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How Much Weight Can Bathroom Safety Grab Bars Hold?

Many people need help with everyday activities, such as going to the bathroom. If you want to help a family member or acquaintance, but you cannot physically make it, there is a solution. These are safety grab bars. You can place them in several places in the home. All that is required is to find a suitable surface on which to install the bars. Then, call a professional to install them or do it yourself following the manufacturer’s instructions.

After that, the person will move much easier, because the grab provides stability. In many cases, they have prevented serious injury or death. You can find them in different designs and sizes. It will not be difficult to fit them into any aesthetic of the room. In the following text, read the answer to the most frequently asked question regarding grab bars.

What makes suction grab bars unsafe?

Grab bars are safe to use if you install them correctly. Otherwise, there are several limitations when using these. In order not to take any risks, try to clean and dry the surface where you plan to install it. It is also important that the surface is smooth, so pay attention to the wall. Plaster and painted walls are not good candidates for this project. Experts advise that you test the bar every time before you go to use it. That way, you’ll be sure that it stays in place and you won’t take any risks. Like any other item, the grab bar requires a change after a while.

When are grab bars a good choice?

There is a difference between Bathroom Suction Handle and standard grab bars, both available at Taili store. While suction grab bars are suitable for people who need an immediate solution, standard models are recommended for disabled and elderly people. There is a big difference in durability. For example, suction grab bars are used when you need support while bathing. They cannot support the full weight of a man. They are installed so that you can lean on them and regain your balance. On the other hand, standard grab bars can handle a huge amount of weight.

They are intended for people who cannot stand up and perform other activities on their own. They are mostly installed above the toilet seat, near the sink, inside and outside the shower, etc. Unfortunately, the largest number of injuries in the home occur precisely in the bathroom. The reason is the high level of humidity and the slippery environment. Such falls can be fatal, especially for the elderly. The bars prevent something similar from happening to your loved ones. So take preventive measures in time.

What weight can the grab bar support?

Experts say this bar can support about 200 pounds. Therefore, it is capable of bearing full weight without damage. You can be safe, because your health or the health of others will not be endangered. They exist so that you can use them as an extended arm, which means that they have passed the durability test.

Is it better to choose a vertical or horizontal grab bar?


Many have doubts about the installation. There are several key steps that you must follow. First, prepare the surface where you will install the grab bars. Next, get the necessary tools. Consider in which position you will place it. You can place it vertically or horizontally, the choice is yours. So think about the characteristics and habits of the person who needs support. Make a decision based on her height, weight and specific needs. For example, people who still have enough strength in their arms generally use horizontal bars.

One of the advantages of this model is its length. This means that the user will get more coverage. They are also easier to install. The second model is totally different. It takes up much less space, provides less coverage, but requires less joint strength. The user will be able to use them with minimal power. If you are not sure which is the right choice for you, it is best to opt for diagonal ones. They can work equally well vertically and horizontally. Another good idea is a combination of vertical and horizontal.

What do I want the grab bar to look like?

As we mentioned before, choosing a bar is not difficult because you have a large number of options. If you are indecisive, always think about priorities. User safety comes first. This means that you will decide on the appropriate type of rod. Then, you can choose a classic look reminiscent of a hospital grab bar or something totally different. Now you can decide on a design that will fit perfectly with the interior. Don’t worry, the exterior appearance will not affect the performance of the grab bar. Also pay attention to details such as color. The choice of color has a big impact on visualization. You should choose a color that is easy to spot.

For example, if your wall is dark, you will choose a light bar and vice versa. This means that it would be a mistake to opt for a bronze rod or a similar color. So, opt for a color that contrasts with your walls. When it comes to aesthetics, you have a number of options. You will also find specific designs on the market. In this way, you will complete the appearance of the bathroom, because you can choose the same design as a soap holder, toilet paper holder or another. Don’t forget about the material. In order to ensure a firm grip, you need to find the right material. It will prevent slipping, and one great option is vinyl.



Before choosing the right grab bars, pay attention to several factors. The most important thing is that it suits the needs of the person for whom it is intended. Then, take care of the installation to make it safe to use. Do not forget to do a test after installation and fill all holes with silicone. In this way, you will extend the life of the bar and additionally secure it. Each time before use, perform a test to ensure that the rod has not loosened. If you did everything right, you don’t need to worry. The grab bar will withstand heavy loads and is completely safe to use.