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The Best Pure And Clean Hocl of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

After hours researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out the Best Pure And Clean Hocl of 2022. Check our ranking below.

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Rank No. #1
PURE & CLEAN Multi Surface Cleaner Hypochlorous Acid Cleaning Solution Powerful HOCl for Use On Most Any Surface All Purpose Cleaner Hospital Grade, Safe For Foggers, 1 Gallon
  • MULTI PURPOSE CLEANER: Our .02% HOCl Solution is an effective all purpose cleaner that can be used in both hospitals, dental offices, and anywhere else where a clean environment is a safety concern.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: To clean, just cover the surface with cleanser for at least 15 seconds and you're done! The power of electrolyzed water oxidizes dirt while the power of hypochlorous acid does the rest!
  • TRUE CLEAN EXPERIENCE: Hypochlorous Acid HOCl) is a naturally occurring ingredient known for its powerful yet cleaning properties. HOCl has been shown to clean without the harmful effects.
  • 18 MONTH SHELF LIFE: Start cleaning with the friendly power of hypochlorous acid. Our hospital grade 200 ppm all purpose cleaner is proven to have the longest shelf life of its kind. Made in the USA.
  • SAFE FOR FOGGERS: Our Hypochlorous Acid is for both professional and home use. It’s the cleaning solution for hospitals, dental offices, and high traffic areas. Just add Pure & Clean to foggers to safely clean large areas.
Rank No. #2
Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser and Lid Prep - Alcohol-Free Formula - Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) & Oxygenated Water - For Wound Care - pH Balanced - Painless, Non-Cytotoxic Debriding Solution Spray - 8 Oz
  • PAINLESS WOUND CLEANSER: Cleaning and removing foreign substances from wounds, including minor cuts, burns, and scrapes, is an important step to healing However, many available OTC solutions sting and can be damaging to delicate tissue and cells.
  • LUBRICATE DRESSINGS: Ideal for ongoing wound care management, our Wound Cleanser effectively moistens and lubricates absorbent dressings without further irritating skin or harming healthy tissue and cells, crucial to facilitating the healing process.
  • ALCOHOL FREE - Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser is a natural, gentle, and highly-effective alcohol-free wound wash spray to help your body stay healthy and heal. Furthermore, the no-sting formula is ideal for cleaning and managing kids' wounds making it a favorite amongst parents and healthcare professionals.
  • FOR HOME FIRST AID AND CLINICS: Proved effective and clinically safe wounds and designed to simply clean and manage more effectively, Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser with HOCl is the optimal wound care solution, whether at home or in a medical setting.
  • ABOUT PURE & CLEAN: We are focused on helping people live better lives in an increasingly dirty world. Our vision is to change global healthcare Pure & Clean products utilize the most profound HOCl, hypochlorous acid, solution available to positively impact healthcare medically and monetarily.
Rank No. #3
Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser HYDROGEL - Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) & Oxygenated Water - Extra-Strength First Aid & Wound Care - pH Balanced - Painless, Non-Cytotoxic Gel Spray - 8 Oz
  • PAINLESS and POWERFUL WOUND CLEANSER: An extra-strength hospital-grade alternative to our original Wound Cleanser Spray, our HYDROGEL formula packs a longer lasting and more moisturizing punch for more serious cuts and wounds. The HYDROGEL stays on the wound much longer and has lasting healing and moisturizing treatment.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH: Unique HYDROGEL formula stays on surface longer for more serious treatments
  • VERSATILE - Environmentally safe and Non Irritating, Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser HYDROGEL is Safe to use around the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Can treat diabetic wounds, eyelid irritation, skin rashes, deep lacerations, and any many other skin conditions.
  • FOR HOME FIRST AID AND CLINICS: Proved effective and clinically safe for all wound types and designed to simply clean and heal better, Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser HYDROGEL with HOCl is the optimal wound care solution, whether at home or in a medical setting. Furthermore, the no-sting formula is ideal for treating kids' wounds making it a favorite amongst parents and healthcare professionals.
