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13 Best Football Cleat For Wide Feet 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Football matches are relatively competitive, quick-paced, and adventurous. From passing the ball to making a goal in the football game, proper footwork is mandatory. For that, you must wear a pair of the best football shoes.

Good Choice
adidas Men's Adizero Cleats, Black/Black/Grey, 6.5
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LIAOCX Men’s Football Boots Cleats High-top Sock Ankle Care Performance Soccer Shoes Boys Athletic Sneaker Shoes for Outdoor/Indoor/Competition/Training
adidas Men's Adizero Cleats, Black/Black/Grey, 6.5
LIAOCX Men’s Football Boots Cleats High-top Sock Ankle Care Performance Soccer Shoes Boys Athletic Sneaker Shoes for Outdoor/Indoor/Competition/Training
Good Choice
adidas Men's Adizero Cleats, Black/Black/Grey, 6.5
adidas Men's Adizero Cleats, Black/Black/Grey, 6.5
Don't Miss
LIAOCX Men’s Football Boots Cleats High-top Sock Ankle Care Performance Soccer Shoes Boys Athletic Sneaker Shoes for Outdoor/Indoor/Competition/Training
LIAOCX Men’s Football Boots Cleats High-top Sock Ankle Care Performance Soccer Shoes Boys Athletic Sneaker Shoes for Outdoor/Indoor/Competition/Training

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However, it may not be easy to find the right size shoes if you have broad feet, which can hamper your performance during the game. To avoid these situations, we are here with the list of the best football cleats for wide feet.


Best Football Boots – Top Picks on the Market

1. Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Shoe

Under Armour Men's Spotlight Franchise Rm Football Shoe


These football cleats by Under Armour are our top pick. They have an engineered synthetic upper along with a screen-print overlay which will enhance its durability. In addition to that, it gives improved structure as well. There is a 3-piece rear panel that offers the ultimate and convenient fit.

The 5/8 low-top shaft height is an excellent combination of speed and ankle support. In order to give you optimal comfort, there is a full-length EVA midsole for underfoot cushioning. These shoes have rubber molded cleats which help in providing bold traction on almost all kinds of surfaces.

The shoes are lightweight, give a comfortable feel, and are breathable. They are available in plenty of different sizes and five different colors. As they are made of durable materials, they can last for about one to three football seasons.


  • 100% synthetic fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • Low-top shaft height
  • Provides ultimate cushioning and comfort
  • It gives optimal fit for players with wide feet
  • Highly durable and lasts for a longer time
  • Impressive design and flexible sole
  • The shoes are narrow in the arch of the foot


2. Nike Force Savage Pro 2 Men’s Football Cleats

Nike Force Savage Pro 2 Mens Football Cleats


Here are our high-end football cleats designed for the front line. These shoes feature synthetic upper, which make them durable and last for a considerable duration. They are mid-top cleats that help in providing essential support.

The Nike Force Savage Pro 2 model has a firm shell that can maintain your balance and keep your feet secured. The cleats come with lace-up closure and a three hook-and-loop style to offer a well-tuned and locked-down fit. The molded cleats give additional durability, while the ankle strap assists in ensuring the fit.

The additional padding-lined shoe collar will keep your feet snug and relaxed while you speed up and make turn movements. As the shoes have rope-like heels, you can easily wear and remove them.


  • Hook-and-loop style lace-up closure
  • Foam midsole
  • Molded cleats
  • Mid-top shaft
  • They give fine-tuned and convenient fit for wide feet
  • Shoes help in securing your balance
  • Offers snug and comfortable fit while you take turns and movements
  • Ultimate cushioning and improved traction
  • The sole is relatively stiffer


3. Adidas Men’s Adizero Running Shoes

adidas Men's Adizero Running Shoes


If you are looking for durable football shoes at an affordable price, here is the perfect pick for you. The Adizero model by Adidas is made from the highest quality materials, and because of that, these cleats have a longer working period than others.

