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The Best Et201 Oscilloscope-Multimeter of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

After hours researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out the Best Et201 Oscilloscope-Multimeter of 2022. Check our ranking below.

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Rank No. #1
ET201 Handheld Storage Oscilloscope Multimeter 2in1 Most Intelligent Multimeter
  • ET201 emphasis on functional combination for field testing process,not to replace the meter.
  • It reflects the high-tech, using a dedicated chip has,as the wave function, you can view the waveform signal 10KHz within.
  • As a large number of measuring instruments waveform,you will find ET201 is the most affordable one, spend the price of a multimeter,you can have a table can be seen, as the wave of the waveform, value for money!
  • 200ksps speed A/D sampling with double integral A/D combination,depending on the wave function of a key conversion.
  • Features include DC/AC voltag /current, resistance, capacitance,frequency, diode / continuity test.Display hold, storage / readout up to 10 waveforms and 100 sets of measurement values.
Rank No. #2
FNIRSI 2C23T 3 in 1 Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter DDS Generator, 2 Channels, 10MHz Bandwidth, 50MSa/s Sampling Rate, 10000 Counts, Voltage, Current, Capacitor, Resistor, Diode Test
  • 【Oscilloscope Mode】2 channel handheld oscilloscope, 10MHz bandwidth, real-time sampling rate 50MSa/s, record depth 32kb, maximum measurement voltage ±400V, automatic measurement function, trigger function auto/normal/single, 200mv/div-10v/div vertical sensitivity, support waveform image storage and export.
  • 【Multimeter Mode】4-digit 10000 Counts. AC Voltage: 0-750V, DC Voltage: 0-999.9V, DC/AC Current: 0-9.999A, Resistance: 0-99.99MΩ, Capacitance: 0-99.99mF, Temperature: -55°C-1300°C/-67~2372℉, Diode, Continuity Measurement. An ideal multi-function meter for professionals, factories, schools, hobbyists or home use.
  • 【Signal Generator】The maximum waveform output frequency can reach 2MHz and a step of 1Hz, and can output seven waveforms including sine, square, triangle, full, half, noise, and DC.
  • 【Excellent Design】The Oscilloscope adopts FPGA+MCU+ADC hardware architecture, built-in high-voltage protection module, adopts 2.8-inch 320*240 resolution HD LCD display, built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, standby time up to 6H, Type-C interface supports 5V/1A power adapter charging.
  • 【Save function】one-click save, screening function. You can upload the saved image by connecting to PC via Type-C. You can easily compare the waveforms by displaying the reference waveform and the measured waveform on the same screen.
Rank No. #3
ZOTEK ZT-702S 2 in 1 Handheld Digital Automotive Oscilloscope Multimeter, Diode Tester,multimeter auto rangin48MSa/s High Sampling Rate,Amp Ohm Volt Meter Tester、Voltage/Current Test
  • 2.8-inch IPS full-view color screen oscilloscope multimeter:Trigger Function Auto/Nomal/Single, ±400V input, automatic measurement scan, 200mv/div-10v/div vertical sensitivity,8/50ns/div-20S/div horizontal scan range, 20ppm time base Accuracy digital oscilloscope
  • Dual mode design of oscilloscope and multimeter: one-button switch mode 、automatic obtain waveform, time base calibration, data storage, data export, language selection, shutdown time setting, backlight adjustable, data transmission port, 3V-1kHZ square wave output, memory and other functions, easy to operate, Improve work efficiency. digital oscilloscope multimeter widely used in automotive, industrial equipment, sensors, heavy electrical equipment, finishing and low voltage systems.
  • Multimeter Tester Mode: 9999 counts; AC voltage: 0-750V; DC voltage: 0-999.9V; DC/AC current: 0-9.999A; resistance: 0-99.99MΩ; capacitance: 0-9.999mF ; Frequency: 0-99.99kHZ; Temperature: -20°C-1000°C, diode, continuity measurement. It is suitable for voltage tester instrument of household, school, shopping mall, and laboratory circuit system, and can also be used for digital multimeter of socket, switch, lamp and low-voltage circuit.
  • Safety overload protection:conforms to CTA III 1000V, CTA II 600V safety level, meets CE certification requirements, A/D high sampling conversion, 200mA-10A double ceramic fuse, ABS+TPE double injection molding process, strong Durable.
  • A multi-purpose Automotive oscilloscope multimeter equipped with a 1X2000mAh power supply and USB charging cable. The charging and data transmission channels share a TP-C interface, which can also be used during charging. Equipped with a 4V/1KHz square wave signal generator, product size: 6.97-3.51-1.57In.
Rank No. #4
Oscilloscope Multimeter, 2-in-1 Intelligent Digital Scope Meter Multimeter, Professional LED Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter with 200ksps A/D Automatic Waveform Capture Function
  • Storing 100 sets of data and 10 waveforms independently. Capable of holding waveform and data during measurement, easy to view and analyze. Displaying historical data and real-time measurement on the same screen with particular record reading mode for easy comparison.
