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Understanding Animal Jewelry Symbols and Meanings

Nature’s balance and all its animals living in perfect harmony are something that has always been fascinating to us. With the various characteristics each animal has, we got lots to learn from them. This is the reason behind the need to be surrounded by animals even if that is only on our jewelry.

With many jewelry designs, we have a lot to choose from. However, certain animal pieces have symbolic meaning behind them which can be shown through the various cultures and religions. That is why listening to your heart is important whenever you are shopping for animal jewelry pieces.

To understand the meaning behind each animal that is on jewelry, we made this article. This helps in finding the right accessory that will both match your personality and symbolize something important to you. Keep reading and find out more.




Snakes are one of the most interesting symbols because of the differences in beliefs in various cultures. While certain cultures believe the snake is a positive sign that signalizes fertility, in others, it is a negative sign like the snake in the Bible for example.

With that, the snake is both positive and negative, it resembles darkness and light and it shows both masculinity and femininity at the same time. All these characteristics contribute to the sign of a curled snake’s resemblance to life because of its ups and downs.

The snake also presents mystery, seduction, and decisiveness. In addition, the shedding skin shows constant life changes, as well as immortality and health. With all these meanings the snake is a symbol favored both by men and women which is why it is one of the most common jewelry designs.



Owls are another animal jewelry designs that are loved by people coming from various cultures. It symbolizes intelligence and mystery, as well as judgment and wisdom. As a nocturnal bird, it’s most relevant for people who are living in the nightlife.

As a talisman, it is great for children and people trying to improve themselves including students and school people. The owl is meant to help them reach their goals quicker and proceed to a better career path.



Not only are they beautiful and gracious but they also have lots of meaning behind their symbol. They belong to two worlds, both water, and land since they are mammal fish. For that reason, dolphins are great animal symbols for people with a zodiac that belongs to the water and earth signs.

Dolphins are constantly active and tireless. That is why they are great for energetic people and ones who are madly in love with the oceans. For these people, the dolphin will resemble freedom and a holiday.

The qualities that dolphins symbolize are friendliness, playfulness, and joy. Some legends say that dolphins are helping people whose ships have been wrecked to reach the land. By giving a piece of dolphin jewelry to a friend or significant other you show your gratitude and let them know how much joy they bring to you.

Koi Fish


Attractive because of their vivid colors and culture, the koi fish has been one of the popular jewelry designs. Their ability to swim upstream shows their energy and strength which offers lessons many people encounter in their lives.

The koi often resemble a part of the yin and yang, which shows the balance in this world. In addition, they are used as a totem for a happy marriage. Besides that, the koi are symbolizing prosperity and success, as well as ambition and courage.

With lots of meanings and symbols, each person finds something relevant in them which is the reason behind their popularity in rings and necklaces. If you are one of the people who find koi and their meaning relatable, view here some of the rings and other jewelry pieces with koi symbolics.



Being crowned the king of all the animals surely leaves a statement of how strong a lion is. That is the reason why most of the medieval shields and helmets had lions painted on them, to serve as a guardian.

The lions symbolize pride and confidence, they are also bold and proud which is why they are one of the masculine animal jewelry symbols. In addition, being on top of the kingdom, they are seen as animals who bring justice.



Butterflies are one of the creatures that offer wide symbolics. While they resemble positivity and freedom, they also show the transformation of the spirit. They are gracious and fragile while being reckless at the same time which is why these symbols are chosen from people with the same personality.

Because of their caterpillar to butterfly phase, they show the resumption of the world, the never-ending life, and the metamorphosis in nature. This explains the life circle meaning when one story ends, another beautiful one begins.



As an animal that has been worshiped by the ancients, the cat is surely a great animal jewelry symbol. It shows independence and capricious behavior as well as elegance and femininity. That is the reason why women are more connected with this animal and its symbol.

The cats show independence but they also enjoy being pet and adored by their owner. Although they can survive on their own, being appreciated and taken care of is surely something they would prefer.



This mystic animal is surely the most notorious evil creature in most cultures. It is the beast that brought fear to the people meaning it is the devil that came to the earth again. The moment where it spews flames, it shows what the hell looks like.

However, dragons are also symbols of masculinity, passion, and fire. This means you’ll have to find activities that light your fire and focus on doing them.

In addition, it shows the transformation of your spirit which means embracing your vulnerability and developing strength that will help you to risk and prosper. Lastly, the dragons are part of eastern charms used for safety during long trips which is another reason why they make a great symbol on jewelry pieces.