The shoes have a synthetic textile upper, which weighs less and is relatively reliable. They are perfect cleats that are designed for on-field quick movements and turns. In order to offer enhanced support, there is a reinforced external heel.

They have lace-up closure that will give a comfortable fit to your feet and keep them secure as well. The shoes come with a rubber sole material and synthetic outer material.


  • Rubber sole material
  • 100% synthetic textile fabric
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Reinforced external
  • Maximizes speed and allows quick movements
  • Ultralight design but offers a comfortable snug fit
  • It offers high traction
  • Good for players of all skill positions
  • The ankle is a little lower compared to previous models


4. LIAOCX Men’s Football Boots Cleats

LIAOCX Men’s Football Boots Cleats High-top Sock Ankle Care Performance Soccer Shoes


The LIAOCX Football Cleats features better quality PVC leather upper fabric. The material is soft, lightweight, and shows resistance to water. It assists to provide decent control and feel to the players. As these shoes are built with a sock mouth, it is faster and much easier to wear and take them off.

There is a soft and comfortable inside mesh, which is good at keeping your feet safe, convenient, and dry. In addition to that, the shoes will allow you to make unrestricted movements freely. The rubber molded cleats combined with rotational traction format will efficiently lessen the total pressure on your forefoot.

You can wear them for playing on different surfaces, for example, artificial ground, firm ground, soft ground, and hard ground. Plus, at the back, there is a pressure-dividing liner embedded which will uniformly spread cleat pressure.


  • Polyurethane outer material
  • Rubber sole
  • Rubber molded cleats
  • Sock mouth design
  • Soft mesh inside makes your feet dry and comfortable
  • Flexible design makes it easy to put on and remove them
  • Lightweight models and shows resistance to water
  • Suitable for other similar sports
  • Wearing them for longer durations can hurt your feet


5. Under Armour Men’s Blur Lux Mc Football Shoe

Under Armour Men's Blur Lux Mc Football Shoe


The Under Armour Men’s Blur Lux Mc Football Shoe has a molded synthetic upper which is known for its super-lightweight feature. These shoes are primarily designed to allow players to speed up and move freely. It has a low-top shaft design that does not restrict your movements.

There is a high-end Speedvent tongue that ensures enhanced breathability. These shoes come with high-rebound SuperFoam insoles, which give ultimate comfort and absorb shock. They are accessible in several sizes and colors as well. These shoes have a stylish design, plus you can wear them for training sessions, real matches, and leagues as well.

The bladed and conical studs are positioned strategically for superior braking and quick multi-directional movements. Besides that, the secondary cleats will immerse in giving an expanded bite for razor-sharp cuts and high acceleration.


  • Low-top shaft height
  • 100% molded synthetic upper
  • Speedvent tongue
  • High-rebound SuperFoam insole
  • Uses unique technology for more breathability
  • Allows you to make brakes and faster multi-directional movements
  • The insole gives high-end comfort and shock absorption
  • It does not restrict your moves
  • Not the best option for people with extra wide feet


6. MFSH Men’s Women’s Football Boots

MFSH Men's Women's Football Boots Cleats Performance,Firm Ground Soccer


If you are in search of football shoes for big kids, these cleats are the best choice. They come with a strong grip and adaptable steering and can be modified to fit several types of surfaces. These shoes retain a soft, skin-friendly, breathable, and honeycomb insole. It uses FullSense technology, which can keep your feet comfortable and dry.

The shoes have rubber soles that collect energy to bounce back, rebuild cushioning, and instantly soften them. They offer heel protection where the heel of the shoes is most likely to give injuries and wounds. Along with the heel protection layer, there is decent wrapping which deters ankle sprains.


  • Polyurethane and Leather upper
  • Soft and breathable insole
  • Heel protection
  • Stylish design
  • Perfect football shoes for children
  • They offer a good snug fit and are of great quality
  • Shoes have relatively soft inner material
  • Helps in boosting your speed and movements
  • Sizes are only available for kids


Things to consider while Buying Football Cleats

Some players with wide feet tend to buy shoes without considering any factors and end up with cleats that do not fit them. To prevent these things from happening, we have put together this buying guide, making it easy for you to acquire the best pair of football cleats.

