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15 Best 12V Lithium Battery 100Ah of 2023 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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WEIZE 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, Up to 8000 Cycles, Built-in Smart BMS, Perfect for RV, Solar, Marine, Overland/Van, and Off Grid Applications
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH=13 x 6.77 x 8.48 inches.
  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY: As the No.1 lead acid battery brand on Amazon, Weize newest Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are confidently guaranteed for 10 years! We aim for quality followed up with quality customer service, Amazon doesn't deal with the return of battery-related products, so please contact the seller directly. Weize support team is on standby for YOU.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Our 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Batteries live more than 2000 cycles at 100%/8000 cycles at 50%(Suggested) depth of discharge, without decreasing in performance. The average lifetime of lead-acid batteries is about two years(500 cycles) at just 50% discharge. This basically means a LiFePO4 battery will last you at least 5 times longer than a lead-acid battery, which actually reduces overall cost. It has cold weather protection which is critical.
  • AUTOMATIC BMS AND MAINTENANCE-FREE: The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects your battery from Over Charge and Discharge, Over Current, Short Circuiting, as well as Low and High Temperature for increased performance and longer life. The BMS will automatically cut off the battery and the voltage will drop below 1V. Only when the circuit is cut off, the battery will automatically reactivate after 1 second(No longer need a higher voltage input to activate).
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERSATILE: Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium provides greater energy density and are at least 1/2 the mass, it is a perfect upgrade for any 12V Deep Cycle battery, and best choice for many applications such as Fish Finders, Ice Fishing, Camping, Solar System, Home Alarm Systems, E-Scooters. Please charge the battery with a dedicated LITHIUM BATTERY CHARGER, and no more than 4 batteries in series or parallel.
LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Built-in 100A BMS, Up to 15000 Cycles, Perfect for RV, Marine, Home Energy Storage
  • 【Automotive Grade Lithium Battery】LiTime 12V100Ah LiFePO4 battery have exceptional quality since they are manufactured by Automotive Grade LiFePO4 Cells with higher energy density, more stable performance & greater power. Highest-level safety based on UL Testing Certificate for the cell inside the battery.This makes li-iron batteries perfect for solar home, RV, campers, motor homes, off-grid applications.
  • 【10 Years Lifetime】LiTime LiFePO4 battery provides 4000~15000 cycles (10 times longer) 4000 Time Cycles at 100% DOD, 6000 Time Cycles at 80% DOD, 15000 Time Cycles at 60% DOD & a 10-year lifetime compared to 200~500 cycles & a 3-year lifetime in lead acid battery.
  • 【Lightweight-Easy to Move】LiTime LiFePO4 Battery Weighting only 24.25 lbs for one module, it’s weighs only 1/3* the weight of lead acid batteries. LiFePO4 battery is 50% lighter than lead acid battery with the same capacity.
  • 【95%* Efficiency】LiTime LiFePO4 battery’s flat discharge curve holds above 12.8V for up to 95%* of its capacity usage, providing astronomical boosts in run-time compared with only 50% in Lead Acid. This product is your best choice for outdoor camping power and indoor easy installation. Without memory effect, no matter what state the battery is, it can be used as soon as it is charged.
  • 【For Trolling Motor】This 12V 100Ah battery is suitable for energy storage rather than start-up and supports a max. discharge current of 1C. Recommended: 12V 100Ah battery for 30~70lbs thrust trolling motor. (For recommendation on other models of trolling motors or starter batteries coming later this year, please feel free to contact LiTime.)
Redodo 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, Built-in 100A BMS, Max.1280W Load Power, Up to 15000 Cycles & 10-Year Lifetime, Perfect for Solar Energy Storage, Backup Power, RV, Camping, Off-Grid
  • 【1-3 Workdays Delivery & 24Hrs Service】Redodo has local warehouses in US with 1-3 workdays delivery time. Our online services with 24 hours quick feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide help timely. We inject passion, integrity, respect, and professionalism into our LiFePO4 batteries and business. And we hope that Redodo Lithium Iron Phosphate battery not only power for you, but also bright your life with our excellent customer service.