  • ABOUT PURE & CLEAN: We are focused on helping people live better lives in an increasingly contaminated world. Our vision is to change global healthcare. Infection Control is an increasing concern and cost on our healthcare system. Pure & Clean products utilize the most profound HOCl, hypochlorous acid, solution available to positively impact healthcare medically and monetarily.
Rank No. #4
Eco PURE Plus Hypochlorous (HOCL) THE SKIN SAVIOR Recovery & Defense Signature Soothing + Hydrating Skin Mist for Irritations & Redness Detoxify and Boost Collagen Natural Clean Skincare Made In the USA For all skin types. (4 oz) - 1 Pack
  • THE REAL DEAL - Hypochlorous Acid is naturally occurring salt minerals, and electrolyzed water that mimic your body’s own regenerative ability to purify and support skin health.
  • VISIBLE RESULTS - One-step, easy to use, and effective way to help reduce redness from blemishes, maskne, skin irritations and sunburns. HOCl creates an all-natural calming and rejuvenation effect on all skin types.
  • ULTRA PURE - Moisturizing hydration to the skin’s surface and helps the skin retain moisture, essential for healthy skin, helps restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier.
  • PROMOTES FASTER - For best results, as a minimum, apply in the morning and again at night before bed. Use daily to help reduce redness (even for sensitive skin and eczema).
  • NO HIDDEN INGREDIENTS – Our HOCl is pure, vegan, non-irritating, and fragrance, alcohol, paraben, and phthalate-free, USA made and backed by science - making it safe and suitable for all skin types, tones.
Rank No. #5
Qlife ION Clean+ HOCl Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator Maker l Smallest Portable Cleaner l All Natural Pure Cleaner l Rechargeable l Household Cleaner l Electrolyzed (Blue)
  • Just using Salt, Water, and Vinegar to make the most Earth-Green, environmental friendly Cleaner
  • Super portable. Weigh Only 2 oz. Pocket ready. Take it anywhere you go and spray to clean
  • Hypochlorous acid is widely use to clean food, clothing, toys, wounds, bleaching, deodorization and preservation.
  • No toxic, no fumes, nor any chemicals. It is an ALL natural cleaner that everyone can use for every’s life.
  • One button to activate generating HOCl water in just 3 minutes. Super Easy to use, and it is rechargeable. Never need to worry about expiration of the cleaner.
SaleRank No. #6
Membrane Solutions Portable Water Filter Straw Filtration Straw Purifier Survival Gear for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency, Blue, 4 pack
  • ✅Survival Gear for Outdoor Water Needs - SGS certificated, Test Report NBF21-004693-01. If you want to obtain clean drinking water simply and quickly, you can use this survival gear. The portable and lightweight filtering system is ideal for recreation, hiking, camping. It’s also your good companion for scouting, domestic and international travel, and emergency preparedness.
  • ✅Portable & Long Life-Span - This straw filtration at only 7.1'' long and 1" in diameter fits any 28mm threaded bottle, cup, or glass. It weighs just 2 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket, gym bag, backpack, survival pack or purse. Both ends of the Upgrade water filter straw are removable for cleaning to extend Longer Lifespan ensuring it provides up to 1,320 gallons (5,000 liters) of drinking water. Don't miss this opportunity to drink clean water conveniently wherever you go.
  • ✅5-Stage Filtration - Our Upgrade 5-Stage Filtration System includes a coarse filter screen, double layer pp cotton fiber, coconut shell activated carbon and hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes. which can remove 99.99999% of harmful substances (pollution, odor, chlorine and organic chemicals, etc.) and improve the taste. Ensuring the safest water in the worst environments.(IT DOES NOT LOWER TDS VALUE, ensuring water's essential mineral balance remains untouched.)