  • Digital multimeter with 200K high-speed A/D sampling, 4000 counts auto-range, one-button switch of graphical waveform display during measurement. High reliability with panel calibration technology and memory calibration, sparing the need for adjustment with potentiometer.
  • Analog broadband range up to: D AC ~ 10kHz, Display hold, storage / readout up to 5 waveforms and 100 sets of measurement values. 128X64 high contrast LCD with LED backlighting. Suitable for working at night. DETECTION ALSO Protect safety.convenient for small capacitors to measure quickly.
  • DC voltage 0 ~ 1000V, AC voltage 0 ~ 750V, DC/AC Current 0 ~ 20A, Resistance 0 ~ 20MΩ, Capacitance 0 ~ 20μf, Frequency 0 ~ 200KHZ, Diode / Continuity Test, Remote control test。 AC voltage bandwidth up to 20KHz. Innovative design for the one-key silent mode, quiet in mastery. Extending battery life with automatic shutdown function.
  • Built-in 500V/20A explosion proof fuse, 20A AC and DC test. 0mf gear position: high capacitance and high accuracy are guaranteed. Realizing one-button automatic waveform capture, operator-friendly to learn and operate. Effectively eliminating lead resistance, distributed capacitance or interference signals with relative value measurement (clearing).
Rank No. #5
2 in 1 Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter, 10MHz Bandwidth 48MSa/s High Sampling Professional Oscilloscope, 9999 Counts Digital Multimeter, Auto-Calibration Function, DC/AC Voltage/Current Test
  • DUAL MODE OF OSCILLOSCOPE AND MULTIMETER - Dedicated chips, automatic waveform capture function, time base calibration, data storage, data export, easy operation. Digital multimeter which can be used to measure AC/DC voltage/current, resistance, diode, capacitance, on-off test.
  • FASTER SAMPLING SPEED - 10MHZ bandwidth 48MSa/s high-speed data collecting, high sampling rate and high bandwidth coupled with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, experience superior durability and work outdoors without fear.
  • 2.8-INCH IPS FULL-VIEW COLOR SCREEN - High-definition display, accurate and clear data, support customize brightness adjustment and shutdown time Settings, freedom to control your device.
  • SAFETY OVERLOAD PROTECTION - Conforms to CTA III 1000V, CTA II 600V safety level, meets CE certification requirements, A/D high sampling conversion, 200mA-10A double ceramic fuse, ABS+TPE double injection molding process, strong Durable.
  • RICH CONFIGURATION - Package Includes: 1 x Oscilloscope Multimeter, 1 x Oscilloscope Probe, 1 x Thermocouple, 2 x Test Leads, 1 x USB-C Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Portable Bag, Abundant accessories allow you to deal with all scenarios.
Rank No. #6
BSHAPPLUS 2 in 1 Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter, New Update Professional LED Oscilloscope Multimeter with 2.5 Msps High Sampling, Automatic Waveform Capture Function,DC/AC Voltage/Current Test
  • FASTER SAMPLING SPEED - 2.5Msps high-speed A/D data collecting, high sampling rate and high bandwidth, one-key transform to waveform function furing measuring.3 waveform scanning modes: automatic/conventional/single. Improve work efficiency. You will receive ET828 or LM2020, they are same product, have same function, LM2020 is our updated name.
  • MORE POWERFUL DETECTION RANGE -DC voltage 0 ~ 1000V, AC voltage 0 ~ 750V, DC/AC Current 0 ~ 10A, Resistance 0 ~ 40MΩ, Capacitance 0 ~ 100μf, Frequency 0 ~ 5MHZ, Diode / Continuity open circuit voltage 1.5V, judgement resistance 50Ω. Transistor amplification test to meet all test requirements.
  • MORE ACCURACY -Dedicated Chip, the automatic waveform capture function, easy operation. The software calibration technology, memory calibration coefficients. Measure more accurately. To enable Quiet Mode (disable keypress beeps), press and hold the "F4" button and then rotate the rotary knob to turn on the instrument.
  • LED BACKLIGHT & STORAGE / READOUT - Analog broadband range up to: D AC ~ 1MHz, Display hold, storage / readout up to 10 waveforms and 100 sets of measurement values. 240X320 color screen with LED backlighting. More clear and suitable for working at night.
  • OVERLOAD PROTECTION & MULTI-PURPOSE - Built-in 500mA/10A double protective tube, dual protection of the instrument. Can choose to automatically shutdown or continuous operation, applicable to the workplace such as family, school, and factory. DISTORTION DETECTION ALSO Protect safety.
Rank No. #7
Hantek TO1112D Touch Screen Tablet Oscilloscope, 2 Channel Handheld Digital Oscilloscope with Signal Generator and Multimeter, 110MHz
  • SERVICEABLE - This tablet oscilloscope is thin, light, anti-fall, earthquake-resistant, durable and easy to carry. Unique suspension design, hands-free, more convenient to use for you.
  • POWERFUL - Standard configuration of 2 channel digital oscilloscope, maximum bandwidth of 110 MHz, maximum sampling rate of 250MSa/S, 8M large storage. A variety of arbitrary waveforms are built into the signal generator.