  • 【Long Life & Deep Cycle】Redodo Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery can be recycled up to 4000~15000 times and provide up to 10 years of service life. Because of its safety and stability, LiFePO4 battery can perfectly replace the traditional lead acid battery. This model uses prismatic LiFePO4 cells with better stability, higher energy density, and lighter weight, making the batteries good enough at high temperature performance, high power output, low self-discharge rate.
  • 【Advanced Technology】Redodo LiFePO4 battery possesses industry-leading technology and is manufactured with advanced technology in the industry. This model has excellent and reliable performance with sufficient battery capacity, supporting battery expansion for up to 4 series & 4 parallel and suitable for electric energy storage.
  • 【Slow Power Loss】Redodo LiFePO4 battery have high energy density, which makes it possible to ensure long-term recycling. The capacity of the monomer is still greater than 80%. This model can be repeatedly charged and discharged without any memory effect. The battery can be charged and used no matter what state it is in.
  • 【5-Year Warranty 】Redodo provides a five-year warranty for its battery. Our service team provide professional information and services, and respond quickly to solve problems in a timely manner. We will help analyze the customer's problems within 24 hours, help solve the problems, recover the battery usage and introduce the best use method.
WANROY LiFePO4 Battery, 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery Built-in BMS, Up to 8000 Cycles, 10-Year Lifetime, Environmentally Friendly, 12V Lithium Batteries for RV Home Off Grid Solar System Golf Cart
  • Longer Cycle Life: Our 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Batteries live more than 2000 cycles at 100%/8000 cycles at 50%(Suggested) depth of discharge, without decreasing in performance. Wanroy LiFePO4 Battery provide long life cycles, high capacity, and low self discharge rates.
  • Safy [UL]: All batteries are passed a test where they are subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures. No toxic chemicals are released. Automatic protection with internal battery management system. Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry eliminates the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact, overcharging or short circuit situation.
  • Excellent Performance: Delivers twice power of lead acid battery, even high discharge rate, while maintaining high energy capacity. LiFePO4 Batterys are used in appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and washing machines, also used in electric bikes, golf carts, and scooters. Weight: 32lb, about 1/3 the weight of a comparable lead acid battery.
  • Feel free to contact the seller directrly if you have any questions. Wanroy support team is on standby for YOU.
  • Increased Flexibility: Modular design enables deployment of up to 4 batteries in series and up to 4 batteries in parallel. If you are not skilled in building an off-grid solar system, please refer to the manual or related videos carefully before operating.
CHINS LiFePO4 Battery 12V 100AH Lithium Battery - Built-in 100A BMS, 2000~5000 Cycles, Perfect for Replacing Most of Backup Power, Home Energy Storage and Off-Grid etc.
  • 【Lithium Iron Battery】: The lifespan of LiFePO4 (lithium) batteries is 8 to 10 times longer than that of regular lead-acid batteries (2000~5000 cycles vs 300-500 cycles). The usable capacity also doubles compared to that of a lead-acid battery while the weight is 30% less thanks to its significantly higher energy density. Without any memory effect, the lithium battery can hold a charge better while not in use and will not lose capacity due to the previous discharge state.
  • 【Built-In BMS & Convenience & Maintenance Free】: The built-in BMS (Battery Management System) protects the battery from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuits with excellent self-discharge rate. Built-in high temp cut-off prevents charging over 122 °F (50 °C). Plus, Li-Ion batteries can be safer than lead Acid batteries, which have no protection against ground faults. This product is your ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor applications.
  • 【Capacity Expansion】: Our lithium batteries can be connected in parallel and in series for larger capacity and voltage. Max connection in series: Up to four identical batteries for up to 48V. Max connection in parallel: Up to four identical batteries up to 800AH. Batteries can also be connected in parallel and series at the same time for up to 48V 800AH. Only batteries with the exact same voltage and capacity purchased within a six-month window can be used in parallel or series.
