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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Visiting Turkey

If you’re looking for an amazing Middle-Eastern vacation destination, you’re going to want to visit Turkey. Turkey is a country filled with ancient historical landmarks, lively bazaars stocked with handmade items and delicious local cuisine, and gorgeous coastal views. However, if you’ve never visited Turkey before, you might be wondering how you can make the most of your time there. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’t in order to help you plan the perfect trip to Turkey.


Do: Find Luggage Storage Ahead of Time


When you’re traveling to a foreign country, it can be incredibly stressful to find a place to store your bags. Often, your flight might arrive hours before your hotel is ready for you to check in, leaving you with the decision to either wait around and miss out on sightseeing time, or lug your bags with you and exhaust yourself. Instead, it’s a great idea to secure luggage storage before you arrive in Turkey. Luckily, there are luggage storage companies that partner with local businesses in order to use their additional storage areas as a place for travelers to store their bags.

In Turkey, there are plenty of different luggage storage locations throughout major cities like Istanbul. Luggage storage in Istanbul is in plentiful supply near the airport as well as other popular tourist attractions. Many of these luggage storage spots are located in retail and convenience stores, and can be reserved online ahead of time for a low fee of approximately five euro per bag per day. By reserving luggage storage in Istanbul before you travel, you can easily drop off your bags, and start exploring one of Turkey’s most exciting cities as soon as you arrive.

Don’t: Engage in Excessive PDA

Turkey is a more conservative country, and public displays of affection are far more restricted there than in other countries. It’s a good idea to avoid engaging in excessive kissing or cuddling in public when in Turkey, as it might garner negative attention from locals. In order to be respectful of local customs, save your outward expressions of affection for when you’re alone in your hotel room.

Do: Enjoy the Local Cuisine


Turkey is a country that’s ripe with delicious local cuisine, and you’re definitely going to want to make time to enjoy it! Start your day of sightseeing off right by sitting down to a traditional Turkish breakfast spread complete with cheese, olives, bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sausage. If you’re on the move to your next must-see attraction and in need of a snack, stop for a simit, a form of Turkish bagel that’s a favorite street food among locals. For dinner, try some pide, a form of Turkish pizza, or a few perfectly spiced lamb kebabs. Whatever flavors you’re craving, you’re sure to enjoy an array of fantastic foods while visiting Turkey.

Don’t: Wear Too Revealing Clothing

Another hallmark of Turkey’s more conservative culture is that revealing clothing is typically frowned upon. Instead of tight and low-cut outfits, opt for flowing, baggy clothing. For tops, be sure to cover your shoulders when you’re headed out sightseeing. If you’re a woman, you’ll also want to have a headscarf on hand in case you happen to tour any of Turkey’s famous mosques.

Do: Take a Luxurious Turkish Bath

Turkey is known for its luxurious, spa-like bathing sites, known as hammams. Hammams were initially created when cities in Turkey lacked access to running water, but are now popular tourist attractions throughout the country. A Turkish bath typically consists of a body scrub followed by a body massage performed by a hammam attendant. From there, you’ll be able to soak in the hammam’s steam bath. Many hammams feature water brought in from local hot springs. Many find having a Turkish bath to be an incredibly relaxing experience to enjoy during their vacation time in Turkey.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Haggle


While visiting Turkey, it’s likely that you’ll visit a local bazaar to partake in some of the country’s handmade goods and foods. It’s common practice for Turkish bazaar shop owners to haggle with customers over the price of their goods. Haggling can seem quite foreign to travelers from international countries where goods are bought at the price that they’re offered for. Be sure to do your research on the current conversion rate from your country’s currency to the Turkish lira so you’re aware of how much you’re haggling for.

In Conclusion

When planning a visit to Turkey, it’s important to do your research into local customs so you can thoroughly enjoy your time there. By considering the do’s and don’ts of visiting Turkey mentioned above, you’ll ensure that your trip to this fabulous country goes off without a hitch. What are you most excited to do and see when you visit Turkey?