  • ✅Smaller Pore Size - We all know that the smaller the pore size, the higher the filtering accuracy, our pore size is 0.1microns which can filter out 99.99999% of the harmful particles. Compared to the 0.2-micron water purifier straw on the market, Membrane Solutions 0.1 microns pore size water purifier straw maintains the optimum flow rate (16.9 fl oz/min / 500ml/min) and a high filtration accuracy at the same time.
  • ✅High-Quality Materials & Versatile Filtering Modes - Made of durable food-grade plastics, manufactured with BPA-Free ABS, ensuring safe and quality drinking water. Compared to the big filter straw on the market, Membrane Solutions water filters have a smaller frame, more convenient to use and more filtered modes, ideal for connecting with a soft water pouch or disposable water bottle, even as a replacement gravity filter to get pure water for family & group.
Rank No. #7
PURE & CLEAN Daily Lid Cleanse and Lid Prep .01% Hypochlorous Acid Eyelid Cleanser for Inflammation, Blepharitis, Styes and Dry Eye Relief
  • OTHER EYE LID CLEANSE SOLUTIONS often feel INEFFECTIVE – as if you’re simply APPLYING WATER to your skin. Our eyelid and lash cleaner was specifically developed to remove oil, dirt and DEBRIS, thoroughly CLEANSING the area while moistening and LUBRICATING the site. Safe for the planet and for the skin, this eyelid and eyelash wash is formulated with Hypochlorous Acid, a NATURALLY OCCURRING ingredient known for its efficient cleansing ability.
  • WITH OVER A DECADE of INDUSTRY EXPERTISE, we at Pure & Clean have formulated a hypochlorous acid eyelid cleanser spray that’s KNOWN as one of the MOST EFFECTIVE HOCl concentrated lid & lash wash solutions on the market. Ideal for EYELID and EYELASH CLEANSING, washing LASH EXTENSIONS, and helping with conditions like dry eyes, STYES, BLEPHARITIS, inflammation, irritation and ITCHINESS.
  • THE MOST STABLE HOCL EYE SPRAY ON THE MARKET – Our propreitary oxidation and purification METHODS result in a hypochlorous acid eyelid and eyelash spray that’s the LONGEST LASTING and most shelf-stable IN THE INDUSTRY, with a .01% hypochlorous acid concentration that remains ACTIVE FOR UP TO 2 YEARS..
  • AT PURE & CLEAN, WE’RE DEDICATED to HELPING PEOPLE LIVE BETTER, SAFER LIVES in today’s changing world. MADE IN THE USA, our safe, effective, and affordable eye lid cleaning products are used in hospitals and facilities where CLEAN ENVIRONMENTS are a must. We’re proud to be the HOCl eye lid care spray of choice at eye clinics across the country. If you aren’t satisfied with this eye lids cleanser, we’ll make it right.
SaleRank No. #8
BRIOTECH Sanitizer + Disinfectant, Kills 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria, HOCl Hypochlorous Spray, 0% Bleach 0% Alcohol, Food Contact Safe, Eliminate Non-Living Allergens & Remove Pet Odor (128 Fl Oz)
  • ☑️ SPRAY & SANITIZE: Kills 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria.
  • ☑️ READY TO USE: 3 in 1 Formula (sanitizer, disinfectant, odor eliminator). Does not require mixing, dilution, or protective equipment. 0% Alcohol. 0% Bleach. 0% Ammonia. No overwhelming cleaning fumes. It’s time to rethink cleaning chemicals!
  • ☑️ MADE WITH HOCL: Sanitizes like traditional chemicals. Can be used to sanitize homes, bathrooms, restaurants, hospital kitchens, airports, commercial & industrial facilities, gyms, cars, tablets, mobile devices, glass, keyboards, pet toys & bowls, schools, and nurseries.
  • ☑️ NO RINSE – FOOD CONTACT SAFE: Hypochlorous is made with salt, water and electricity. No rinsing required even on food contact surfaces. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination and eliminate food odors.