  • 【Wide Application】: Our lithium batteries can be used in the following areas: Home energy storage systems, UPS backup, lighting, digital/CCTV cameras, portable TV, e-Robot, electric vehicles, DIY speakers, 12V routers, air pumps, fish finder, golf cart, trolling motor, motorhome/RV & camper, Houseboat, Travel Trailer, Dump Trailer and more.
  • 【Low-temperature Cut-off Function】: The built-in BMS of the Lifepo4 battery has added a low-temperature cut-off function to avoid irreversible damage to it caused by low-temperature (32 ℉/0 ℃) charging. The peak current of BMS can reach 370~400A and the duration is 3~5 seconds, making it suitable for most golf carts, trolling motor, marine. Brand: CHINS, size: 12.95 x 6.77 x 8.43 inches, color: black, orange.
JITA 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery RV Deep Cycle Battery, Built-in 100A BMS, 10 Year Life, 1280W Power Output for RV, Solar Power System, Marine, Home Energy Storage and Off Grid
  • [Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery]: JITA LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery provides 2000~5000 cycles, which is more than 10 times to Lead Acid Battery with 300~500 cycles. 10 Years Lifetime. 100Ah lithium battery can be recycled without producing harmful elements to the environment but lead acid battery release toxic sulfur oxide gas.
  • [Built-In BMS Protection]: JITA 12V Lithium Battery has Built-In BMS (Battery Management System) to maintain the voltage of every cell and protect it from overcharge, over-discharge, overload, overheating and short circuit. Built-in high temp cut off system prevents charging temp over 167 °F (75 °C). LiFePO4 battery is safer than lead acid. Operating Temp: Charge: 0°C~50°C; Discharge: -20°C~60°C. 
  • [1/3 Lightweight & IP65 Waterproof]: JITA rechargeable lithium ion battery weighs only 24.2 lbs, just 1/3 weight of lead acid battery in the same capacity. It is easier to carry or move for marine, camping and off-grid. Our battery is IP65 waterproof with ABS hard case making you freely install it indoors or outdoors.
  • [Common Parameters] If you like to install a battery monitor, please pay attention to distinguish the fully charge voltage of the battery in different states. Fully charge voltage in charging State: 14.2V~14.6V, Fully charge voltage in without connecting the charger State: 13.3V~13.8V. (Due to the floating voltage nature of the lifepo4 )
  • [Capacity Expansion & After-sales]: 12V 100Ah Battery can be connected in parallels and in series for larger capacity and higher voltage. Connection in series: Up to 4 identical batteries for up to 48V. Connection in parallels: It can connect multiple batteries (no more than 4pcs be better). Our warehouse is in California, USA. Fast delivery. Professional technical team and customer service.
Renogy Smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 100Ah w/ Self-Heating Function for RV, Solar, Marine, and Off-grid Applications
  • Uncompromising Quality:State-of-the-art battery cells ensure a lifespan of more than 4000 cycles, 100A continuous discharge current, and a wide range of operation temperature.
  • Self-Heating Function:The intelligent self-heating function will start operating automatically once the battery’s core temperature drops below 41°F (5°C), effortlessly keeping your battery charged in cold environments.
  • Reliable BMS System:The state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) with high-performance dual-processors provides short circuit, over charging and over-temperature protection while maintaining a balanced voltage across all cells.
  • Auto-balancing Function:Easily connect multiple batteries in parallel with the auto-balancing function to improve the average charging efficiency for your batteries in the long term.
  • Real-time monitor:The battery features RS485 communication ports—enabling communication between batteries, external devices (BT-2 Bluetooth Module or Monitoring Screen) and host computers for you to monitor the charging status in real-time in Renogy DC Home APP.
LOSSIGY 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery
  • High Quality Cells: LOSSIGY lithium iron phosphate batteries are manufactured of A-grade cells with higher energy density, more stable performance&greater power. Highest-level safety based on UL Testing Certificate.
  • 10-Year Lifespan: LOSSIGY Lifepo4 battery provides at least 4000 charge discharge cycles. The built-in BMS effectively protects the electric core from damage caused by high temperature, low temperature, short circuit, over-current and overload.
