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How Can A Wireless Security Camera Help New Moms To Monitor Their Baby

Most parents will readily admit that raising their children is a full-time job, especially when those children are still in the infant stage. At that time, they require constant monitoring, because almost everything in the world around them has the potential to cause injury to the defenseless baby. That’s exactly why baby monitors were developed. Whereas they were originally only equipped with audio capabilities, modern baby monitors like those on this site, have the technology to display high-quality video of your baby as well.

How to use a baby monitor


Baby monitors allow you to hear any sounds your baby might be making, even if you’re not anywhere near the room that your baby’s resting in. If you have a video hookup as well, you’ll actually be able to see what your baby is doing at that moment, hopefully snoozing comfortably in the crib. The great thing about that is that it frees you up to accomplish other tasks in the household, and as any busy parent knows, this can be priceless.

Some of the most common baby monitors are designed similar to walkie-talkies in that they have an audio handset and a receiver handset. By using the receiver handset, you can hear any sounds your baby is making, and you’ll be alerted to the fact that they just woke up. In the beginning, the first baby monitors only had audio, but they’ve evolved considerably now. The best of them all include video cameras that can provide visual content of your baby sleeping or moving about.

Baby cameras have come to be extraordinarily popular because they allow you to see every action your baby might be doing at the time from any room you happen to be in yourself. The audio and visual features allow you to hear and see exactly what your baby is doing at any given time. Some of the more sophisticated baby cameras include features like night-vision and others have lullabies incorporated into them which can soothe your baby and lull it back to sleep.

Some baby cameras come with electrical installation required, although most of the newer ones are now wireless, which makes them extremely easy to set up. Wireless baby cameras make use of Wi-Fi in your household for transmitting videos to you wherever you happen to be. Some baby cameras can even be connected through Bluetooth technology and associated with mobile devices like your smartphone.


With the emergence of video cameras, much of the stress has been relieved from wondering what your baby is up to while you’re doing housekeeping. Since the most modern baby cameras are all wireless, you don’t even have to worry about how to blend in the wiring with the room decor where your baby sleeps. This is a good thing because wires could possibly constitute a safety risk whenever toddlers are involved.

The camera unit of a baby video system is kept in the baby’s room, so that you can constantly monitor your baby in the crib. The other component of the system is kept by the parent, and this is a handheld device with a screen that has a few controls, allowing you to adjust volume and some other settings on the monitor.

In some cases, you might be able to manipulate the camera remotely so as to look around the room and be comfortable with the baby’s surroundings. Some are also equipped with 2-way audio that allows you to talk to your baby, so he/she can be soothed by the sound of your voice.

Using your phone as a baby monitor


The emergence of smartphones and smartphone technology has made it possible to use your smartphone as a baby monitor. There are all kinds of applications that can be installed on your phone to help you set up an effective baby monitor. There aren’t any wires or complicated installation procedures necessary. All that’s really needed is the household Internet to make a connection between your smartphone and a second phone.

This approach uses the built-in cameras provided with smartphones so they can be connected to a similar device or possibly a tablet. The only thing that’s necessary is that the two phones be connected to the same Wi-Fi, so that communication is possible between the devices.

After that, all you need to do is situate your smartphone so that you can see your baby in the crib. Make sure it’s not close enough for the baby to touch or grab it, but not so far away that you miss any action in the immediate vicinity. The second phone can be kept on your person, so that you can stay connected to your baby while performing your daily household activities.