1. Materials

The materials utilized in manufacturing the football shoes determine their ultimate durability, longevity, and convenience. Ordinary shoes mostly have synthetic uppers, rubber-molded outsoles, while the high-end models have the best quality leather and synthetic leather uppers.

2. Upper

The upper have laces or belts to give a comfortable fit. It is made of synthetic or leather materials and is created to resist the effects of harsh weather conditions. It is the outer layer of the football cleat and ensures durability, convenience, and breathability.

3. Midsole

The midsole provides cushioning to your foot. Based on the style and foam type utilized, the midsole can offer foot support and absorb impact.

4. Outsole

It is the bottom part of the cleat and assists with the durability of the cleat. Football shoes are mostly available in two different cleats, so you have to choose the model, which is comfortable for you.

Hard molded bottom cleats

These are hard plastic molding spikes that clutch the ground for great traction on tough surfaces or artificial lawns. These molded outsole cleats are relatively affordable. Players of youth leagues, high school committees, or beginners prefer them.

Removable stud cleats

The detachable stud cleats are strong, powerful, and longer. They offer additional grip and traction on different types of surfaces. Based on the surface or whenever you want, you can remove the spikes and change them. Professionals and skilled players use these stud cleats and are typically expensive.

5. Height

The football shoes are available in different heights, and you are free to select the model that offers ultimate comfort.

Low-cut: This model keeps the player’s ankle free from limitations, allows ultimate mobility to make bold cuts and run at high speed. It provides little to no ankle support and is best for quick and athletic players.

Mid-cut: It offers reasonable ankle support without impeding the speed or player’s moves. This model is created for the ability players, who mostly run back, act as defenders, and receivers.

High Top: The shoes with high-top provide maximum ankle support. It safeguards players from rolled or jerked ankles, but it can hinder the movements and speed slightly.

6. Lace Pattern

If you are looking for comfortable football shoes for wide feet, you have to consider the lace pattern. Though it is an underrated factor, you must check the pattern of the lace because it affects the width. Hence, make sure to select shoes that have a specific lace pattern that can offer a comfortable fit to your foot’s natural shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Football Cleats Expensive?

In the current marketplace, you can find both expensive and affordable football cleats. Some models are highly expensive because they are made of the best quality substances.

How Long Should Football Cleats Last?

In general, if you bought a new pair, they should last for the full football season. A few durable cleats can survive up to three seasons, including spontaneous associations and other matches. However, the duration may change based on the total usage.

How Often Is It Necessary To Buy New Football Cleats?

It is best to replace your old cleats with new ones after running 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If your shoes are showing wear and tear even before that, make sure to buy a new pair.

Should Football Cleats Be Loose Or Tight?

If cleats are too tight, you may feel uncomfortable, causing a hindrance to your performance. If cleats are too loose, you may fall too often, which leads to injuries. Hence, tie your football shoes comfortably to your feet.

Do Cleats Make You Move Faster?

Football shoes generate plenty of friction at the shoe-ground level, which lets players run with enormous force. So, players rely on shoe-to-surface friction to increase their speed.

Are Football Cleats And Soccer Cleats The Same?

The soccer and football shoes have some similarities and differences as well. Soccer cleats are low cut, while football shoes are available in low-cut, medium, and high-top models.


After spending some days searching and trying out every accessible football shoe for wide feet, we eventually curated this list. Now, people with broad feet can easily find the best shoes which fit them perfectly.

All products we have included have their own specifications, making them stand out in particular areas. Plus, all of them are the buyer’s all-time favorite choices. We suggest that you select the football shoes that pass your requirements.

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  • Non-Slip of Rubber Sole with High grip will Creates Traction with Turf Ground and keep well performances
  • Note, if between sizes, order next size down.

Last update on 2023-09-08 / Affiliate links / Product Titles, Images, Descriptions from Amazon Product Advertising API

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