  • Easy Connectivity: LOSSIGY deep cycle lithium battery can be connected in series or in parallel with the same type batteries. Up to 4 connected in series to form a 48V system, and multiple can be connected in parallel to increase the battery capacity and the maximum amp of BMS (recommended to connect 4 in parallel at most).
  • Widely Used: The high-quality LOSSIGY lifepo4 battery is used in various fields, such as RV, trailer, camper, solar system, trolling motor, water power supply, off grid life, etc.
  • Warranty and Service: LOSSIGY promises to provide 5-year warranty for each battery sold. 12V 100AH lifepo4 battery, two 1.18 inch copper cables, four M8 stud terminals and product instructions are placed in the package. If you need help, please contact us through Amazon or the after-sales address in the manual.
reBel Batteries Metal-Cased 100ah Lithium Battery - LiFePO4 12V 100Ah Battery - Group 31 Deep Cycle Battery - RV Battery and Solar Battery - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with Bluetooth BMS
  • BMS: The lithium 12V Battery Management System automatically protects our deep cycle lithium batteries from harmful causes of battery failure, such as low/high temperature, over/under charge, over/under current, short circuits and more. Each lithium battery contains 2 temperature sensors.
  • BLUETOOTH ENABLED: Our deep cycle lithium battery can connect through Android and iOS apps to get individual cell voltages and State of Charge (SoC) making these the perfect lithium rv batteries or lithium solar battery, depending on your application.
  • HIGH DENSITY GREEN BATTERIES: Our renewable energy last 5 to 10 times longer and provide twice the available Watts, than comparable lead-acid. As a green battery, these are also about half the weight over lead-acids. Perfect as an RV battery, 12v marine battery, or anywhere you need a LiFePO4 12v 100ah battery.
  • SIZE and WEIGHT: This 12v lithium battery weighs in at just 26 pounds. The 12v lithium-ion battery is a standard size and is considered a drop-in lead-acid battery replacement for most applications.
  • DO NOT: Change BMS settings, use as a cranking battery (starting engines), burn, crush, disassemble, short circuit.
Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery - 100Ah 12v Lithium Battery w/Built-In BMS - 3000-5000 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery - RV/Camper, Marine, Overland/Van, and Off Grid Battery
  • Up to a Decade of Use - Enjoy superb return on your investment with this heavy duty 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery! This 100Ah 12V lithium battery lasts 3,000 - 5,000 deep discharge cycles, providing up to 10-15 years of power.
  • Built for Rugged Adventures - Our fast-charging LiFePO4 100Ah 12V batteries are the perfect camper, van, boat, trolling motor, and lithium RV battery. Battle Born Batteries are also made to power industrial, off-grid, and residential backup applications. Let Battle Born’s deep cycle off grid batteries power your adventures!
  • Designed for Versatility - This eco-conscious and lightweight Battle Born Lithium 100Ah 12V battery can be wired in series or parallel. And because it is designed with safety in mind and doesn't contain any acid, it can be safely mounted in any orientation.
  • Internal Protection - With a built-in Battery Management System (BMS), Battle Born lithium batteries are well-protected against extreme hot and cold temperatures, high and low voltages, short circuits, and other common causes of battery failure.
  • Quality You Can Trust – Our cutting-edge facilities are headquartered in Reno, Nevada, the lithium capital of North America. With on-site assembly Battle Born Batteries’ 12V lithium batteries are trusted by customers, celebrities, and top YouTubers, and come with a 10-year warranty and lifetime technical support.
PIONERGY 12V 100Ah Lifepo4 Lithium Battery,12 Volt Lithium Battery with 100A BMS 1280Wh,100Ah 12V Lifepo4 Battery Perfect for RV,Solar, Marine,Off-Grid Applications
  • 【High-Performance Automotive Grade LiFePO4 Battery】 Pionergy LiFePO4 batteries feature cutting-edge Automotive Grade LiFePO4 Cells, offering higher energy density, exceptional stability, and increased power. These cells have undergone rigorous UL Testing, resulting in the highest-level safety certification. They are perfect for a wide range of applications, including solar home systems, RVs, campers, motor homes, and off-grid setups.
