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How Do You Plan a Simple but Elegant Wedding?

Love is the fuel that each of us needs to be able to drive along the roads that life opens for us. Finding the right partner and the person with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives is of great importance to each of us.

So when we find this person, when we feel nice and safe around them when we get the love that we need, all that’s left is to focus on getting things together, and when everything will be for the best order and when you feel that it is the next step follows – moving to common life and marriage. The two things are the most beautiful, and marriage is especially beautiful, which is a symbol of harmony and togetherness between two people.

When things slowly come together and when the moment comes for two people to transition to married life, the beautiful moments begin. First of all, a beautiful part of life begins when the focus is on one very important thing, and that is the planning of the main event when you promise each other eternal love in which you will take care of each other, that is, the planning of the wedding event.


There is no more beautiful and symbolic event than the wedding event. It is the day in the life of every person that is remembered for life, so it is necessary to pay enough attention to organizing it. The organization of such an event is according to the couple’s wishes, so follow the wishes, especially if it is a simple and elegant wedding.

Recently, more and more people decide to have a wedding event that will be as small, elegant, simple, and beautiful as possible. In such ceremonies there is more emotion, there is something special and unique that is very beautiful to watch and witness. Thus, a growing number of people want to organize such a day which they will enjoy to the fullest. That is why it is necessary to know what needs to be done without making too much organization and too much negotiation of details.

To know how to organize such a sweet event that will have a special place in your memories, we have prepared guidelines. You will learn more about them in today’s article, where we will explain in detail what you should focus on in the preparation process. Are you ready? In that case, we can begin!


First of all, it is important to determine the number of guests you are planning

To have a small and elegant wedding that you will enjoy throughout the evening, you need to determine a sufficient number of guests, that is, determine a number that will not be too large. Up to 80 guests in total are welcome so you can spend time with each of them and have fun together. That is why it is necessary to start making a list in time and see which of your close relatives and friends will be part of this big day to be able to continue the further planning of the whole event. Through the number of guests, you will have direction in the further course of the organization of the event itself.


It is important to determine the space in which you are planning the wedding

In the place where you live, we are sure that there are many wedding spaces where you can organize a small, sweet, and elegant wedding. After determining the number of guests and making the guest list, it is necessary to look at all the spaces for the organization of weddings in which you could organize something nice and small, that is, to organize an event that will above all be elegant, radiates its energy and will create moments for eternal memory. Pay attention to the details of the spaces, the functionality, and the possibilities offered by each of them, then make the decision accordingly.

Pay attention to the decoration of the space, which is a very important part of the whole organization

If anything makes a wedding day and wedding event special, then it is the organization in terms of decoration and details. As more and more people want an elegant event that will be full of glitz, it is important to focus on decorations and details. So look at all the flower arrangements that are offered, candlesticks, tablecloths, ribbons, and other decorations on or one of the other sites that specialize in this purpose and make the combination that you think will make the space unique, warm, and beautiful, all of which will give your wedding a great shine.


Also, plan the music for the event

It is a beautiful event that would be even more beautiful if the music and music selection for the day were planned. It is necessary to consider in detail with your partner who would be part of the music program on your big day, what kind of music will be played, whether you will have a band or an orchestra, and whether you will have a soloist who will entertain you all, etc. These are details that you need to consider in detail because they play a big role in everything that means simplicity and elegance, and that is exactly what is the starting point for your wedding.

It remains to pay attention to the menu, the cake, and the schedule for the course of the event

Together with your partner, you have to dedicate yourself to the menu, the cake, and the schedule for the course of the event. Choose a menu that will offer everything for everyone, that is, a menu that will be acceptable to every guest. Let the menu be varied so that everyone can choose what they can and want to consume. Also, determining the drinks that will be available for selection, this is also very important. Choose the cake according to your wishes, and let it be a reflection of your happiness and your new beginning together. Finally, determine how the entire event will flow from start to finish to have a certain flow of activities during the wedding day.

If you didn’t know how to start until now, here is a mini guide that will guide you through the organization of a simple wedding that will have a special sparkle and flair. Therefore, start planning everything that is necessary and organize your wedding day according to your wishes and ideas to fully enjoy it.