  • ☑️ ELIMINATE ODOR: No rinsing, quick evaporation. Removes pet odors like urine or feces. Contains no fragrances or dyes, contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and eliminates non-living allergens.
Rank No. #9
Hypristine Hypochlorous Acid All Purpose Cleaner, All Natural Multi-Purpose HOCl Solution to Clean Surfaces and Cleanse Skin. Suitable for Medical and Dental Offices, Gyms, Schools, and Homes (128 Fl Oz)
  • POWERFUL MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER: Hypristine is a next-generation, natural, multi- purpose cleaner free from harsh chemicals. Superior cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, gym, schools, daycare, nursery, offices, factories, churches, schools, and restaurants. Hypristine Multi-Purpose Cleaner facilitates jobs of all sizes, including wide area applications used with a fogger and low-volume or high-power-sprayers.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK: Hypristine harnesses the power of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is a naturally occurring substance produced by white blood cells of the body and functions as the primary defense weapon to fight infection.
  • USE ALL TYPES OF SURFACES: Hypristine is safe for all surfaces, including granite, marble, laminate floors, glass, wood, stone, carpet, plastic, fabric, leather, and vinyl. Effectively clean cell phones, car seats, strollers, tablets, mats, toys, and more.
  • READY TO USE: Hypristine’s powerful formula cleans without mixing or dilution. No rinsing is necessary - quick evaporation.
  • NONTOXIC & NON-IRRITATING: Hypristine is family-friendly and safe for use around children and pets. Non-flammable. Safe with skin exposure. No toxic or harmful residues are left behind.
Rank No. #10
Think Smarter Products Hypochlorous Acid Spray | All-Purpose Cleaner, Surface Sanitizer, Produce Wash, Wound Cleanser | Hydration Spray - Natural, Biodegradable, No Alcohol, & Safe For Kids - 2 oz
  • No more pungent & fumy cleaning! Our revolutionary hypochlorous acid spray is all about powerful cleansing without the ill-effects of harsh chemicals. This all purpose surface cleaner is perfect for home, office & public places to maintain clean surroundings at all times.
  • HOCL FORMULA: Powered by pure, natural HOCL & water, our cleaning spray acts as an organic shield which eliminates impurities with powerful oxidizing agents that instantly cleans any surface. Our HOCL spray also has skin healing properties that make it ideal for regular use.
  • ALL IN ONE: Owing to its multiple benefits our hypochlorous acid cleaner can be used to clean almost every surface and is a great skin hydrating spray. Our multi-surface cleaner ensures that your gym equipment, desks, kitchen countertops, clothes and baby toys are perfectly cleansed. You can even use it as a skin protectant spray & fruit wash.
  • SAFE FOR ALL: Our hospital grade HOCL cleaner is a gentle and non-corrosive formula that works effectively on all types of skin and surfaces. This multipurpose cleaner is free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, fragrance or any other chemicals, making it safe for babies, elderly and even for your pets.
  • EASY TO USE: Cover your kitchen countertop, tables, desks or floors with a few sprays of the organic cleaner and let it be for 15 seconds and that's it. It powerfully cleanses like magic! Use it as a wound cleanser or fruits and vegetable wash without the hassle of post rinsing or wiping.

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We’re convinced that you likely have far more questions than just these regarding Pure And Clean Hocl, and the only real way to satisfy your need for knowledge is to get information from as many reputable online sources as you possibly can.

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  2. Features: What bells and whistles matter for an Pure And Clean Hocl?
  3. Specifications: How powerful they are can be measured.
  4. Product Value: This simply is how much bang for the buck you get from your Pure And Clean Hocl.
  5. Customer Ratings: Number ratings grade Pure And Clean Hocl objectively.
  6. Customer Reviews: Closely related to ratings, these paragraphs give you first-hand and detailed information from real-world users about their Pure And Clean Hocl.
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