  • 【Unmatched Safety】 Our LiFePO4 battery is 100% safe and eco-friendly, providing renewable energy solutions. The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) ensures cell balancing, low and high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, ensuring peace of mind during usage. Additionally, this battery exhibits no memory effect, allowing it to be used effectively regardless of its current state.
  • 【Lightweight and Versatile】 Weighing only 23.5lbs, our 100Ah 12V lithium battery is significantly lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries with the same capacity. The absence of acid enables safe mounting in any position, making it ideal for solar home, RV, campers, motor homes, off-grid applications. It can also be extended up to 4 in series and 2 in parallel (Max 4S2P) to achieve higher capacity (Max. 12Ah) and voltage options (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V).
  • 【Efficiency and Convenience】 Compared to lead-acid batteries, Pionergy LiFePO4 Battery can be discharged up to 100%, while lead-acid batteries are limited to 40%-50% discharge. Additionally, our battery can be used for twice as long on a single charge, thanks to its impressive charging efficiency. Unlike lead-acid batteries, which experience a steady drop in power during usage, Pionergy batteries maintain a constant power output, offering enhanced reliability and performance.
  • 【Long-lasting and Reliable】 With over 4000+ cycles, our LiFePO4 batteries outperform lead-acid batteries, which typically last only 300-500 cycles. We stand behind our product with an 1-year battery warranty and provide 5-year technical support for added peace of mind. Should you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated support team is always available to assist you.
Dakota Lithium – 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery – 11 Year USA Warranty 2000+ Cycles – Built in BMS, For Ice Fishing, Trolling Motors, Fish Finders, Marine, and More
  • 11 YEAR USA WARRANTY: Dakota Lithium’s batteries were born in the rugged landscape of North Dakota and are backed by a “Best in Class” 11 Year Warranty.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Our LiFePO4 Batteries deliver 2,000+ cycles in recommended conditions. A typical Lead Acid battery only has 500 cycles. Dakota Lithium batteries last so long that the price per use is a fraction of traditional batteries.
  • SMART ELECTRONICS: All Dakota Lithium Batteries include Battery Management System (BMS) technology that controls cell balancing, low and high voltage cutoff, short circuiting, as well as high temperature protection for increased performance and longer life. The typical SLA has 500 cycles. Dakota Lithium batteries last so long that the price per use is a fraction of traditional batteries.
  • BEST USED FOR: Our 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Batteries are a perfect upgrade for any 12V Deep Cycle battery, and a great fit for many applications such as Trolling Motors, Solar Energy Storage, Marine Applications, Ice Fishing, Fish Finders, Flashers, Big Robots, Off Grid Homes, Deep Cycle Applications and applications in Extreme Temperatures (our battery performs well down to -20’F).
  • WHAT YOU GET: Our premium LiFePO4 Battery & 10 Amp Charger. Our Battery delivers (200% More Power, 1/2 the Weight, Charges 5X Faster, and Lasts 4X Longer than traditional SLA batteries). Our batteries are backed with friendly U.S. Customer/Technical Support and an 11 year “Best Warranty in the industry”.
12V Lithium Battery 100AH Series/Parallel Lifepo4 Battey Upgraded BMS, Lighweight Small Size Perfect for RV, Marine, Trolling Motor, Solar, Van Life, Back Up Power & Off Grid Applications
  • ▶Series/Parallel Available 12V Lifepo4 Battery - Upgraded BMS, not only could series or parallel, but also could series/parallel more than other brands. 12v lithium batteries series to 24v/36v/48v/60/72v battery, one battery various use.
  • ▶Advantages of Lifepo4 Battery - Lightweight, smaller size, Less weight to your vehicle, make it works better. Also longer lifespan, Higher energy density, more safety than sealed lead acid battery.
  • ▶Upgraded BMS - MOSEWORTH newest lifepo4 battery used high version Series BMS panel, better performance in series/parallel. Also it has overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit low/high temperature cut-off protection. More easy to use and lower defective rate.
