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Best Apps To Download For Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner? Do you have trouble making your way through the crowd? Starting a business is an incredibly rewarding and exciting venture, but it is not without challenges. You have to be strategic from the beginning if you want to increase your chances of success. Your motivation and commitment may have increased as an emerging entrepreneur. But you need to make sure you direct your energy and resources to the right practices. You may have difficulty getting off the ground if you don’t have a clear, actionable plan for growth.

So, what exactly are these strategies that one must work on from the very beginning? Well, for starters, make sure to expand your market reach.  Because of this strategy, you will be able to increase your sales in your current market. One way to increase your market penetration is to lower your prices. If you sell for less than your competitors, you may be able to increase your sales, which is likely to offset the loss you suffer when your prices drop.

Another strategy would be to establish the right partnerships. Access to another brand’s audience is gained when you partner with another small business. However, finding the right partner is never easy. It is not a good idea to work with companies that are directly competing with yours, because you might lose customers to them. If you are going to partner with a business, make sure their customer base is complementary to yours, so they’ll be interested in your product or service.

Lastly, download a few apps that will help you stay ahead of the competition. What are these apps? Are they expensive? You don’t have to worry about the price, most of these apps are free. You will only be required to pay for the internet connection. If you already have a fast network like WOW! you are good to go. You can simply call WOW! Customer Service number to get the deal that best suits your budget and requirements. If you have some other provider, make sure that you choose the required speed tiers.

Below are some of the best apps every small business owner must have on their smartphones:




Wave is a cloud-based accounting software application that includes payment and payroll applications for small businesses and freelancers. With this app, you will find dozens of features designed specifically for small businesses. Among these features is Wave Plus, which provides bookkeeping, tax services, or a personal coach for you.

The Wave system is another feature that includes the option of custom invoice creation so that you can add your business logo and accent colors to any invoice. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of invoice templates during setup so that you will not have to choose an invoice template each time you create an invoice.

SOS Inventory:


With SOS Inventory, you can integrate QuickBooks and Shopify on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Developed specifically for the QuickBooks platform, this app streamlines data entry and doesn’t require you to enter the same information twice. Additionally, SOS Inventory allows you to create sales orders, shipments, and invoices as well as other things that QuickBooks does not allow for.

The software allows you to track inventory at multiple locations, ship and receive items from multiple locations, and transfer items between them. If you have a serial number for an item, you can track profit-and-loss figures for that item.



Many small businesses choose Square for its low cost, ease of use, versatility, and reliability. Square offers a wide range of innovative payment processing tools, POS options, and business management tools all in an easy-to-use format. Square accounts are easy to set up and make it easy for beginners to start accepting payments in-person and online.

Square makes business owners more productive by integrating so many built-in features instead of spending time and money researching, connecting, and testing different services. Additionally, its users are able to expand their business opportunities and sales venues with the sell-anywhere toolkit.



Small and medium businesses can use it to process payroll online and administer employee benefits. In addition to payroll, this software facilitates health care and retirement plans for employees and contractors. It also features a wallet that gives employees greater control over how and when they spend their money. Both employers and employees can easily use Gusto. It gives full-time employees the option of being paid twice a week earlier and growing their earnings beyond their paychecks with high-yield savings accounts.

Wrapping Up

With that, we come to the end of this post. We hope small business owners download these apps and make their businesses reach the pinnacle of glory. If you have other apps in mind, please let us know by commenting below. Also, tell us which is your favorite app and why.