunctions.
  • The gun grease works on all types of guns out there.
  • Thicker and higher viscosity which is suitable for high-pressure gun movement.
  • Excellent corrosion prevention from moisture and other extreme conditions.
  • Its thick coat acts as a buffer for harsh environments.
  • Much cheaper and accessible than gun oil.
  • It’s incredibly arduous to apply the grease to every nook and corner of the gun.
  • It can sometimes freeze in colder environments which can render the gun useless.
  • It can’t be applied evenly to every part of the gun because of its thickness.
  • Requires a special applicator if you want to apply the grease properly.


2. Gunfighter Gun Oil – Top Gun Oil

Gunfighter Gun Oil


Gunfighter is one of the top brands for manufacturing and distributing gun maintenance products, and their gun oil is no exception to this rule. It is considered to be one of the top gun oils in the market because of its highly viable utility and ease of use. The gun oil is specially designed for gun owners and professionals in mind to facilitate their gun maintenance procedures.

The gun oil is completely non-toxic and is safe to use for everyone who owns a gun which is why you needn’t worry about ensuring extra safety precautions when cleaning your firearms. The oil offers excellent corrosion resistance to your weapons and allows them to prevent all types of oxidation in any form. You don’t need to worry about the gun oil wearing off because it is adhesive in nature and doesn’t become tacky even after prolonged use.


  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous.
  • Provides excellent resistance from corrosion and oxidation to guns.
  • It contains adhesive substances that don’t become tacky.
  • Can work at extreme amounts of temperatures.
  • The lubrication features do not change even after prolonged use.
  • Less viscosity allows for less buildup when cleaning the guns.
  • Much easier to apply than gun grease.
  • Has anti-corrosion properties.
  • Goes into the deeper parts of a firearm without any significant problem.
  • Corrosion oil can be easily over-applied.
  • Gun oil attracts dust and other dirt particles, which can make your guns dusty inside.
  • If not cleaned properly, the oil can thicken and break down, which can jam your gun.
  • Gun oil is much more expensive than standard gun grease.



There are several differences between gun grease vs gun oil. It is crucial that you understand these differences and make the best economic decision for yourself when choosing between them. We aimed to make this article do precisely that, and we hope we were successful in doing so.


Can gun grease and gun oil prevent rust?

Yes, gun grease and gun oil are specially designed to prevent all kinds of rust from occurring in a gun’s internal parts.

Is it better to oil your gun?

It honestly depends on your personal preference and what conditions you are living in. Many people find gun oil to be much more accessible and easy to use.

Is it possible to use soap and water for cleaning a gun?

Yes, and that’s actually the preferred cleaning method for most black powder guns. However, that doesn’t mean you should skimp out on lubrication.

Check out some other picks from Amazon also:

MIL-COMM TW25B Gun Grease Lubricant 1.5-Ounce Tube
  • USED BY U.S. SPECIAL FORCES WORLDWIDE: TW25B is uniquely engineered, made in America and is used by U.S. Special Forces.
  • SUPER LUBRICATION and PROTECTION: Preferred lubricant on heavy weaponry, AR's, all firearms, shotguns and handguns while protecting wear parts and bore.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR PERFORMANCE and REDUCED MAINTENANCE: Ensures firing reliability in extreme temperature conditions ( -90°F (-67°C) to +450°F (232°C) and is the most durable extreme performance lubricant available.
  • LOWEST COST GUN LUBE PER APPLICATION: Our product is the longest lasting gun lubricant on the market. Live-fire trials and laboratory testing have shown TW25B enables firing of 6 to 10 times more rounds between cleanings while using a fraction of our lubricant when compared to other products.
  • USED: With complete safety worldwide since 1987
Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Grease, 1-3/4 oz. Tube
  • Specifically compounded for protecting idle firearms
  • Perfect for storage
  • 1.75 oz tube
  • Displaces metal "sweat" when applied to bore and exterior
  • Includes one 1-3/4 oz. tube
Lucas Extreme Duty 1oz Gun Oil Needle Oiler 10875 & 1oz Grease Tube 10889 Kit
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 1oz products
  • Protects metal parts from rust, wear and moisture during extreme conditions
  • Provides maximum heat resistance
THINKWORK 8000PSI Grease Gun, Pistol Grip Grease Guns with 14 oz Load, 18 Inch Strong Spring Flex Hose, 2 Working Coupler, 3 Extension Rigid Pipe & 1 Sharp Type Nozzle, for car, Ship (6 Accessories)
  • 8000PSI GREASE GUN - Pistol Grip Grease Gun with the highest quality technology for maximum pressure of 8000PSI and beyond, with 2 standard fittings, 1 tip fitting and 3 extension tubes.
  • GREAT SEALING - O-ring seal is designed with a high-pressure piston to prevent grease from overflowing and keep the pressure in the metal tank stable. The press-type outlet valve design avoids the trouble caused by using a wrench to deflate.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE - Handle of the grease gun adopts ergonomic design (comfortable grip). The protective cover attached to the bottle body can both buffer the pressure and prevent slipping during use.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS - Grease guns are widely used in automobiles, ships, industrial machinery and agricultural equipment.
  • THINKWORK GUARANTEE SERVICE - We provide satisfactory and reliable customer service. If you have any problems with this grease gun, please contact customer service in time, and you will get a satisfactory result.
Gun Oil Silicone Based Lubricant 8 Ounce Personal Long-Lasting Sex Lube Condom & Latex-Safe Hypoallergenic Unscented No Residue Non Sticky Intimate Lubrication Works Underwater Couples, Men and Women
  • GUN OIL Silicone has always been paraben-free making it an ultra-safe lubricant for ingredient conscious adults.
  • Ultra-slick and never sticky making it a perfect choice for extended intercourse and play sessions with non-silicone toys.
  • Infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for added comfort.
  • Colorless, unscented, and non-staining making it 100% safe-for-contact with your highest thread-count sheets and your most cherished bedroom attire. Simply launder as recommended for perfect results every time.
  • GUN OIL Silicone has been carefully designed for optimal customer wellness
Hoppe's Oil Combo Pack - No. 9 Precision Bundled with 2-1/4 oz Refill 2oz No 9 Cleaning Solvent
  • 2 OZ HOPPES NO 9 CLEANER SOLUTION - Ultra Effective and potent solvent for removing primer, powder, lead and metal fouling for preventing rust. Quick, super-efficient, safe and easy to use. Flows freely and penetrates rapidly.
  • 2 OZ HOPPES NO 9 LUBRICATING OIL - High viscosity oil refined to perfection for use in firearms, fishing reels and other precision mechanisms. Does not harden, gum or become rancid. Gives extra-long service.
  • 14.9 ML PRECISION LUBRICATOR - A full bottle of the 14.9 ml Needle Point Hoppe's No. 9 oil lubricant. High-viscosity oil refined to perfection. Extra-long lasting; Does not harden, gum or expire
  • WeEnergise 2” SQUARE 40 COUNT PATCHES- High thread count with tightly woven material along with double napped on both sides creates a superior cleaning patch that have become known worldwide for their unparalleled cleaning ability. Often imitated, never duplicated! Fits .38-.45 Caliber/.20-410 Gauge (Warning: They are all Cotton - threads may come off causing to leave more residue)
  • LIFE TIME WARRANTY - Love them or we will buy them from you, no question asked
Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil, Aerosol spray, 6 oz
  • Country of origin: United States
  • The package height of the product is 6.75 inches
  • The package length of the product is 2.25 inches
  • The package width of the product is 2.25 inches
  • 6 ounce Aerosol Can
Break Free CLP Cleaner Lubricant and Preservative Gun Cleaner, Aerosol Can, Synthetic Oil, 12 Ounces
  • More than a superior lubricant, Break Free CLP actually cleans firing residue and other contaminants from the bore, moving parts and exterior of firearms while simultaneously reducing friction and protecting from corrosion
  • Reduces metal-to-metal wear by protecting treated surfaces with an advanced boundary film
  • Reach all areas using the aerosol spray to protect metals with the special rust inhibitors in this all in one gun cleaner and lubricant
  • Originally developed for the Military and proven in the world’s most extreme conditions
  • Performs in temperatures ranging from -65 F to +475 F, and after saltwater immersion

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Q: Should use gun oil or grease?

A: Gun oils/lubricants tend to be less viscous, while grease has a generally more gooey and gelatinous texture. The upside of grease is its resistance to extreme conditions; but nowadays, most people stick with gun oils for their average needs.

Q: Can you clean a gun with gun oil?

A: As this is a multi-purpose gun oil, you can use it to clean as well as lubricate your gun. If your gun has any rust or powder residue in it, you can spray it with this oil once, let it sit for a while, and then simply wipe it off for a clean gun.

Q: How do you change Grease in a grease gun?

A: Hold the grease cartridge tube over the open top of the plastic bag and remove the seal from the other end of the new grease cartridge. Carefully allow the cartridge to slide fully into the cartridge tube. … Thread the grease tube onto the main body of the grease gun, turning it clockwise and tighten it completely.

Q: What is Grease Gun do you use?

A: A grease gun is used in most auto garages for lubrication. It applies lubricant on grease fittings through an opening to a specific point. This point applies the lubricant only where it is needed. Grease guns come in various types including hand-powered, air-powered and hand-powered with no trigger mechanism.