  • ▶Wide applications - Eco-friendly lifepo4 battery for trolling motor battery, solar battery, back-up battery, marine battery, golf car battery, RV battery, lawn mower battery, sump pump battery, ATV battery, scooter battery and so on. Better battery make your item last longer.
  • ▶High Effiency Battery in Winnter - Does your SLA battery works not good in winter? Wanna change that? Just choose MOSEWORTH lifepo4 battery, almost 90% effiency, works good in winter.
ExpertPower 2 Pack 12V 100Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery | 2500-7000 Life Cycles & 10-Year Lifetime | Built-in BMS | Perfect for RV, Solar, Marine, Overland, Off-Grid
  • Trusted by Industry Professionals and Installers: With a proud legacy of 36 years in the industry, now our LiFePO4 batteries have earned widespread adoption across various industries, endorsed by professionals and installers alike. Selling over a million batteries and over 80 Megawatt-hours of energy every year and growing, our track record speaks volumes about our product's reliability and performance.
  • Unmatched Prismatic Cell Technology: Our larger application LiFePO4 batteries are crafted using state-of-the-art Grade A+ prismatic cells, setting a new standard in battery design. Lighter, safer, and more efficient than the cylindrical cells used by others, our batteries outshine the rest. Our LiFePO4 batteries provide 4000 to 7000 cycles & a 10-years expected lifetime compared to others in the industry. Also supports expansion up to 2 batteries in series at 24V, or max. 4 in parallel at 400Ah.
  • Cutting-Edge BMS for Superior Battery Performance: With our proprietary Battery Management System (BMS), precisely optimized to complement our specific cells, you can expect maximum useful life and unparalleled battery protection, ensuring years of uninterrupted enjoyment. Our industry leading built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects the battery cells from overcharge, deep discharge, overloading, overheating, low-temperatures and short circuits.
  • Unparalleled Resilience through Rigorous Testing: Our prismatic cells undergo rigorous testing across a multitude of conditions: from puncturing, to fire, short circuit, and even high impact damage, our cells are tested against all types of damage, providing outstanding resilience and the peace of mind you deserve.
  • The Expert Promise: Experience Hassle-Free Purchasing with Our Unwavering Warranty and World-Class Tech Support: When you choose our LiFePO4 batteries, rest assured of a seamless and reassuring buying process, backed by our exceptional warranty and dedicated technical support.
ECI Power 2 Pack 12V 100Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery | 2000-5000 Life Cycles & 10-Year Lifetime | Built-in BMS | Perfect for RV, Solar, Marine, Overland, Off-Grid Applications
  • ECI Power: A brand for everyone with the goal of providing an open avenue for all to know that safe lithium power should not be cost-prohibitive nor outside the scope of your project.
  • Unmatched Technology: The ECI Power LiFePO4 battery is designed to meet the needs of modern energy applications while exceeding performance comparable to even the most expensive batteries on the market. Also supports expansion up to 2 batteries sequenced in series at 24V 100Ah, or max. 4 batteries in parallel at 12V 400Ah.
  • Proven Quality: The battery utilizes UL1642 listed LiFePO4 Grade-A cells and is backed by our industry-leading engineering and after-sale teams covering North America and beyond since 1987.
  • Economical: At a phenomenal price point, the battery is rigorously lab-tested and guaranteed to meet a minimum 3500 cycles at 80% DOD, providing high-performance longevity with a maximum of 7000 cycles at 50% DOD.
  • Complete Protection: The lithium battery’s unique built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects it from overcharge, deep discharge, overloading, overheating and short circuit, and excessive low self-discharge rate ensuring up to 1 year maintenance-free storage. Built-in low-temp cut off prevents charging under 23 °F (-5 °C).