  • USER FRIENDLY - Multi-touch large screen, resolution as high as 800 * 480. The 2 channel tablet oscilloscope is Friendly and easy-to-use UI, good interactive experience, and one-button waveform storage, which is convenient and fast.
  • QUICK CHARGE - Built-in ultra-large capacity battery, long battery life, fast charging and abundant power. The standard 18W charger supports type-C fast charging, and can also share a charging device with the mobile phone.
  • WIDELY APPLICATON - It integrates oscilloscope, multimeter, signal generator and FFT analysis function, provides high-precision multimeter, and has the functions of data recording, storage, trend chart, statistical analysis and so on.
Rank No. #8
ZNZHNSI 702S 2 in 1 Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter, Single Channel 10MHZ Bandwidth,10MHz Bandwidth 48MSa/s High Sampling Professional Oscilloscope, 9999 Counts Digital Multimeter, amp ohm Volt Meter
  • 2-in-1: The ZNZHNSI 702s is a single-channel handheld device with both oscilloscope and multimeter functions, featuring a 2.8" IPS display, 10 Mhz bandwidth, 48 MSa/s fast real-time sampling rate, ±400 V input capability, 64Kb recording depth, and dual-mode switching between oscilloscope and multimeter. Easy to use and improve work efficiency.
  • Multimeter Test Mode: 9999 Count; AC Voltage: 0-750 V; DC Voltage: 0-999.9 V; DC/AC Current: 0-9.999 A; Resistance: 0-99.99 MΩ; Capacitance: Frequency: 0-99.99 kHZ; Temperature: -20°C - 1000°C; Diode, Continuity Measurement. Continuity Measurement. Versatile measuring instrument ideal for professionals, factories, schools, hobbyists and families.
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN: Double injection-molded ABS and TPE reinforced construction for excellent impact resistance and long-lasting durability; 320*240 resolution; large font design for easy reading of data; adjustable brightness for a variety of measurements in complex environments.
  • Multi-functional: Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, standby time up to 5H, charging and data transmission channels share a TP-C interface, can also be used when charging. Equipped with a 4V/1KHz square wave signal generator. Three trigger modes: automatic, normal (continuous) and single. Intelligent anti-burnout, automatic measurement manual measurement can be switched, automatic shutdown, Chinese and English language adjustable, low battery warm-up, support PC transmission.
  • Waveform Storage and Viewing: The oscilloscope automatically stores the currently measured waveform data in the form of running programs and images in the memory; connect the oscilloscope to the computer via a TYPE-C cable, click on the USB flash drive and open the image folder, and then you can access or download the waveforms to a safer location on the computer for easy backup and analysis.
Rank No. #9
2 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter, Scope Meter with 2.5 Msps High Sampling, 2.4 Inch Color Screen, Automatic Waveform Capture Function, DC/AC Voltage/Current Frequency Resistance Diode Test
  • More Accuracy & Efficient: Dedicated chip, high speeds sampling rate and high bandwidth, automatic waveform capture function, one-key transform to waveform function furing measuring, software calibration technology,memory calibration coefficients, to improve your work efficiency.
  • With Multimeter Function: This 2 in 1 oscilloscope multimeter is suitable for diagnosing automotive, industrial and household electrical problems. This electrical tester is auto-ranging and 4000 counts, can accurately measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, AC/DC current, capacitance, frequency, diodes, continuity.
  • One-button oscilloscope: no need oscilloscope probe, measuring waveform directly. Fast and accurate measurement, clear waveform display. 3 waveform scanning modes: automatic/conventional/single. Mass storage, 100 data/10 waveforms.
  • Support Multi Waveform Parameters: When measuring waveforms, you can set parameters independently, such as: time base, amplitude, waveform scanning mode, etc.
  • LED Backlight & Storage / Readout -Analog broadband range up to: DC/AC ~ 1MHz, Display hold, storage / readout up to 10 waveforms and 100 sets of measurement values. 240X320 color screen with LED backlight which is always on.More clear and suitable for working at night.
Rank No. #10
Hantek 2C42 Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter 2 in 1 Multifunction Tester 2CH+DMM 40MHz Scope
  • Function: Oscilloscope + Multimeter ; 40 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with 2 channels -- Sample Rate Range 250MSa/s(Single-channel), 125MSa/s(Dual-channel). (Waveform Generator can't be used)
  • Simplify operation, convenient to use: 250M Sampling rate, 40MHZ Bandwidth. 10MV-10V Vertical resolution; Auto automatic measuring function; Key tone settings, Adjustable backlight brightness, Backlight, duration and auto power off time. Digital voltmeter function, Cursor measurement, reference waveform,waveform Storage function.
  • Multifunction Digital Multimeter Function, High sensitivity and accuracy, showing clear, stronganti-overload capability, easy to carry. Digital multimeter which can be used to measure AC/DC voltage/current, resistance, diode,capacitance, on-off test.
  • We offer 1 year warranty with 30 days worry-free return, so 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed. Please don't hesitate to contact us when you use the item.

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