12v 100ah Lifepo4 battery with Grade A cells and perfect BMS deep cycle times up to 10000 for trolling motor RV camping solar system Golf Cart home appliances support series and parallel connection
  • Warranty: All of our batteries come with a five-year warranty. If you have a problem with your battery, please remember to contact the seller by email. The seller will reply within 24 hours
  • About Return: please remember to keep the original packaging,and send an email notification to the seller. Then we will send you the return label, you do not need to pay any shipping costs
  • Features: This battery can sustain a discharge current of 100 A and an instantaneous current of 200 A. We recommend using a charging current of no more than 50 A to charge the battery. The battery comes with a charger with a current of 7 A. Remember that the positive and negative terminals of the battery are also rechargeable, so you can buy a charger with a higher current to charge the battery through the positive and negative terminals.Solar system or an alternator can also charge the battery.
  • Series and Parallel Connection: This battery supports up to 5 series connections. There is no limit to the number of parallel connections. Whether your system is 24v or 36v or 48v, 60v. You can use our batteries for connection.This battery has overcome the difficulty of unstable voltage. The battery can definitely work as you expect.Of course, if you don't like the battery you can return it and you don't have to pay for shipping.
  • Built In BMS: This battery has BMS, with overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and short circuit protection. BMS can well protect the battery from damage. In addition, Lifepo4 battery has no memory function and can be recharged at any time. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lifepo4 batteries are extremely safe and will not explode or burn. And the materials used are all environmentally friendly, no need to add acid and water. It can be installed and used directly.
LiFePO4 Battery 100Ah 12V 1280Wh Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Built-in BMS Protect Charging and Discharging High Performance for Golf Cart EV RV Solar Energy Storage Battery
  • 【Five Years Warranty】Built with LiFePO4 battery cells that are engineered to deliver superior performance, Excellent Drop in replacement for AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Last 8 to 10 times longer than standard lead acid batteries. Our products have a 10 years service life and provide a five years warranty.
  • 【Widely Applications】50% lighter than lead acid battery of the same capacity, And there is no memory effect, no matter what state the battery is in, it can be used as soon as it is charged. Ideal for 12V deep cycle applications in Caravans, Camper Trailers, Medical Devices, Motorhomes & Electric Mobility Scooter.
  • 【HOW TO CHARGE】The positive and negative poles on the battery can discharge and charge the battery.SCREAM POWER LiFePO4 battery’s flat discharge curve holds above 12V for up to 90% of its capacity usage providing astronomical boosts in run-time compared to only 50% in Lead Acid.
  • 【Built-In Smart BMS】Our LiFePO4 battery has built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to protect it from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit with excellent self-discharge rate. Built-in temperature protection function, BMS cuts off charging below -4℉(-20°C),high temp cut off prevents charging over 158℉(70℃).Battery BMS does not support battery series use.If you need to use it in series, please contact us for customization.
  • 【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】We test (and re-test... and re-test again) literally every battery we ship and all of our batteries come with an industry-leading 5 years warranty. We believe you should be as confident in your battery as we are.

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  8. Product Reliability: How sturdy and durable an 12V Lithium Battery 100Ah is should be an indication of how long it will work out for you.

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Q: What does 100Ah mean?

A: 100Ah is the energy output unit of a battery. By ‘Ah’ rating you can understand the battery capacity. It is similar to the ‘units’ consumed in household. 100Ah means the battery can deliver 100A for 1 hour, 50A for 2 hours, 10A for 10 hours like that. So you can see it it just the multiplication of Ampere & hour.

Q: Is lithium rechargeable?

A: Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are rechargeable and are widely used in laptops, mobile phones and in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. The electric vehicle is a crucial technology for fighting pollution in cities and realising an era of clean sustainable transport. However lithium is expensive and resources are unevenly distributed across the planet.

Q: What is a rechargeable power pack?

A: A rechargeable power pack is an electronics accessory which is designed to provide a power boost to components like mp3 players, laptops, and so forth. When portable devices are plugged into the power pack, they draw on the pack for power, rather than depleting their own energy reserves,…

Q: What is Lithium Power?

A: Lithium-ion batteries power the lives of millions of people each day. From laptops and cell phones to hybrids and electric cars, this technology is growing in popularity due to its light weight, high energy density, and ability to recharge.

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